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  1. Hello, I purchased a ticket to LTX along with the merch pack a while back, but I am no longer able to make it to the show. Is there any way that I would still be able to get the merch? Or if I can't is there any way that I could return or exchange the ticket? Thanks, djtravz
  2. djtravz

    LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack Questions Megathread

    @CPotter sorry if this has already been asked, but how long will it be running every day? Like what time will people have to leave at night?
  3. djtravz

    Which Wireless Mouse Should I Get?

    Thank you for your help! That's probably what I'm going to go with.
  4. djtravz

    Which Wireless Mouse Should I Get?

    Gaming, but I don't care about response times or dpi, that much. I just want a reliable mouse. The G602 (your recomendation) looks too noticeable with the piece on the left side.
  5. I am currently loving the Logitech M510 but it is getting laggy when I am clicking to much and moving it at the same time. I am considering getting the same mouse because I love the size and feeling of it. I am considering buying a gaming mouse but I don't want one that looks too gamery (and they are all super expensive). Wireless is a must, forward/backwards buttons on the side is a must, horizontal scroll wheel would be nice.
  6. Solved it by booting directly into my drive with this. Thanks for nobody's help, djtravz
  7. Hi. I have had this issue for a long time now where my computer hangs at DMI pool data. When I remove my hard drive (Samsung 850 EVO SSD with xubuntu) and replace it with a different one (Some Toshiba HDD with windows 10 or the usb installation medium for xubuntu), it gets by just fine. The drive still has all the fires on it by looking at it in the installation medium. I have tried swapping MOBO headers to no avail. I’m not sure what else to do. I have not tried resetting my CMOS yet cause I don’t feel like it atm. Earlier stack exchange post: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1036290/xubuntu-doesn-t-start (guy that was helping stopped responding). I have gotten a few things working past that, though. Thanks, djtravz
  8. djtravz

    Horizontal PC Case

    Thanks for your recommendations! I'll look into them and see if I will use them.
  9. Hello, I am looking to build a computer for VR gaming soon. My current mid-tower computer is sitting horizontally on the ground because I have nowhere else to put it to see the panel. I was thinking that I could get a thin case to put my monitor on top of, but also above my desk. The case that was used for Max's build on LTT is too expensive for my budget. Any other suggestions?
  10. djtravz

    LTT question

    OK, thanks
  11. djtravz

    LTT question

    During the EAN show this week linus mentioned something where you can see episodes before they come out. Where can I find/sign up for that?
  12. djtravz

    Another Hard Drive

  13. djtravz

    Another Hard Drive

    Ok thanks!
  14. djtravz

    Another Hard Drive

    If I put another hard drive from another computer into my own and boot from it, will it cause any harm to my computer? Thanks, djtravz
  15. djtravz

    Graphics Issues

    I just returned it and got a replacement from amazon and it works perfectly without any drivers.