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    Novo Mesto, Slovenia
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    Gaming, hardware, Android, smartphones, tablets and building PCs and upgrades.
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    19 Years old, I'm studying computer science, i love gaming, and my favorite game is Warface. I love rock and roll, and there's a lot of bands i like. My primary source of music is Deezer.
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    Intel Celeron N2820 @2.13GHz (up to 2.39)
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    4GB DDR 3 1666MHz
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    Intel HD Graphics
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    13.6", 1366x768 . I run all games at 1280x720 min.
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    MSI Bubble
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    Windows 10 Pro N x64

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  1. It's not, just their assumptions are b-s. They measured i can't run 80% of my library, yet i run them smooth lul. Don't trust benchmarks.
  2. Some people say on Game Debate that i can't run GTA V on R3 lul, thanks, i'll definitely get Ryzen 3.
  3. Back to forums. 

  4. I didn't wanted to open a new thread, so i want to post here, if it's not a problem. I'm building a PC from scratch, and i am interested in GT 1030. I have 2 questions : Will it bottleneck with Ryzen 3 1200 ? Is this card worth money ? I've seen some folks on YT playing games i have , like GTA V, CSGO and some, and performance is really impressive. Witcher 3 runs butter smooth on it, so i'd like to know your opinion, guys.
  5. Surface Book is really great laptop, but that thing costs at least $1499 in Microsoft Store. There's a lot of cheaper laptops than Surface Book.
  6. incorrect


    So, anyone else playing this game ? I downloaded it since it became available, and i can say it's really cool game. Today got a update as well (1.1 GB), so can't wait to see what's new in this patch.
  7. If someone plays Warface, feel free to add me on Steam so we can play together, i need teammates anyway :) 

  8. Uninstalled all Steam games except Warface, now time for Gaben to take my € from my pocket. 16 games wishlisted, buy everything.

  9. *inserts thank you gif*
  10. Windows Update stuck at 45%. Great. 

    1. Cela1
    2. Rabih.H
    3. incorrect


      Fixed. I guess Steam has interrupted with Warframe update. @Cela1 you mean guitar or game ? :D

  11. Me neither. I'd rather buy Verdun, it was recently on discount , which gives realistic WWI view. Yes, no attachements, skins and all fancy stuff. Just weapons. Also Insurgency is super cool as well.
  12. It is decent browser indeed, but it needs more work if they want to compete with Chrome or Firefox.
  13. I'm using Windows 10 since it got available for free , and the only thing i dislike is Edge. I do have one extension (AdBlock), but with or without it, it still freezes when you load some page, and buggy as well. Yeah, browser looks decent, but i think i'll stick with Chrome on my tab and my laptop, i don't like it. What do you guys think about it ?
  14. My song. Exactly how it describes me \m/ \m/