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    i5 4690k 4.3ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI H81M-P33
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    NVIDIA GTX 1050 2GB
  • Case
    APEX SK-393
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    120GB SSD/500GB 5400RPM
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    EVGA 430W
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    10 year old shitter
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    Windows 10

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  1. So I recently upgraded to the Sennheiser HD 559's after nearly a decade of using garbage gaming headsets. To put it lightly I'm amazed at just how good things can sound, and it's absolutely been the "audiophile" gateway drug for me. I've only had the 559's for about a week, and decided I want to upgrade to something much more high-end as lots of the reviews I see for the 559 harp a lot on the sound quality being significantly worse than higher end models. I was looking at the 599's for a while until I found the HD6XX's, and I've been looking at used ones ever since. I found an absolute steal on eBay for $200 CAD (for the 6XX) and jumped at it. Now here I am with an expensive pair of headphones coming in a few weeks and not really sure how to use them properly. I hear lots of talk about AMPs and DACs, but alas I have no idea what they are. Honestly after some quick research I can see they get very expensive, and I'm not really looking to spend another $200 just yet. Will it be okay to run the 6XX's without any equipment, just on my PC/Phone for a month ish until I get some cash? Or will I really be losing out on the potential of them. Thanks in advance
  2. Just as title says, my 8700K temps double instantly at times whenever cpu usage spikes, for example when going from idle to loading chrome it will go from 47c idle to 80-90c. My specs are as follows: I7-8700K OC'D 4.9GHZ 1.32v GTX 1070Ti ASUS Z370-A Corsair LPX 16GB NZXT Kraken X62 (don't recommend NZXT to anyone) I have had this problem since I first built the rig and have taken it apart countless times, reapplied thermal paste countless times. I'm 100% sure the pump is working and the fans are certainly active. I don't have any idea why or how this is happening, I would appreciate any insight. This has been bugging me again because I've noticed my FPS and performance isn't nearly where I expect it to be with a rig like this (dipping below 100 FPS in Overwatch at lowest settings 1080p) and I'm sure somethings up. Aside from this, my RAM seems to be having issues as well with a below average score on userbenchmark : https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/18483467 Even after enabling 3000mhz XMP in the BIOS, the score only increased marginally. I guess this thread is a bit more than the CPU temp troubles but thats my main concern, I plan to take this baby apart one more time and check for the 219282th time that theres nothing wrong with contact on the block.
  3. Want to delid my 8700k. its reaching about 82c at 4.6ghz with about 1.26v and I want to reach 5ghz without my computer blowing up, are there any tools that you guys recommend for delidding? I also have some noctua NT-H1 paste with me would that be good enough for a delid
  4. http://prntscr.com/jmc5d4 im 99% ssure the pump is running.
  5. I believe so? the cable is plugged in and i hear water dripping if i get close
  6. I just got a 8700k, and a NZXT x62, yet for some reason whenever the cpu goes under load (at ALL) it INSTANTLY spikes up by 40-50 degrees. If i run a stress test it goes from 38 at idle to 100c within 2 seconds. I just reapplied thermal past and made sure its making full contact, and the radiator and fans are mounted correctly. what could be going on with my cpu? sorry if this is in the wrong section i didnt know to put it in cpu or cooling
  7. No, the fps stays the same just the refresh rate goes down. And nom it doesnt happen when i play the video on the same sceen as the game.
  8. So I just purchased my first 144hz monitor and im now running a dual monitor setup with my 75hz monitor, however when I watch videos on my old monitor, the refresh rate on my new one is locked to 75hz, so it really messes with me when im trying to watch a Twitch stream while im playing fortnite or something and my refresh rate goes from 144 to 75. It really sucks and I'm trying to find a way to fix it do you guys have any advice?
  9. cadd

    144hz 1080p 24'' gaming monitors?

    Yea im definitely planning on getting a new GPU, but not for a while lol. I mostly play LoL so its not that big of a deal but I know what u mean.
  10. I'm getting a 144hz monitor for christmas, but there are some requirements. I wanna use my current monitor as a 2nd monitor but I only have one dvi-d on my GTX 1050, so if i wanna use 144hz it will have to be display port. I was looking at the asus vg248qe and it has everything im looking for. Just wondering if any of you have any suggestions, thanks! edit: actually im dumb I can just use a DP to DVI-D adapter no?
  11. So im upgrading to a 144hz monitor this christmas from a 1366x768 monitor. I got this GTX 1050 last year for 130$, i think i may sell it and upgrade to a 1060. It seems here in canada the prices for 1070's are extremely overpriced.. (600$!!!) where a 3gb 1060 is only 300$, and i think that will be enough for me because i mainly play esports titles like overwatch and LoL anyways, but I really don't wanna upgrade if I don't have to.. but whats the point in a 144hz if im playing everything at 60fps yknow. What do you guys think? I havent been updated on benchmarks / pricing in a while.
  12. I have 50$ CAD in my paypal account right now, im trying to purchase a cheap mechanical keyboard but it seems like they are all on amazon... since amazon doesnt accept paypal i cant seem to find anywhere else that sells cheap mechanical keyboards.
  13. what cpu are you upgrading to? just curious