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  1. Thanks for the response and helping me check my sanity I thought that everything was performing as normal but wasn't exactly sure
  2. I have posted something similar to this, but i wanted to post again to check my own sanity So, i have recently been given a 4k dell sq2817q monitor as a second monitor to my lg gaming monitor running at 120hzI set the monitor to 4k and i have noticed that there is a high idle temp to be expected, also with the core clock either staying elevated or bouncing up and down.However, when i start to play back video, normal web browsing, or watching a episode of netflix. The temp sits around 50-60C and once it's gets up there, it says there and I have to either manually turn on the fans to reduce temp or just leave the pc running and not using it for hours to reduce temperature.Now I know that the 4k resolution will raise the temperature some, but after looking on other forumns and that, nothing i have found has explained why my gpu is running so warm all the time.EDIT:here is my pc specs:CPU: Ryzen 5 1600Cooler: NZXT X62MOBO: Asus B350-F GamingRAM: 16 GB G skill trident z RBG DDR4-3000 GPU: MSI 1070ti Titanium 8GB PSU: EVGA 550W 80+ Gold
  3. i wasn't really worried about alot of power being drawn. It was more temp than i was worried about.
  4. i was just watching a 4k video on youtube. I did have wallpaper engine running in the background but when looking on the usage of wallpaper engine it wasn't much
  5. i can see a difference from where i'm sitting and it just depends on the day
  6. i've seen in afterburner that it runs more than expected i think at one time it was running at 1860mhz? but these are my specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Cooler: NZXT X62 MOBO: Asus B350-F Gaming RAM: 16 GB G skill trident z RBG DDR4-3000 GPU: MSI 1070ti Titanium 8GB PSU: EVGA 550W 80+ Gold
  7. hey all, I feel like this is a dumb question, but does a 4k monitor that IS NOT USE FOR GAMING, affect GPU or CPU performance by just using it? i'm only using this for eye candy, youtube, netflix, and productivity.\ I got a Dell 4k s2817q for free and was wondering if it would at all.
  8. It's wireless, it's a gigabyte model and no i haven't tried that yet
  9. Hey all, So windows recently forced updated my PC. I beileve that it was the recent feature update. Version 1903 When it does blue screen all i get is: Stop Code: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGE_AREA What failed: Netwtw06.sys I've tried uninstalling the recent feature update, repairing windows, and some other random things. With nothing working. I really don't want to have to transfer my files or have to do a clean install/lose any files. Not sure what to do from here. Any help would be great. Build spec below if that helps: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Cooler: NZXT X62 MOBO: Asus B350-F Gaming RAM: 16 GB G skill trident z RBG DDR4-3000 GPU: MSI 1070ti Titanium 8GB PSU: EVGA 550W 80+ Gold
  10. then would you have any ideas on getting it to post?
  11. well it's just posting, on the ez debug thing, it's stuck on CPU and i know the 2600 does work since i tried it on my b350 board. so i guess i'm just stuck on what to do next
  12. Hey all, Just got a msi b450 board and put a 2600 in with 8 pin power and left the 4 pin without a plug. I looked up if i needed the 4 pin for normal use so that i could boot but it said that i only needed the 8 pin I tried both a 2600 and a 1600 with no luck. Is there a problem with the motherboard at this point? or am i missing something?
  13. Go with either of the list above, you will thank yourself in the long run getting on a current/modern platform. If you really want to save some money get a Ryzen 5 1600 (if they are still available) to save even more money. That way you could use the rest down the road to get a better graphics card. Which is even better if AMD comes out with competitive GPU's
  14. to add to that, it's not even overclocked at the moment
  15. Hey all, I have had a 1060 for about 2 years now, and i was looking to upgrade since I was going to bulid my girlfriend a PC and save some money by giving her my 1060 Strix. I know that there is alot of talk about how the RTX cards aren't living up to the hype and such. I guess now this is where my confusion begins. My current rig is: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Cooler: NZXT X62 MOBO: Asus B350-F Gaming RAM: G skill trident z RBG DDR4-3000 GPU: Asus STRIX 1060 6GB PSU: EVGA 550W 80+ Gold I am only gaming at 1080p at the moment and have a 144hz monitor. I'm looking to either meet or break that 144 fps barrier with MEDIUM-HIGH settings. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT