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About Ashiella

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  • Birthday 2002-03-04

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    Anime, Games, Being Alone.
  • Biography
    Just a cutie
  • Occupation
    Semi-Professional Rainbow Six: Siege Player


  • CPU
    R7 1700 @ 3.9Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte AB350 Gaming
  • RAM
    Team Vulcan 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3066Mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1080 Hybrid @ 2038MHz core | 5202MHz mem
  • Case
    Corsair 400c
  • Storage
    2x 128GB Samsung, 500GB HDD, 3x 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair RMX 750w
  • Display(s)
    e-Element Samsung PLS (85hz) / Asus MG248Q (150hz)
  • Cooling
    Corsair H55 (Zip Tied masterpiece)
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Stafe (Browns)
  • Mouse
    G900 Chaos Spectrum
  • Sound
    Logitech z506, Sennheiser HD 598cs
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. necrophiliac

    1. Cyberspirit


      Waifu shaming is a serious act of crime. 😡

    2. Ashiella


      @Cyberspirit She is a zombie!

  2. G-Sync is supported on the MG248Q (from my experiences)

    Although the monitor still experiences problems with the display shifting 3 pixels upwards and rolling scanlines. (Still occurs with Freesync normally)

    Another slight problem, the display will freeze for 1-2 refreshes when a giant lagspike occurs; Such as dropping from 120fps to 80fps suddenly.

  3. Ashiella

    Minimum GPU for 4k Streaming/Playback

    I think going with a 2200g or 2400g should be fine, if it doesnt have gpu acceleration and you think you need it, anything maxwell 2.0 + (IE a 960 or something, or most 10 series cards) and a cheap R3 would work.
  4. Nah, linus is full-time tech support on his forum... wdym? -- Jokes aside I think that would probably help the forum but I always felt super uninvited whenever I would venture on to reddit or something and be forced to comment and help before asking a question that no one else seems to know the answer to. I dont think it'll end up being implemented.
  5. Either way, LTT is the most active tech forum I know of and there are allot of members with over 1k posts.
  6. Decided to re-render Shelter in 4k60 (it actually looks better dont bully me)

    The results:


  7. Ashiella

    1440p upgrade help!

    Getting a more powerful graphics cards will help in playing the undoubtedly more demanding games in the future, even the 1080 / V64 cant play every every game at 1440p 144hz without turning settings down. Although 100fps is more realistic. A hint as to how a VA panel looks is kinda in-between TN and IPS as far as color accuracy, viewing angles, and response times go, although it has a much better contrast ratio than either of them, allowing for deeper blacks at a similar brightness level. I've not personally used VA, but imo, IPS isnt worth it over a decent modern TN panel if you calibrate it well.
  8. Ashiella

    1440p upgrade help!

    imo, g-sync or free-sync isnt really a necessity. Besides that, a 1080, 2070, 1080 Ti, or Vega 64 is what youre looking at for most games to have a good 1440p 144hz experience, you can get away with an overclocked 1070 Ti though. The V64 does better at higher resolutions (relatively compared to the 720/1080p counterpart vs a 1080, a decent competitor) due to the faster vram (HBM 2 compared to GDDR5/GDDR5X) Or on games with super high textures, for example R6: Siege on the ultra texture setting uses 6GB of vram @ 1080p. - What I'd probably do is get a decently cheap 1070 Ti / 1080 / V64 off eBay, and buy a panel like this: https://www.amazon.com/27-Inch-Monitor-Samsung-FreeSync-GamePlus/dp/B07H8MQ2Y1
  9. What should I buy if not an R7 3700 (depending on specs) or 1440p 144hz monitor? (Current specs are on my profile)


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    2. TopHatProductions115


      How much does an R7 1700 go for on eBay right now? If it goes for over 100 USD, I'd go for the R7 3700X and sell the R7 1700. Then, use the cash from that sale toward a new monitor.

    3. Ashiella


      @TopHatProductions115 about $150, but the 3700 has yet to come out, it could be Q2 or Q3

    4. Cyberspirit


      I'm not sure how much better 1440p is compared to 1080p when it comes to gaming but, from what I've heard so far, it's a big upgrade.

      Maybe ask other R6S players who use 1440p monitors for some advice. I think a higher resolution would be beneficial for a game like this.

  10. Ashiella

    Should I SLI my gtx 970?

    Dont forget, some 970's wont SLI with some others, even if they have the support. For example my Asus Strix 970 didnt want to SLI with my friends EVGA SC 970 (EVGA SC cards tend to have problems with SLI'ing)
  11. im tempted to bake cookies because I dont know what to make food-wise

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    2. Lukyp


      right lol, why should you start cooking now then?

    3. Ashiella


      @Lukyp dinner time for me

    4. Cyberspirit


      Never had chicken alfredo but that looks really good. I'd go for it.

  12. I swear I have burn resistance. While cooking eggs to throw in my ramen, the boiling hot vegetable oil splashed onto my arm, me, too lazy to wipe it off in any meaningful time, now has a giant red blotch on my arm. I thought it would burn and ache from how hot it was, but in the end, it doesnt hurt, if anything it feels slightly tingly and is sensitive to cold things

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. imreloadin


      That doesn't make any sense as things like getting burned and pricking your finger on a pin use the same pain receptors...like I said though I'd suggest seeing a doctor as that could be a symptom of a much larger issue.

    3. Cyberspirit


      If you often work with really hot stuff you can get some sort of resistance to heat which can be pretty useful.

      Just be careful with heat because even though you can't feel it that doesn't mean it can't hurt you.

    4. Ashiella


      @Cyberspirit @imreloadin As a kid I used to do dumb stuff like place my hand on the stove just because it wasnt red anymore (It was a glass stove), I did that twice, the second time it was just my middle finger and the fingernail came off due to the heat. in all, I've burnt myself so many times that my body may just be ignoring the burning pain now. I have a few burn scars, most have faded though.

  13. Ashiella

    Please help me interpret the specs on my PSU

    Most 1080's at stock speeds dont use more than 200w (max). Also, TDP typically isnt the true power consumption, especially when overclocking.
  14. @M.Yurizaki Talking about AMA's makes me want to do one, so ask me anything.

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    2. Ashiella


      @TVwazhere I was testing 120fps recording for slow-motion. 

    3. TVwazhere


      That makes a LOT more sense


      I'll go sit down now

    4. Lukyp


      Anyway I found it's better because of software mouse sens interpolation having high hardware DPI and low sens in game instead of low DPI and high in game sensitivity, especially if you play on high resolution monitors

      Once I tried with 100DPI and a LOT of software sens, the movements were like crap

  15. Should I sell my X58 stuff or my Ryzen stuff?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. TopHatProductions115
    3. Ashiella


      @TopHatProductions115 Most of the time its not at 100% usage, its usually at 70-80 as I said earlier.

    4. Lukyp


      Imo there is still an issue out there, shouldn't be taking that much of CPU