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  1. I guess I shouldn't do it so soon. Maybe near the EoL would be a better idea if I still have it then
  2. I just bought this laptop - https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/ibmeppfriendca/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-300-series/IdeaPad-3-17ARE05/p/81W50000US It only comes with a 900p screen which is doable but not ideal. Is it possible to find a replacement 1080p or 1440p or so on screen and slap it in there? Does Lenovo use proprietary connectors?
  3. Don't think that would work. Mainly because the frame isn't really that deep. It's already touching the glass then if I got rid of the velcro and sewed it down and try to velcro the socks it wouldn't hold its shape. And I know that the sole is wayyyy to thick to sew through it.
  4. There wasnt any way for me to glue it down. Even some of my industrial glue wouldnt work idk y tho. So i used velcro. Im prob gonna stick my wristband in there too. Any ideas on how to get socks in there?
  5. I don't know if you guys saw me walking around with sandles in my hand. But When I came home I bought a frame and well, framed them. I hope LTX is still in Vancouver so I can easily go back and say hi to everyone and maybe even gets this signed.
  6. Tbh the photos didnt take too long. From what i saw people would talk for 20 mins 10 mins etc but then people would finally get told to take their photos and then they would leave. The ticketing for photos is a great idea @nicklmg
  7. The meet and greets were kinda all over the place. Pretty much if the creators had time they would pretty much form a line or circle around the creators for an hour (or in Luke's case 4 FREAKING hours in front of the BYOC. And the only reason he was able to leave was because he had to do the WAN show.) But once the lines for different creators came into effect and the 2 minute time limit everything started to flow and people finally got to meet their favourite creators. I'd love to volunteer but I'm not quite 18 yet so that is a no go but a smaller BYOC would be good just so even if the # of people attending got bigger at least we would have more room for everyone. I am almost certain that this LTX ran wayyy smoother then the previous ones.
  8. Disclaimer: I had the time of my life meeting the people I came by and I will definitely will be back next year. (As long as it is in Vancouver) My main complaint is that there wasn't enough space for everyone to go. The Vancouver Convention Centre is an absolutely huge place but BYOC took about half of the space. BYOC was mostly dead from 11-6 while the convention was open. That pretty much left half the space for 3.5k to lineup for about an hour to play some of the booths. If there was more booths and a bit more space, people would have spread out to other booths and the lines would have been shorter and you wouldn't have to try to walk through people. I'm sure BYOC was so fun when the convention was closed but my goal wasn't to go there to play games. And the meet and greets. I understand that people want to talk with their favourite creators (and so do I) but I realize that other people want to meet their favourite creators and move on to do their own thing so I keep my interactions with them short and sweet. Picture and a signature. Near the end the volunteers moved people along setting a two minute time limit. Which was good and people started to move along. Now even though I had to wait an hour just to shoot 5 darts at a board to get a bag and such that doesn't mean I had a great time with my friends. I just think that these early LTX's are test runs for even better and more efficient events.
  9. I know. I'd love to ship them in but these are close to me and I don't have wait. And I trust the people in the city then I do on eBay or other used sties.
  10. I'd love to use 750ti but I don't have any income...
  11. I said I didn't have any income to save up.
  12. Which GPU should I choose? I don't want people to tell me to save up money to get a different GPU but I am too young to have any income. I play light games with friends like CS:GO DOTA2 and Borderlands the next time I get a Steam gift card. So here are my options. 1)http://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/GEFORCE-GTX-470-VIDEO-CARD_27993321 2)http://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/AMD-Radeon-HD-7750-double-black-diamond-OC-_26602858 3)http://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/OBO-gigabyte-windforce-6850_27495566