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  1. 2070VS1080Strix

    I'd personally go for the 1080, you can get some for ~350 (probably not the strix) and hybrids about ~430 (USD)
  2. 6.5K Build

    But without 32gb, you cant even open two tabs in chrome. ;( smh
  3. NVENC On RTX2080 & RTX2080ti

    The more you know! Thanks for telling me. I didnt know they had two NVENC chips in the high end cares. Still, for my use case of 1080p 60fps using a 1050 vs a 1080 wouldnt make much of a difference.
  4. So what's up with RTX 2080?

    I should've waited, this is gonna be your 1080ti blow out deal.
  5. So what's up with RTX 2080?

    You're gonna buy a 2080Ti anyway... I know it.
  6. So what's up with RTX 2080?

    RTX on BF5 has been quoted by a developer to be aimed at 1080p 60fps at ultra settings.
  7. NVENC On RTX2080 & RTX2080ti

    The NVENC encoding doesnt differ between cards in the last generations, for example a 980ti would be just as good as a 750 for encoding via nvenc. so i have no idea why youre using a 1080 for it There hasnt been hardly any improvement from 9xx to 1xxx, from what I saw the improvement was ~10-15%. If its like every other launch I'd rather go for a GTX/RTX 2050 or something for encoding.
  8. In one of the "Mid-season reinforcements" They had tried optimizing the game for high core count cpus and optimize cpu timings and how it utilized it and when, how it worked with windows to tell it to "Fuck off im more important". During the test patch they ran into the problem of low core count cpus 4-8 threads not performing well anymore but cpus like mine were just going insane, so they had to tone it back a bit and make it a little more dependent on the first 4-8 threads but still utilizing the others if given the opportunity. It's the only game I've seen do it. So yeah, It's a Ubi thing. (Also other games utilizing the same Engine of Anvil NEXT 2.0 dont have this optimization so it's game-specific to siege. )
  9. Every thread being used to 80-90% ... And not to mention, when I had my 7700k @ 5.1ghz my framerate was lower than with my 1700 @ 4ghz by about 10-20 on average..
  10. The load is usually spread over all my cores, my motherboard is kinda gimping my cpu and gpu so the usage on both ranges from 70-80%, although I have seen it reach a steady 99% before with all cores under full load
  11. Johnathan Joestar isnt the best

    1. bleedblue


      Reporting this. Hope it gets to a mod who thinks the same way about Jonathan as I do.

    2. Ashiella


      Probably wkdpaul.... He likes Johnathan

  12. It would work together just fine, games like battlefield 5 are just starting to use up to 6 cores. Disregarding R6S which uses up to 16 because its a thug.
  13. In America its illegal to not honor a warranty if the end user attempts their own repair on the device.
  14. My budget is exactly $101.02 I was thinking about getting this:



    Any opinions? Yes, or no? Better option?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ashiella


      @Origami Cactus Any actual suggestions? I prefer ebay because taxless

    3. The Blackhat

      The Blackhat

      I got to play with that board a little before it went out, I thought it wasn’t too bad, miles ahead of anything else on the price range. The RGB was tasteful and what I could see of the VRMs and sinks it was a very capable board, not a bad choice honestly.

    4. dizmo


      If you have to buy now it looks pretty good. If you can afford to wait a bit I might wait and see what happens come Black Friday, as I imagine any remaining X370 stuff will be blown out super cheap.