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    AMD R5 1600
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    Asrock AB350M Pro4
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    24gb 2400mhz DDR4 KVR
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    R9 Fury
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    Corsair Carbide 88R
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    64gb SSD + 2,5tb Storage HDD
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    Seasonic M12II EVO 750w
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    BenQ G2420HD + FJS L22W-1GT + Xerox XM3-19w
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    Wraith Spire RGB
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    Steelseries G6v2
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    Razer Taipan
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    Logitech G230
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    Windows 10 PRO

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  1. 2400G at 4.5ghz Spotted in 3d mark

    after a few minutes i got used to it but man that intro , whew yea the data is data , nothing wrong w/ that
  2. 2400G at 4.5ghz Spotted in 3d mark

  3. 2400G at 4.5ghz Spotted in 3d mark

    you can individually disable cores afaik , down to only one core or 2 (one per ccx) but yea almost all zens overclock the same
  4. 2400G at 4.5ghz Spotted in 3d mark

    yea , extreme overclockers usually disable a chip down to like one or 2 cores to get the max out of it
  5. 2400G at 4.5ghz Spotted in 3d mark

    and heres a video on the matter
  6. 2400G at 4.5ghz Spotted in 3d mark

    oh and for those who care , here is a stock 2400G vs a i5 7500 & GT 1030 https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/14878503/fs/14842180
  7. well there is not much to quote , so i hope this still conforms but according to this result https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/14879086/fs/14755451 (scroll down and open the dropdowns for the cpu ) the tested Ryzen ran at an astonishing 4556mhz boost , its very likely to be heavily overclocked and watercooled but impressive non the least this was also accomplished on an MSI B350I ITX motherboard wich is not a fancy overclocking series motherboard , likely included w/ a review kit
  8. i told you multiple times that in Gparted all i get is a R/W error and it fails , there is NO MBR to begin w/
  9. the master boot record is gone and i cannot give it a new one due to some error , neither WINDOWS , LInux or any software manage to do so it shows up w/ the correct size and everything , but UNPARTITIONED , and when i try to Partition it it says that the MBR is missing , and for that see above
  10. see this but im trying diskpart rn , seems like its doing something IT JUST KILLED MY SECOND DRIVE WHEN I SELECTED DISK 4 WICH WAS THE SSD thanks.....
  11. the issue is that the MBR (master boot record) is gone , and i cannot give it a new one
  12. cant format something that isnt partioned in the first place , and i tried Gparted as stated in OP
  13. well i put an SSD in my laptop to replace the slow physical it had before to cut a long story short , the win10 install failed , froze up and i had to shutdown the laptop , after that i checked the disk in Gparted and its all there but i cannot give it a new MBR , all i get is an R/W error what now? its an Intenso 120gb Sata III drive