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    I7 2600
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     intel DQ67EP
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    8gb 1600mhz ddr3
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  1. the board is made for a server case w/ alot of airflow , thus the chipset gets hot (70+c) thats why i rigged an old intel stock fan to it
  2. well they just arrived and swiftly got put in the server , they come in a neat little box that contains nothing but the fan and the screws construction is incredibly solid , and the magnet is surprisingly strong as for noise? well what noise? the entire server under full load is DEAD SILENT , i have to open the case to see if the fans are spinning (fans are at 50% , cpu coolers are Arctic Freezer 7´s , chipset cooler is an old intel stock cooler , in and outtake are noctua redux fans and the psu sports a silentwings fan from bequiet , as its a bequiet powersupply) overall i can reccomend these fans to anyone who wants very high quality pwm fans from noctua , the cables are sleeved while being nice and long , build quality is excellent , the amount of air they push is aswell while staying incredibly silent and they where affordable as well the 120mm was 13.90€ and the 92mm was 11.90€ , both bought on the official noctua ebay outlet
  3. oh please A: its linus B: its just ssd´s , they don't break by falling that little distance
  4. I know , its STILL called that by intel and EVERYONE else , 4 cores 8 logis just does not ring that nicely well I know someone .... Patrick
  5. okay but what about the I7 2600 , I often see the 2500 but rarely the 2600 in these reviews , those 8 threads help a lot in newer games
  6. back then the 360 was the only way of playing games for me that weren't compatible w/ a Pentium 3 , so I have thousands of hours on that thing , and its the model prone for RLOD but I have yet to kill it can I heff one ?
  7. so does mine , while sounding like a dremel wich is out of balance while doing so oh launch xbox 360 and your 60gb hdd , never change
  8. well the xbox 360 was popular ...
  9. any thoughts about team red? I see people using Fiji cards (nanos and pro dous) for rendering and open gl stuff
  10. lol , what is the best for that in your opinion?
  11. OOOOOhh I thought they where both Maxwell
  12. but why not? you can do that w/ a dual gpu amd card + single gpu (for example 390x2 + 390)
  13. pretty pls?