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  1. These are the stock fans and I am using one less than is possible. No splitter. And yes both settings run off a single connector from the psu.
  2. It's 4 140mm fans on one molex connector. Do you think that's too much?
  3. Is there any chance that using nicer fans will solve the issue? And would moving the rear fan to the motherboard and leaving the other three on the controller take enough load off the shitty controller to help?
  4. Yeah I know it's meh quality. It was a case and 4 fans for $150 and I'm willing to go buy those corsair mag lev fans but I would like to know what the actual problem is before I put money into it. I chose the case for the looks (which are great) so I realize it may require extra effort.
  5. So last week I got the Anidees AI Crystal case. Included is 4 140mm case fans and an integrated fan controller. This has a high and a low setting. Setting it on high has the fans spinning just fine and low used to spin. The fans very slowly but enough to keep airflow and had nearly no noise. After two days the fans on low stopped spinning. I have no changed anything but now the fans simply come to a stop on low. The LEDs in the fans stay on and sometimes one of the fans still spins but the other three come to a stop. When they do stop a buzzing sound starts. Flipping it back to high makes them spin again. I am willing to believe the low setting is too low to spin the fans (stupid since it's what the case shipped with) but how can it work for two days and then stop?
  6. I would like the blade stealth. I am just building a new desktop so I don't need the gaming power but replacing my ageing laptop would be nice.
  7. or get the 6700K and shame them all with single threaded performance. In anything that makes use of at most 4 threads the 6700 will outrun the 6 8 and 10+ core CPUs. Plus with the money you save you could go bonkers and shame them with a Titan X
  8. can someone please tell me why I hit the post button one time and it posts twice? that's just beyond annoying
  9. yeah I can only manage 40FLOPS with this C2Q
  10. your best bet is looking up the exact motherboard specs and seeing the best CPU that it supports then buying that. Then you need to find the best GPU you can get for what you have left. I picked up a GTX 660 Ti for $60 recently. However, even my Q9450 bottlenecks on it so your CPU will for sure. Your best bet will be saving up to buy something far better or maybe finding something used. You CAN pickup a q6600 based desktop for $50-70 on craigslist. You can find a Q9450, Q9550, or even a QX9650 if you are really bent on making an old board last. Combine that with a GTX 650 Ti or similar and you will run anything at playable speeds unless you start trying things like star citizen. This would be a $200 build but you would end up with a PC that has ZERO upgrade paths. Even if you can get that QX9650 stable at 4.2ghz (unlikely you will find a board that can) you will bottleneck on anything CPU heavy. Forget about RTS and space sims and an upgrade from there needs a whole new system.
  11. Hello, been a long time PC gamer and the last time I built a PC... well my current PC has an Nvdia XFX motherboard if that tells you something. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then and the motherboard marketplace is quite different these days it seems. I am building a new PC based a 6700k which I plan on overclocking. I do want DDR4 support and as fast as I can get, not for performance but for long term compatibility. My current system uses DDR2 1200 and I'm not repeating that mistake. Currently I have my search narrowed to MSI and Asus with my leading options being the Maximus VIII Hero and the Z170A in the MSI camp. These boards are the same price, claim a lot of the same features, and both have a lot of complaints about DOA boards... but so has every single board I have looked at. People seem to assume Asus is the more reliable company in this situation but from reading reviews it seems to be a toss up. So with that in mind, which of these is better? I would like serious answers backed up by evidence. If you know of a board that meets my requirements and is better than these (but not more expensive) feel free to tell me that too. I will admit I like the MSI's "gaming ports" simply because I have been doing the same thing with custom drivers for years, something that windows 10 prevents me from doing, and with my personal favorite mouse it results in much higher tracking speeds. Thanks for the help http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16813132565 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130872