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  1. I tried looking for it, but I couldn't find it. I did however find something called sata hot plug, not sure if that would make a difference. As for the CMOS reset, I am quite careful with it, since last time (in a different PC) when i removed the battery and then put it back in the computer stopped booting entirely, so I might try that later
  2. So today my friend and I have built a pc for him. Everything went fine, until we started up the pc and tried to install Windows 10. (also only the case fans weren't spinning, but that is another story.) When we were asked on which drive we wanted to install windows nothing showed up. I went to the bios and there it also said nothing was connected. I tried different sata data cables, power cables and even a different HDD on its own, but again same story. I also tried updating the bios, but again it didn't show up. I am scared either something is broken or that i have overlooked something very simple in the building process, like for example connecting a certain cable. Can anyone help me fix it? CPU: G4560 GPU: RX 480 MOBO: MSI B250 Krait Gaming motherboard Storage: Western Digital Blue 1TB RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport PSU: Seasonic S12II-Bronze 520W Case: NZXT S340 If someone needs further information, just ask!
  3. OK, I will be trying that sometime this week and ill let you know how it worked out
  4. The PSU fan isn't spinning either when i plug it in, and I don't have a spare PSU laying around. I am thinking of totally disassembling the pc and then try turning it on with only one ramstick inserted to check if that might work, since i have heard people saying that that had worked for them. Do you know any other methods?
  5. I checked and all the fans were connected properly, since they are connected via a molex cable (it is an old pc). I even tried connecting the fans to my psu only without anything else connected and they didn't spin either, so can it be a PSU issue? the PSU worked fine before i removed the battery from my motherboard.
  6. So basically in short, my dad and I were upgrading/renovating an old server of his. It is a dual CPU motherboard and we had bought 2 Xeon E5640's for it on ebay. When I installed everything, turned it on and plugged in the VGA cable from the pc into my monitor there was no signal, but the fans started spinning (Turns out these CPUs don't have built-in graphics, which was very stupid of me to not know). I did some research and came across someone who said you had to clear the CMOS by pulling out the silver coin-like battery on the motherboard and reinstalling it 10 minutes later. I unplugged the PSU and then pulled out the battery and reinstalled it 10 min later. However when i reinstalled it and turned on the pc, the fans didn't spin at all (one green light on the motherboard did light up though). I still can't get it to work. Does someone know what is wrong?? CPU: Xeon E5640 MOBO: Asus Z8NA-D6C RAM :6x 4gb sticks If I missed something please tell me
  7. I still have one more question: I cleared the CMOS by removing the silver coin battery thing and then reainstalled it 15 min later, however when i now turn on the pc the fans will not spin anymore at all. Do you know why? Because if found that a bit strange.
  8. hmm okay thanks, stupid of me that i missed something like that. but is there a possibility i damaged something by clearing the cmos?
  9. My dad had an old server pc laying around, and I asked him if i could have the pc and then upgrade it (since the motherboard had two sockets, i wanted to put another CPU in it). In the pc was a single Xeon e5504, however we then replaced it with two used Xeon e5640's which we bought from ebay. These cpu's were the only thing left to finish the pc, since the rest was already inside the pc. So I installed everything and was excited to turn it on, maybe update the bios, and then see how it would perform. When I turned it on the fans started spinning and the lights on the motherboard turned on, however when i plugged the VGA cable into the motherboard and then into my pc, there was no signal. I already did some research on this and someone said to try and clear the CMOS by pulling out the little battery thingy on my motherboard and then reinstall it 15 minutes later. I tried this and there was more bad luck, as now when I turn on the pc the fans won't spin anymore at all, but some lights did turn on on the motherboard. Does anyone know what is wrong? Or am I missing something very stupid? I already tried different monitors so i don't think it is that, however I havent tried replacing the cable yet because i don't have another one laying around. Also a side note, I am using 2 different CPU coolers, since one was already in the pc when i got it, and the other one (Hyper TX3 EVO) we purchased. Not sure if that would make any difference. PC specs: 2x Xeon E5640 Asus Z8NA-D6C motherboard 24gb of ram 650 Watt Corsair PSU 1 TB HDD 2x 300gb raptor HDD's
  10. So me and my dad recently found my dad's old server pc. In the motherboard fit 2 CPU's and we want to upgrade it by putting in a GPU and a second CPU. However, the CPU cooler that is in the PC is very big, and won't fit if we would put in another CPU. So we want to buy 2 coolers that would both fit in the pc. Does anybody know what cooler we should buy that is small enough so that it will fit? (LGA 1366 if that might help) Specs: CPU - Xeon E5504 MOBO - ASUS Z8NA-D6(C)
  11. So i have a friend who has a quiet old PC which has a q6600 as a CPU. He wants to buy a GTX 1050 to put in his pc so that it will be able to run Overwatch and CS:GO. However he is not sure whether it will fit in his motherboard. When we fire up CPU-Z it says he has an MS-7379VP, but i haven't heard of it. So my main question is: Can we put a GTX 1050 in his pc? And will it be good enough to run Overwatch? Okay :), but does it matter if it is an 8x or 16x? or if it is a pcie express or gen 1, 2, or 3?