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  1. It is extremely slow, im just confused that it does this but is only using about half of the bandwidth when gaming
  2. I have 1 up and 1 down no one else is using it and im not maxing it out and BF4 works great
  3. I tried turning my security and firewall off and playing but it didnt help
  4. Alright, yes I have Microsoft Security Essentials or whatevs, and the basic windows firewall
  5. Try switching to your integrated graphics and see if it continues!
  6. I've been playing BF1 for awhile now and have been plagued with the big red packet loss symbol of death, I opened the built in network management thing and there was about a 10-15% packet loss. (This only happens on this game I Pinged a few sites and no packet loss at all) so i looked it up, people said to port forward so i punched in the ports (Image below IDK if i did it correctly EA said the ports to open were 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300 80, 443, 9988, 17502, 20000-20100, 22990, 42127) they said but to no avail this doesnt happen in BF4 so i dont think its an origin thing
  7. Thanks thats a really good idea! Im gonna research this, thanks a ton guys!
  8. LTT has thusly inspired me to start a remote repair business for windows pcs. Im kinda at a loss for what program to use for controlling my clients PC. Ive looked at teamviewer but that is like $800, and there seem to be a billion sketchy programs, my budget is about $200 is there anything reputable out there?
  9. Yes, multiple times! They basically said they would look into it and nothing happened I was also told my connection was maxed out alot in the evening? I only have 250KB/s down and up so its very easy to max it out, but even when i changed the password and turned of ALL of my devices (except one to test it) it still happened (the ping issue ) on ALL my devices.
  10. I will try and provide as much info as possible about my internet problem! The issue is in the evenings (from 5-11PM ish, although sometimes it starts happening as early as 3pm) I experience a lot of ping spikes. My ping is normally at 40-70ms, jumps around. But nearing evening my ping starts suddenly jumping up into the 100-170ms and 480ms range, then dropping back down for maybe a second. But it ONLY happens in the evening. I measured the jitter and it was around 60-100ms. and about a 5% packet loss. Come morning everything in just fine again. I have a wired connection via Ethernet cable, and happens on 100% of my devices (tablet phone laptop and tower) I have factory reset my router, flushed the DNS and contacted my ISP and got "everything is fine yo" So could it be my router? How can I test that? I have tried multiple cables and multiple internet ports. I have pinged mt router and gotten 3ms 1ms 10ms 4ms 10ms 4ms 7ms ect via CMD and connected with Ethernet cable. This makes BF1 very hard! Any help would be awesome
  11. Ohh okay thanks, i just feel like a title of a video that said gaming at 500fps would get alot of views
  12. Well make the refresh rate higher, water cool it and stuff IDK lol but im sure there is a completely unlocked monitor out there somewhere