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    AMD R5 1600
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  1. the HD plex takes 12v from an external brick and then behaves like a fully modular powersupply inside the pc , all you need is the cables
  2. you cant plug 120ac into it , yes thats true , you Need a 16~24v supply you know , a pico is full of components that convert the 12v it gets into the other voltages needed , like 5v -12v and 3.3v , see the specs for the 400w model they have
  3. what? the OP wanted the smallest 300w psu , wich is this one also i dont understand what you try to say there w/ the Adapters
  4. try the HDPLEX 300 , ist a 300w pico
  5. ^ this , for a wallet id go w/ paxful or any other selling place that comes w/ a wallet
  6. so its possible?
  7. it still runs unreasonably hot at stock boost , and takes unreasonable amounts of power
  8. 1.25 is not alot tho according to the "leaked" one they where at 1.22 and at ~100c on a dualrad ... wich is wayyyy to high how are you supposed to keep this thing cool in a workstation doing rendering?
  9. jesus , that might be something worthy to point out in reviews , thats impossible to keep cool
  10. also @GabenJr can we talk about the powerdraw and temp figures for a second? they are stupendously high
  11. still does not improve X299's value , RIP
  12. fun fact , the Fury im getting (as shown in my post) WAS 3584 , but was unlocked later to 3840
  13. yes thats an unlocked fury , stock is 3584 according to the official numbers
  14. oh look FINNALY the Ryzen testbench returns edit: HOLY FUCK THE TEMPS AND WATTAGE , 90c on a DUALRAD WTFFFFF
  15. nope , the X is 4096:256 Shaders:TMU's while the Fury is 3584:224 Shaders:TMU's