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  1. A software without Testing is like a body without soul. Chill... I mean to say that Testing is like you can feel but can not see. Software reliability and security can be check only by the software testing. If you want that your software as per your goal you need software testing no matter either its manual or automation. But Automated software testing is the majorly using testing services nowadays. Test Automation make your testing work easy to test web and software. It is very useful in case of repeat testing. It will repeat till all the bugs removed. Automated software testing has many pros but their some cons also. It is very is for testing proficient persons but hard for non-skilled persons. Automation testing process is quick but the documentation process is very hard. It is good in performance, and better than manual testing but debug script is difficult, procedure is little expensive, little change may cause damage in software. Some Pros of Automated Software Testing are like No coding knowledge require Time saving Accuracy Multi Platform supporting See more Pros in infographics given below: Pros and Cons of Automated Software testing Read more on what is the Automated Software testing and benefits and share your thoughts on it here also.
  2. Indians are using various languages in various areas so use of english to promote your business or work your business is quite difficult to many people who can't speak or understand english. So considering this point, Some MNCs like TCS started working local languages and they got success in this. Even social medias are also started using local languages. India is developing towards IT field and use of local languages become big change. I have written the story on the same topic by reading some informations.find it on Yourstory.com. Read the post at Why IT Companies in India have to target the regional languages? BIg and small both businesses get benefits by using various languages in their business. you can also share your thoughts on the same here.
  3. In this Blog we shall discuss and analyze the various impacts that Brexit has on technology and how can we overcome such negative effects. We shall also be explaining how software outsourcing India can be beneficial in the technological industry. So let's gets started with the blog. What is Brexit? The word Brexit comes from Britain and exit. On 23rd June 2016 51.9% of votes were voted in favour of leaving European Union (EU). It was such a serious matter that then Prime Minister David Cameron has to resign following Brexit issue. What Are The Effects on Technology? The world witnessed a major turnaround following Brexit as it impacted so many things at once. One Industry which the Brexit disturbed the most is the technology Industry as after 4 months still no clear rules and regulations have been formed. The scene is still not clear and it is not feasible to do business in vague situations and circumstances. Based on our research we have selected top 5 effects that will be impacting the tech industry which is as followed: EU Regulation: Regulation is a legal act under The European Union. But due to Brexit, the regulations have become confusing which makes it difficult to decide what is legal and what is illegal. This result in uncertainty among the investors and the tech gurus, as they are unsure whether the regulation will evolve as per their liking or not. Flow and Sharing of Data: This can be the biggest and the most debatable issue. The flow of data can include the employees, bank, and customer etc. details as EU might not allow U.K to carry out these details easily for their further use and reference. Many such important data transfer cannot be done easily which can further discontinue the fluent workflow. The tech industry is mainly responsible for all the flow of data and sue o these indifferences they will hope that both U.K and EU can come to some common terms. Inefficiency in Start-ups: Most of the British Tech Start-ups came voiced their concern over Brexit. They told the negative effects of the Brexit which will make hiring or recruiting talent from abroad. Tech industry giant Microsoft even threatens not Brexit will see the least investment in U.K. Due to unconfirmed immigration process the tech companies from other parts of the world are not making the initiative to invest in U.K till they are sure of the positive return. German tech industries are making most of this opportunity and some even heard quoted that “this is good news for German start-up scene”. Internet & Digital Technology: British people after Brexit might have to face expensive mobile calls and mobile data which are because EU net neutrality rules will not relate to U.K. This can really be a tremendous tricky situation which the U.K govt. has to overcome. Spectrum Allocation: This is also one of the major problems due to Brexit. Spectrum Allocation will create the problem as 5G is the verge of launch and deviate from the radio wavelengths will be the last thing a country wants. Satellite services won’t come an easy way as it needs to be regulated at international level on the other side if U.K plans to go alone then they have to bear all the expenses on an allocation of spectrum. Conclusion It is an old saying “someone’s loss is someone’s gain”. Many countries are taking advantage of the situations occurred due to Brexit and Indian Tech industry is technical and sound enough to take advantage of such situation. Software outsourcing India is the best possible step that a tech firm can take at the moment as the demand is very high and the situation itself demands software outsourcing India. India has some brilliant tech firms and tech engineers who can make their life better by making most out of the situation. The software can be developed for their organizations and can be sold at way higher price than expected as they need them badly. It is the most fruitful time for the Indian tech industry to make merry out of current affairs. However, it will be exciting to see the post-Brexit effects that the tech industry has to bear. It all depends on upon the acceptance of new rules and regulations that will be laid.
  4. Youtube messing up

    I have another problem with Chrome and as per your answer I tried it in Firefox and Its worked.. Thanks!