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  1. Fixed, feel free to remove thread. Apologies and thanks ?
  2. Hi guys, Ive been using my snes mini just powered by the hdmi cable to the tv, as it doesnt come with an adaptor. Today I tried to sync it with hakchi to download new roms. I downloaded an older version of hakchi first and it didnt recognise my system at all. Then I realised my system would no longer power on. I installed the latest version CE, and the system powers on with a lot of trial and error and can operate within Hakchi. The issue is, it will only power on now through Hakchi, if Hakchi isnt running, the console just will not boot. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  3. If its ok, I might pm you in regards to advice about what tv to upgrade to in the future. I find it all a bit baffling to be honest
  4. Yeah thats a fair point. Ive never really been able to get a worthwhile 4k stream, im sure 4k bluray is way better. In that thought I suppose your right. My only real point against that idea is that netflix is real cheap and easy and it satisfies my needs to the point where Im not bothered about blu ray. But there again I am tempted now by 4k blu ray the more im thinking about it, I guess ive never seen how good it is.
  5. Yes your quite right but I was just speculating in conversation rather than asserting anything. Yes controller comfort is totally subjective, also people have different sized hands. I didnt enjoy the xbox controller after a couple of hours of gaming. I also found it to be very fiddly analogue wise compared to the ps controller. Also I found that it gathered crumbs and dust way more. But still a great controller, there arent many in my opinion. The n64 controller was hateful I didnt care about the blu ray at all, Ive never bothered with it, in fact I think its better because it kept the price down. I did however think that because its sonys speciality, they probably must have been a bit ashamed to announce it.
  6. The other thing to consider is that developers will be able to get much more out of the ps4 pro as the years go on. If you compare mirrors edge on ps3 to some of the later ps3 games I think its night and day in terms of graphics. I always preffered PS to xbox, I got used to the xbox controller on my PC, I liked it. But I find the new PS4 controller to be very nice indeed, really comfy to hold and use. Maybe one criticism is that if you hit the wrong button you can end up back on the home screen. But doesnt happen much. The Xbox scorpio will no doubt have more power, but there always seems to be some big drawback with xbox. Like the new PS4 doesnt support blu ray, you can bet the xbox will have some sort of trick up its sleeve to annoy all the consumers.
  7. Yes my writing was a little great wall of china wasnt it lol. We play on a 40inch tv at home and it does hide some artifacts but we do sit fairly close, you will lose some texture quality. In bf1 im sure the textures will be sharper on pc maxed out. But the presentation of the game is such that I dont believe it makes much difference. Again, I dont wanna compare it to a high end PC, but at the same time I will say for me and my budget its absolutely fantastic and in my opinion as good as it really needs to be. Lets not forget a lot of people game on mid end pcs and I am almost certain the difference in experience would very very small, but more game orientated than "whats my framerate" which becomes a hinderance.
  8. Love gran turismo, the latest hdr screenshots of the cars have fooled a lot of people, it looks real. So yeah totally cant wait to play it
  9. No offence taken, id also like to add that the upscaling trick used by the ps4 is very very good. The anti aliasing is excellent and it really does recreate a very crisp image, plus the hdr colour support which unfortunately my tv doesnt have. You do notice the interlace effect in tiny patches every now and then but trust me it really doesnt make any real difference, using uncharted 4 again as an example, some of the foliage and object textures look astounding, id go as far as saying its the best looking game ive ever played. (Please look for yourselves and trust me on that) So my point being if the ps4 was actually a new windows pc released by asus and it had all the same features and controller for £350, (say £450 with windows to be fair) I think given what it can actually produce it would be the bargain of the century. You dont have to constantly worry about frame rates, or crashes, or what graphics settings your running. It just plays, and plays easily well enough to be awesome, even slick said that its a solid 4k experience. I bought battlefield 1 the other day, granted I imagine its not full 4k and is mainly running about 1600p max, also I bet it looks a bit better on pc, but its amazing on ps4 pro, and I didnt have to spend all that extra money, in fact I had extra money to buy the game! And other games too! So yeah I am someone who has gone back to consoles, I loved goldeneye and I really miss the days of alex kidd and sonic. I do miss when I first played crysis and bf3 on my old pc, they were maxed out at 1200p on a 24inch ips monitor and looked stunning, but the memories all blend in with alex kidd and goldeneye with only equal fondness. I would never tell someone dont buy a high end pc, but I would say if your on a budget, buy a ps4 pro, you wont regret it at all. The games look so good you literally will not care anymore about whether its hitting 4k or not, its almost like nvidia experience has sorted it all out for you so you can sit back and play! One thing I do miss is the mouse and keyboard on bf1 though lol. Nothings perfect....
  10. Fifa 17 is in full 4k and the frame rate is perfectly fine, im glad I dont spend money on pcs now. Ps4 is cheaper, easier and the graphics on uncharted 4 on a 4k tv which is running somewhere between 1080p and 4k are absolutely immense, and believe me, ive done the pc gaming thing for a loooong time.
  11. Why do people think consoles are trying to be pc's? Theyve all had something in common with pc's ever since the dawn of time, they try to get the best they can for the size and budget using ram, a cpu, and later on video cards... Whats wrong with that?
  12. Master system? Alex kidd, early sonics Snes? Mario, mario kart Ps4? Uncharted 4 N64? Goldeneye, zelda You missed some "true" consoles
  13. Im not very clued up on this stuff but here goes... I got some new headphones the other day, AKG k92s, I am very impressed with them for the money, the audio quality is excellent and theyare very comfy, also I dont get moaned at anymore about the sound leakage. So big big thumbs up for that product! I use them with my samsung s6 edge plus, mainly listening to hq audio on youtube (which I hear cant deliver proper HDA due to bandwidth limitations or something) but still sounds good nonetheless I will probably start buying music from playstore as I listened to some free samples today and it just sounded incredible. A quick sample of dream theater and I just knew I needed super high quality audio in my life So heres what im after....I want to get a headphone amp (I believe a DAC is what I need) that works with my phone, so I can have even better audio quality, I want to spend anything up to £60 (roughly). I only intend to do this at home so im not looking for a portable solution, the only other thing is id like to get HDA if thats possible, not really sure how that works with phones and android? (Audio files and audio bottlenecks are totally out of my field of knowledge) Im not really sure how it all works in general actually, so I was wondering if anybody had some advice on what the best thing is to do? and what product is best for this within my budget? As a basic starting point I was looking at Fiio E10K, and from there im like that guy who trying to plug his mouse into a pcie slot and typing an email on his gtx 980 (Im lost in other words)
  14. No i didnt expect any magic, just what youve said, but it would be good anyhow
  15. Basically I saw a video of a guy who put his phone which was mirroring his tv into the gear vr, it then automatically set the display on the phone and tv to vr mode. So my thinking was would it do this whilst the ps4 was on, which would give you ps4 through the gear vr. This doesnt seem implausable since you can already play ps4 on your phones screen
  16. Hi, I have an s6 edge plus and a samsung tv, I can screen mirror either way which is really cool, even when playing ps4, Ive played ps4 using my phone as a monitor albeit a little laggy just for sh*ts and gigs. I have seen that the gear vr will turn into sbs mode when a samsung phone is placed in it being mirrored off a samsung tv. I was wondering if this means it will turn ps4 gaming into vr? Does this work?
  17. I hate it, looking at it is actually making me angry
  18. What are you trying to achieve? Resolution, framerate, settings etc etc
  19. Ive said this recently... I could get a motherboard for £80 that is just fine, but am willing to pay £120 for one that looks way better. Aesthetics are quite important to a lot of people when it comes to pc. Ive had a pc that wasnt quite colour coded and had rubbish looking non modular psu cables, I just wanted it to look nicer. Some people care, some dont, either way it keeps us off the streets
  20. You will be able to run any of the newer games for a fair few years with either card, it depends if you want to be playing at ultra settings and heavy anti aliasing, or are happy to knock down the datail in a year or 2 on the newer games. Id say the 1070 is very futureproof at 1080p, the amount of ram on both cards is waaaay enough but the 1070 should have the speed to play games on high graphics settings for probably the next couple of years. I think the 1070 is aimed at 1440p and lower to mid 4k so if you are gaming at 1080p it should destroy it for a while.
  21. You will probably get 20-50% better performance with the 1070 but its up to you whether you wanna fork out an extra 100 for that. At 1080p id probably just go for the 390 but if you really wanna do 4k at that price range im sure the 1070 is worth the extra money
  22. I think the downside to any video card at that price point is its not going to give you an awesome experience in 4k. I think for 1080p there isnt a downside and is a great great deal. By the way why cards like that which are most definately marketed as mainly for gaming have 8gbs of gddr5 is beyond me
  23. Oh right, so what do you guys think is going to become of the channel? Obviously it seems logan wants to continue moving forward. Not sure what I think of the new co host, he seems nice but Im not sure how entertaining I find him. Will it come down to lawsuits or anything or dont we know yet?
  24. So whos fallen out with who in total? Im assuming logan and quain have, logan and wendell to at least a proffesional extent Also, and I really dont mean to be intrusive, who is the girl with logan in the cooking videos? I thought that was his girlfriend/wife? Or is that pistol too?