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  1. Gpu: GTX 1060 6gbs CPU: I5-9600k Mobo: Asus Strix z370-E Gaming Ram: 8gbs DDR4 PSU: Corsair TX 750w Started a few days ago but whenever I try to play a game I can either play for a bit or it crashes instantly. The monitor will go black and I can here my gpu's fans going full speed as if its over heating. I can still hear game sound and my friends talking in voice chat. I checked drivers and they are all up to date. I recently replaced everything but the PSU as an upgrade from an older system so I think it might be that. Any ideas on what could be wrong would be really appreciated.
  2. Thank you so much, hopefully this will help
  3. My house is only 14 to 15 years old so I think that counts as newer. Do you have any suggestions on a good powerline adapter? I mainly use my pc for gaming and watching stuff online.
  4. So my router is on the other side of my house and I have no chance of getting a wired connection. I was wondering if getting a PCIE card would give me better connection over the built in wifi one I'm using on my prebuilt. Currently I have to use a wifi extender to get a good connection but its getting really annoying having to use it as my current download speed is 1.3 mbs. Edit: I also want to move everything into a better case but because of the built in wifi I'm on the fence. If a PCIE card will give better performance I'll be able to without worries.
  5. I hate my ISP but I have no other choice. I could tolerate it more if I had unlimited but I only get 500gbs a month
  6. Yes there is, the monitor lights up but its just a black screen. Happens with either Gpu that's put in
  7. The Gpu is a GTX 1080 and he tried an R9 290 if I remember correctly too. We don't know about the case. Edit: PSU is a Corsair Tx750W
  8. So my friend was playing a game and his desktop overheated. We think it was the gpu that caused it to shutdown as a fan on the side panel wasn't plugged in that directly faces it. The desktop turns on and everything shows that it has power and the monitor registers that there is a signal coming from the GPU but there is only a black screen. He has the last GPU that he replaced last week with the current one and it still does the same thing. Could the pci port be fried?
  9. Honestly I would try try putting everything into the smaller case first before you buy a new mobo and other stuff because if it does end up fitting inside without any problems then you will save a good amount of money.
  10. Hey guys I'm just looking for help on what CPU and Motherboard to use for my build. I'm planning on having a Rx 480 as the GPU. I most likely won't be want wanting to overclock anything of any kind mainly because I'm still fairly new to PC building and don't really know how to do things such as that. I would like to get something that can last me awhile as I don't really want to have to upgrade anytime soon. I'm mainly planning to game of this with some school work. Thanks in advance for any help