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    Gigabyte AB350 Gaming
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    Logitech z506, Sennheiser HD 598cs
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  1. Neweggs sale presents something nice.

    I have three options for ram

    1. Buy a random 8gb 2400mhz stick on ebay for $65

    2. Buy Team Vulcan 2400mhz 2x8gb (16gb) for $129.99

    3. Buy Team Vulcan 3000mhz 2x8gb (16gb) for $139.99

    For the last two options I would be selling my current 8gb 2400mhz stick on ebay overpricedddlyyyy. (70-80$)

    The only reason I'd rather get the cheaper stick is that I can get my clothes and wigs n stuff together sooner. whenever I plan on doing that.  Probably soon.

    1. Technomancer__


      3rd option

    2. Technomancer__


      the prices are ridiculous tho i got my corsair lpx 2x16gb 3200mhz (hynix) for like 120 euros

    3. TVwazhere


      #3 for sure

  2. Soon I'm going to try doing everything the opposite gender does, whether its shaving different places or not at all and dressing up in the clothes and using wigs that they would use and doing activities that gender finds amusing. Suggest how long I should do this. (From 2 Weeks to 3 Months)

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    2. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @Ashiella Than do it for as long as it pleases you.  You shouldn't ask us these questions.  We are irrelevant.

    3. Ashiella



    4. Dan Castellaneta
  3. wait so this man saying I can sell my r7 1700 @4ghz on water, (soontobe) 16gB ram, gtx 1080 evga hybrid, 3TB of storage and 256gb of SSD storage and 1080p 144hz (arguably more valuable that 4k) for 1500+ dang


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    2. TVwazhere


      A. The 4790k and 7700K are withing a few %'s of eachother. To claim it is way better is fairly inaccurate unless your gauge is strictly gaming only, and even then it has a less significant impact on the majority of games versus the GPU it's attached to.

      B. The "still shit" portion is only relative to the amount of cores Ryzen now has ,and its relative computing power in things other than games. To say it's now shit while you're comparing your current system to a gaming purpose built machine that in all honestly will probably perform the same with the same GPU installed, is a bit hypocritical. Yes you do more things with your system than just game, but that doesn't make the 4c/8t older gens CPU's garbage for gaming just because you can now get double the cores that most games dont take advantage of anyways.

    3. TopHatProductions115


      Still prefer Xeons to that...

    4. Ashiella





      In some games that took advantage of my cores or didnt care it preformed better with ryzen. in every other situation in games the 7700k did better :/:(

  4. The latest episode of My Hero Academia was really good. Can't wait for the next one !! <3<3

  5. Am I able to get 60fps 1080p with 1060 6gb?

    144hz isnt really overkill lol. I'm considering a 240hz monitor, so. I can also tell the difference between 120fps and 144fps mainly bc Im a semi pro esports player
  6. Dying Light or The Witcher 3

    (I'll be recording almost lossless via X264 so the game only gets 4-8 threads)

    Also, Commentary or no commentary?

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    2. Silentprototipe


      Witcher 3 :P. Mainly because I have no chance in hell of running it :(


    3. WereCat


      I must suggest Witcher 3 but if youre a completionist better prepare for a looooooong game playtrough.

      Commentary... probably yes.

    4. Ashiella


      Because The witcher 3 decides it likes the idea of CTD's you get Dying light until I feel like reinstalling a more stable version :/

  7. What should I name my 1080 hybrid?

  8. Is this real? A 980ti for 78$?

    wall of text.exe has stopped responding
  9. Which one first? Chair or Ram?

    I will be using a cheap wheeled office chair and I also only have 8GB of ram with my tab count of 100+ and games lag even with the browser closed.

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    2. Ashiella


      @TopHatProductions115 My current setup isnt. I have to sit crisscross for hours at a time and when I stand up my legs and knees ache, and my mic gets in the way of my monitor.

    3. TopHatProductions115


      Okay - ergonomics come first, then. I did know about you having to sit crisscross for hours at a time...

    4. Ashiella


      and leaning over isnt very fun

  10. I've settled on an Ikea desk.... rawr. So now I'm trying to find the best chair I can for ~100 USD

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    2. Hiitchy


      How about an IKEA chair?

    3. savagepain


      she wants a gaming chair 


    4. Ashiella


      ^ an office chair that doesnt suck actually. I was considering the amazon executive chair.

  11. Can anyone suggest a good desk (priority) and a good chair (leather preferably like those executive ones)
    For a total of 175$ (less tho actually) The chair isnt a necessity because I have a really shite one I can use until I sell my other hardware, but still.

    The desk must be 24"+ in width and 48"+ in length

    1. Dissitesuxba11s


      Is Ikea an option?

    2. M.Yurizaki


      A basic IKEA table. Spend more money on the chair

    3. savagepain


      she says no to ikea i already tried in discord 


  12. You should totally buy the 780 ti lol Here

    1. Mr.Meerkat


      How about I give you 120 rubles? Solid deal right here me thinks :D 

    2. TopHatProductions115


      How about I give you 20 USD (in addition to @Mr.Meerkat's offer) to keep the thing ;) 

  13. What do developer mean by recommanded hardware for gaming.

    >When your r7 1700 and 1080 cant even touch 100fps at minimum settings on most games at 1080
  14. I got my GTX 1080 and I can now benchmark at request.

    1. TopHatProductions115


      END ME ALREADY!!!!