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  1. I've heard the 3600 and 3700X have very limited overclocking abilities since they're optimised to run at max out of the box. How would an overclocked 3700X compare to an overclocked 9600K in a single-core test?
  2. Currently running a non-OC i5-3570K with 16GB RAM on a B75 board with a GTX 1070. Unfortunately I'm a big fan of some very poorly optimised games (DCS World, KSP, etc) that are RAM-hungry and run primarily on a single core, and my current chip at 3.3 GHz is getting long in the tooth. Running 3 SATA drives (2 SSDs) with no plans to upgrade to M.2 but that could always change. My idea right now is the following (w/ prices in Swedish Krona) - i5-9600K @ 2700 SEK - Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X @ 1800 SEK - 2x16GB Corsair LPX RAM @ 1800 SEK This brings me to a total cost of around 6300 SEK. I'd like to keep it under 6500 if possible. I'm planning to overclock the CPU as far as it will go whilst maintaining good stability using my existing Cryorig H5 Ultimate cooler. I've been out of the PC hardware scene for several years so I'd like to run this by you guys to see if you have any suggestions, primarily regarding the motherboard. I'd like something in tune with the following: - Good OC performance - Decently simple OC interface - At least 6 USB3 type A ports - Doesn't need to have Wifi or RGB - All or mostly black and from what I can tell the Gaming X mostly fulfils those reqs. I'm also open to suggestions for CPUs.
  3. I'm having a strange issue with my sound. I play Digital Combat Simulator, for which someone has made an external program that makes the in-aircraft radios functional and allows you to talk to other players in multiplayer, called SRS. If I start SRS and Spotify in running, I hear all my sounds stutter and a mic-pop-type sound and then all sound from DCS and Spotify is gone and SRS crashes. Windows sounds will still work immediately afterwards, Spotify and DCS both get sound back after restarting them. This isn't a huge issue, since I can just shut down Spotify when I need to start SRS. But lately I've had another issue where if I'm playing a game and windows sends a notification, it will cause the same issue: Stutter, pop, all sound in the game is gone. Can be fixed the same way. I previously thought it was an issue with SRS, but now it seems like it's an issue with my system's sound. This is a little more disruptive, but can be avoided by turning off notifications. I'm still a little concerned though. I have tried re-installing Logitech gaming software and messing around with windows audio settings but nothing has helped. Any ideas what might be causing this? Logitech G35 headset Windows 10 GTX1070 (miniDisplayPort to monitor) i5-3570K
  4. Yep, both the game and OS are up to date. We’re working on getting a refund if Sony support can’t sort it.
  5. My brother’s PSVR is getting stuck on the loading screen for MR. It gets to the screen with image of the robots destroying a city, but no further. Restarts have had no effect. Any help is appreciated.
  6. DSLR noob here. I'm having an issue with my new 1300D. It refuses to take pictures or even focus when in Autofocus mode. Manual focus works just fine. I've tried changing the AF method to Live or Quick mode, but it didn't help. The screen goes black like it's supposed to, but there's no beep and it doesn't focus and fully depressing the shutter doesn't do anything. The odd thing is, it worked just fine yesterday, which is the day I got it.
  7. I’m looking to buy a new 1440p 60Hz+ 25in+ monitor, preferably IPS/PLS with height adjustment. Since theres so much to choose from in terms of monitors these days and I’ve been absent from the general tech community for so long, I decided to consult you guys. Any recommendations? Budget: $450
  8. I’m having an issue with a series 3 where the face background pic keeps changing to a random photo from my photo library which I haven’t selected. I’ve selected the “Custom” option and picked some photos, but they dont show up.
  9. The bug is known as screen tearing and can typically be fixed by turning on V-sync in a game's settings.
  10. Will check that. I'm having sooo many issues with various software with this PC that I can't fix that I might just wipe the SSD and re-install windows to completely rule out hardware issues.
  11. This started a few days ago. I can play for about 10-15 minutes before the screen goes black and whatever sound was playing at the time starts repeating unendingly. Ctrl+Alt+Delete does nothing until after about a minute, when the black screen gives way to this . I can see that RAM usage is fairly normal, neither GPU or CPU or maxed out. I can't interact with the PC after this and have to force a restart. Nothing is overclocked. I have tried reinstalling Arma. EDIT: I have found the error in Event Viewer. It says: Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.OutOfMemoryException If my system is running out of memory, how come this just started happening recently? I've ran the game before with a large number of mods with no issues, and now I can't even run it without mods.
  12. I wanted to try out Dreadnought, so I downloaded it. wasn't for me. When I was freeing up disk space on my 500GB hard drive for a new game I checked to see how much space it took up, and saw this: Size: 17.1GB Size on disk: 325MB If my understanding of how this works is correct (HDDs are separated into clusters, if the cluster size is 512 bytes and a file is 20 bytes that file will take up 512 bytes on disk) this shouldn't be possible. So how much space does it actually take up on my drive?
  13. Doesn't seem to work. Apple logo appears really quick (or I'm just really, really bad at counting). Could a past jailbreak have screwed up IOS? The person I'm doing this for is the third owner of the phone (iPhone 6S)
  14. I was having an issue with a (factory reset) iPhone where it wasn't recognising a SIM card, so I decided to try to restore it through iTunes on my PC. That failed and gave me the error: "The iPhone could not be restored (unknown error)" so I decided to try to put it into DFU mode. The problem is, all the guides I have found on the internet are different and none has yet worked for me (Apple logo will appear or screen stays black but does not get picked up by iTunes). Any tips on a guide that works or any other suggestions or how to fix the sim card issue?