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    I7 2600
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     intel DQ67EP
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    8gb 1600mhz ddr3
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    R9 290 Reference
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    BeQuiet StraightPower E7 450
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    21" Fujisu 1680*1050 + 22" 720p tv as secondary
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    Terra OEM 92mm tower heatsink
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    IBM Model F/AT
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    says dell on it
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    W10 Home 64

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  1. this makes perfect sence , i see nobody talk about this outside this article and its rehash eh they kinda are , low market-share and revenue and all defending your properties is par for the course , only because you are an underdog does not mean you are not allowed to do so , part of being one requires you to fight back to survive
  2. i just checkend the windows Website for W10E , IT SHIPS W/ EDGE wtf is admin telling me ?
  3. We finally have Windows 10 at my Course , too bad its Enterprise so we still use IE11 .... *sad trumpet*
  4. happend to me , saw a a10 5700 system w/ 8gb ram and a 1tb hdd in an okay case and all that , 38€ seller didnt accept the paypal money and the thing was taken down asap , got my money back by cancelling the PP transaction
  5. i like the freshair™ harddrive , who needs helium ones when you can have freshair™
  6. WHOOPS , my bad , i checked the newsthread if there was any mention of this topic but i must have missed it
  7. seems like AMD feels like LG and Vizio are copying what is essentially there architecture and the ITG has agreed to investigate this also looks to be a stab at ARM , in a proxy war fashion a lot more words and detail to be found at the source and a more easy to understand re-hash
  8. wow someone who didn't whine like a baby at the thumbnail , I don't care about that , im subbed already what I care about is numbers , and this is a pretty accurate simulation of an R5 , some bioses even allow for what CCX config (4+2 , 4+4 , 3+3 , 4+0 ) , all you have to do is match clocks and boom you have a 98% accurate emulation of an R5 and R3 what even was so bad about the thumbnail? was it the tested in the title? Jesus Christ you guys have no chill
  9. i have yet to get a used cpu DOA , you just gotta look for good deals from sellers wich dont look fishy
  10. have you tried going used on cpu/mobo?
  11. pretty fun , typical late 80´s computertech , 16 bit and all , had some nice games (stunt car racer and indy4)
  12. when I was young I had a 600mhz Pentium 3 , a CD DRIVE and windows 95/98 YouTube was not to be for another 6 years , internet? what was that? I owned a PS1 and an ATARI ST 520fm
  13. where is the home button w/ the fingerprint reader? , im sorry if that is not there anymore I will not buy Samsung anymore
  14. HOLY FUCK this is gold ho boy watch out he might even MAC OSX LEOPARD your servers because nothing is more anti social than meeting up w/ pals to play a game online LINUX IS EVIL , NO PENGUINS IN MY HOUSE , ONLY REAL BIRDS also screw MP3 that's all evil , and telnet is the worst , internet is evil and shall be destroyed by jesus I think I destroyed part of my brain reading this .... jfc ill stop quoting now , holy fuck this is so good , how did you find that @NunoLava1998