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  1. Where's a good place for a beginner to look into for pxe booting?
  2. Hi all. So here's what I'm trying to do - Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a laptop and a computer. On the computer I have an ISO for Ubuntu. I want to partition part of the HDD on the laptop to create a dual boot set up on the laptop for both Windows and Linux. How do I go about doing this? I've looked into Wubi but I want a full installation of Ubuntu on a partition. Preferably, It'd be cool if I could figure out how to install from the ISO file over the network (since I have no removable media available) but I'd have no idea how to go about doing that so if I have to, I'll just transfer the ISO over to the laptop via network and then do the rest. Although please, treat this like a project. I'm open to any and all suggestions no matter how creative!
  3. I could do with some help. I'm looking for a new laptop, I have an Asus X555LA right now but it's honestly garbage for the work I do. This new laptop I need has a few hopes and requirements: I'm a digital art student, so the laptop has to be able to handle the majority of adobe creative suite apps well and be able to do light graphics rendering (so it will need a graphics card, no matter how insignificant) It's gotta be able to do some light gaming, I'm not expecting to handle GTA 5 at max settings in 4K but it'd be nice to play Overwatch at 1080p on low or something I'm on a steep budget (around £800/900 but I can go higher if cost to performance demands it!) I've already looked at a Dell XPS13 and Macbooks (I know, yuck right? But I'd get a discount and I'd install Windows on it anyway) but they may be a little out of my price range (unless they're really my only options in that price region) SSD is preferrable but if I had to cut costs in one particular area, I'd say HDD over SSD just to save that bit extra. Any reccommendations?