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    AMD R5 1600
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    Asrock AB350M Pro4
  • RAM
    24gb 2400mhz DDR4 KVR
  • GPU
    R9 Fury
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide 88R
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    64gb SSD + 2,5tb Storage HDD
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    Seasonic M12II EVO 750w
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    BenQ G2420HD + FJS L22W-1GT + Xerox XM3-19w
  • Cooling
    Wraith Spire RGB
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    Steelseries G6v2
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    Razer Taipan
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    Logitech G230
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    Windows 10 PRO

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    Aurich , Germany
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  1. Is facebook technology? if so its FB , Twit and other socials
  2. so you consider the GTX 1060 and RX X80 series as low end?
  3. What happens to all of the PCs built at Linus Media Group?

    they get alot of the stuff from sponsors who either take it back or might not allow the sale of said equipment also if they sold everything , how would they test and compare hardware ? you need hardware for that
  4. Are XFX GPUs any Good?

    XFX is one of the best brands right behind sapphire for amd
  5. Playstation 5 leak/rumours

    moneygrab dismissed
  6. AMD and INTEL processors on the same board

    lol vega and gtx cards on the board w/ no power delivery OR cooling?
  7. First Android Go phone officially available in the USA

    oh look a phone for me , who uses phones to message and call , lets hope battery life is good
  8. @LAwLz i actually talked to someone who works as cybersec tech about these exploit(s) and according to him they dont even matter you can do what these exploits claim to enable on ANY SYSTEM w/ the priviliges they require remotely , does not matter what OS , what vendor or what year as "real" as these exploits might be , they dont make it any easier nor enable someone to do more than he already can also CTS and that other lab are shady as shit , unknown firm w/ next to no record and plenty of connections to stock manipulation and FUD also breaking many standards for reporting and publishing of this kind (weird wp , 24 deadline , claiming AMD stock should be 0$ and AMD @ chapter 11)
  9. ah so as previously said , its a NO SHIT SHERLOCK vulnerability , "at that point you might aswell take the computer and leave" -Steve , GN
  10. dont just claim something , post proof
  11. why are people still replying in this thread? oh i see , LAwLz is replying to every post trying to tell everyone its real ..... yay
  12. the hands on exploit of logging into someones pc w/ admin privs and installing a modded bios , yea thats only something you can do on AMD alright its on the same level as this shitpost .. think about it for a second
  13. ah yes , name 3
  14. it was discovered and reported to intel and AMD weeks before dude infact that vunerability exists on every intel chip made after 1995 (according to wikipedia)