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    England, Staffordshire
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    I game, I sleep, Then go to college, eat and the gym then repeat, all you need to know
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    Being a gamer (I wish)


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    Intel I7 6700K (Stock cooled)
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    Gigabyte Z170X Gaming-3 (It lights up and is SEXY)
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    16gb's of corsair Vengeance blue (3000Mhz)
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    Gtx 1080 Windforce OC
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    S340 - Designed by Razer™
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    2TB toshiba hdd and a 240gb Kingston ssd
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    700W coolermaster B series (Version 2)
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    Just your average TV for now
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    2 high power NZXT fans and two purple corsairs
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    A cheap Dell one (I game just fine like this)
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    I dunno ask my girl,she won't tell me till christmas
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    The Tv
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    Windows 10 64 Bit

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  1. Why's that ? Until we see proper in depth performance we can't really say If it's worth the £XX more than the newly reduced 2600X
  2. Morning everyone, I'm gonna be looking to upgrade after the new series of ryzen drops as my I7 6700K really doesn't hold up in newer titles unless I limit my FPS to avoid a bottleneck, my question is, do you guys think it's better to go with a 2600X as it's almost guaranteed to have a price reduction, with either a 2nd gen board or a 3rd gen if they have backwards compatibility, or get a 3600X and a 3rd gen board in one of the bundles that a company like OCUK would be doing. It may be possible for me to push to the 3700X but I don't know if it's worth it as I only use my PC for gaming so I don't think I'd need the extra cores. Realistically I'm just looking for bang for buck while still beating out my old CPU. Thanks.
  3. I recently reinstalled Overwatch after being gone for a year due to micro-stuttering being an issue, I have a high-end PC but even now after all the updates and even hardware changes my PC has had the micro stuttering is still there, The Blizzard rep said packet loss is the issue, but I don't get any other issues in the other online games I play. I can't seem to fix the issue so I've come to the LTT forums for help ( Just to clarify temps, CPU and MEM usage aren't high, the rig itself is performing as it should in any other games I play.) Thanks. Jordan.
  4. I don't know the dude but he's a 35 minute drive and a college student from what I can gather, I doubt he can just pick up an run if he scamms me haha, I've seen a benchmark and it performs about as well as it should do within 1 -2 FPS and I'll know for sure if I go to see it
  5. Yes mate he said both and yes a 650X haha my bad . And okay thanks
  6. RM650X accidentally called it an RMA haha. And okay thanks
  7. Evening everyone, (Hope this is allowed here!) someone local to me has offered me a Vega 64 for my GTX 1070, he wants to do a straight swap, his reasoning is because he wants to use the NVEC video encoder for OBS recording rather than the AMD one , the two cards aren't massively different in price so I've agreed to at the very least go check out live benchmarks at his house ETC. When I go is there anything to look out for that aren't obvious like coloured lines and overheating. Another worry I have is that even if the card swap is completely fine will a 650W gold PSU be enough ? After looking around online 89% of people say my rig (I7 6700k 4.5GHZ 16GBs of 3000MHz ram Etc Etc) should be fine due to the quality of the PSU (Corsair RMA 650W) I just wanted to check here if you guys thought any different. When expressing my secondary issue to the owner of the Vega he even offered me his old 980 as a freebie incase my PSU isn't up to it , while this does sound a little dodgy to me , a 980 isn't worth much nowadays and his Vega is only a Sapphire Blower edition card so maybe he's just happy to find a decent 1070 close by. But I still think it's something to mention Sorry for such a long post but just looking to be steered on the right path instead of loosing a few hundred quid to some scammer.
  8. Evening all, firstly I wanna apologize for posting this in the mobiles and tablets section but wasn't sure where else to put it. I recently got a good home mini and today I tried to set up some alarms on it, after finding out when using the weekly function you can't set an alarm for 4 out of the 5 days in a working week (Just an example) I started doing an alarm for each day, and then for some reason when I get around to Friday it completely refused , it just keeps telling me it can't understand me, it has done every other day just fine, yet it refuses to do Friday no matter what I try, any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone
  9. If I do this do you know If I can save transfer? I have 65 Hours of save data
  10. Someone somewhere must know something that fixes it though.
  11. Task manager says the game takes up every pissing inch it can, regularly pushing over 90% usage which in turn means the few other programs I literally need open like Uplay force it to 100%. and I play on all Ultra at 1080p but I have tried medium and high which doesn't help, the cpu actually shits out more usage somehow
  12. about 80C but it is OC'd to 4.5ghz so I think that's normal
  13. Evening all. I have an I7 6700k and for some reason, I can barely run BF1 and I get constant stuttering on AC origins with a gtx 1070. I'm not sure what to do as even if I shut down 90% of my PC programs 90% free CPU isn't enough for this damn game. Does anyone know a fix for either of the games mentioned, mainly AC as BF1 just about manages to cool down a little when the map runs for a while. Thanks
  14. Not to sure where to put this topic as it's software and games so admin please move it if it's in the wrong place, earlier today I was playing ESO just fine, now whenever I try to load it, I get a black screen and get the above error in event manager, does anyone know a fix for this minor but annoying issue, thank you
  15. update on that, the keyboard works on my mom's pc but not mine, I have no idea at this point