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    bug hunter

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    WebDev, WebDesign, Gaming, PCs, Servers, Networking
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    Learning WebDevelopment, WebDesign and pretty much anything else I find even remotely interesting


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    ASUS Z170-A
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    16 GB Hyperx Fury
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    MSI GTX 980ti
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    NZXT s340 Elite
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    250 GB Samsung 860 EVO boot SSD & 500GB Samsung 850 EVO data SSD & 1TB 860 EVO Steam Library
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    Corsair HX750
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    2x 27'' 1440p Asus pb277q
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    Corsair H100i v2
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    Razer Cynosa Chroma
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    Razer Mamba TE
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. It depends on which user is trying to execute dovecot. But if you haven't had any further issues, I'd say it was correct.
  2. You won't really need a lot, if everybody can grab a hold of school PCs or personal laptops etc. Programming can be fun to get into with friends, and it's not all that difficult in my opinion, there are some great online learning resources. Just be sure to have projects to learn for and try to do (but don't get too ambitious, recreating Netflix is too big for a first project ^^) What do you have to work with? Would you have access to school resources? Are you sure you want to take a membership fee? How many people would pay and how much would it be? What can your club offer in return? If you manage to get a small monthly budget, you could try renting a small server and setting it up. You could set up a web server and learn some web development or host your own minecraft (spigot?) server and maybe create your own plugins. It all depends on what you know, what your goal is and which resources you have access to. Hit me up if you need help with anything
  3. What exactly is your problem? Can you show screenshots?
  4. Well this whole thread is a shitshow I think it has been summarized above quite well by @bondoao1: If you can't afford it, work for it. If you can't work for it, you don't need it.That's life no matter where you live.
  5. That shouldn't be difficult, basically you want a tabbed navigation, profiles and an upload function, correct? I haven't used wix either, but that's pretty simple for a web development process. Hit me up when you need help.
  6. Also: there is an entire thread dedicated to new LTT video ideas, I'll link it if I can find it
  7. This entire post feels like an exercise in "How often can we say APB consecutivel?"
  8. Python is usually a good for machine learning, but like it's been said before: you're kind of approaching things backwards... Also be aware: Machine learning is a big field and it can be difficult to wrap your head around in the beginning. Don't get into it just to max out your hardware, get into it because you want to and/or have a use for it
  9. Machine learning, training neural networks Also on another note: Why do you have a GTX 1080 and a 75Hz 1080p monitor?
  10. You probably won't be able to find anything really, try @APasz approach, but don't get your hopes up. Do report the activity to Facebook, change the Facebook password and maybe even the password for the email account associated with it. Just to be safe, you can also enable 2FA.