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x Princess Leliana x

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    I like to play videogames, cook, bake, shoot my bow, collect things, make jewellery, listen to music, shop, eat, watch youtube, etc

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    I'm a bitch :D


  • CPU
    i5 4670k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z87 G45
  • RAM
    8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3
  • GPU
    GALAX GTX 970 Hall of fame edition
  • Case
    NZXT Phantom 630 - Gunmetal
  • Storage
    500GB Samsung 850 EVO, 2tb Seagate HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair h750
  • Display(s)
    Some random junk from a car boot sale
  • Cooling
    Corsair h60
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k95 Vengeance
  • Mouse
    Logitech g502 proteus spectrum
  • Sound
    Hyper x Clouds
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1

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  1. So I'm looking to upgrade from a denon pma-520AE to something with the above budget, needs are an optical in (for my PC) and ideally a phono stage, but that isn't essential. "Loudness" is another nice feature to have since I heavily listen to low volumes, but I can also just get an equaliser to combat this. Ideally I'd get a peachtree audio decco 2 but they are extremely hard to track down here in the UK, so I want to get some other ideas going.
  2. As above, saw wan show and thought "oh that sounds amazing", followed steps in the corsair post, using a compatible motherboard (asus x470-prime-pro), mobo is even detected in Icue, but it doesnt work at all, no rgb of any kind. Tried restarting program, tried restarting pc, tried turning aura sync back on, tried turning it off, etc.
  3. ive found that just task manager ending it works, it doesnt start up again and my RGB stays on.
  4. Can't find anything online, only about high CPU usage, so I thought I'd come here. Aura Sync normally uses about 150mb of ram, a lot for what is just some leds, but not a big deal, however I booted it up today and it's using nearly a gigabyte of ram, a gigabyte! For rgb! Ridiculous. tried turning the leds off, tried restarting the program, no change, still high usage. ANyone know why and or how to prevent this?
  5. I dont have any software measuring the fan speed. and its just the corsair fan that came with my single aio from 7 years ago, dont know specifics. Gpu is a 970 hof
  6. Any specific places to check other than the ones ive looked?
  7. Cleaned my pc (long time coming, 6 years without a dusting, oof) and after doing so the fans have been real screwy, randomly ramping up to 100% for random periods of time then back down, sometimes a second, sometimes minutes. Checked all the fan headers, all plugged in properly, fans are all cleaned, doing it on gpu fans and cpu fan. Of note, when cleaning (especially gpu) in order to get dirt behind rear curving fanblades on on integrated heat sinks, I needed to manually move the fans while component was off, just spinning on their bearings to get access. Recently its just gone full 100%, for no reason, its been stuck there for the last hour and it is deafening, hence the creation of this post. What I've done: Have checked speccy, all components are 30-35 degrees, Checked headers again, all plugged in properly Checked fan speed curves, had a custom one in msi afterburner, turned it off and set gpu to 35% fan speed, no change. Please help.
  8. I ran a different test than I wanted to, i wanted to make sure my new psu worked, so I planned to test the old psu in the new system to make sure it wasnt a power supply failure. Instead I did a much smarter thing and just plugged the new psu into the old system, works fine. Sorry for bothering everyone!
  9. So im building a pc from used parts and it doesnt work, so im swapping out with known working components to find out whats wrong. Currently on the list is a power supply, however my only spare is in my system, ive taken it apart to get all the cables out except for one, the cpu power connector, which has somehow been routed through a hole smaller than it, right at the top of the case with no way of possibly getting it out. I have two spare cpu power connectors, from a corsair rm1000 power supply, and want to know if i can just use one of those, the other power supply is a corsair cx750m (green label)
  10. No these were second hand, no original packaging to speak of. Can't test till the 3rd when the rest of my parts arrive unfortunately, but the seller is willing to work something out if they dont work which is nice.
  11. So I got a good deal on some ram on ebay, seller had two listings, both 2 modules of 8gb (so I assumed 2 kits of 2x8(16gb), bought them, they've arrived, only its 3 modules of 4x8(32) and one of 2x8(16). The question simply boils down to will it all work if i put it in? I want to be able to get the 3200MHz rated but know that ram is sold together as theyve been validated for the same timings and what not. Am I fine to just use this as is or should I return?
  12. I'm also still deciding the theme. I really, really, really want to go full white, which I can, I can get it in budget... But then Im spending more for less. I could go black with a white case and save a bit of money to upgrade my gpu.
  13. Haven't got anything pc part picked yet, since im planning on getting a bunch of second hand stuff to free up budget for the gpu.
  14. I plan on playing 1080p 60hz, and then upgrading to 1440p and/or 144hz. Problem is Idk if I can get a 3700x and a 2070super on budget, its like a one or the other deal