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  1. 4k is like the cutting edge of our technology, it is not going to be cheap
  2. 1080 is not enough for ultra only for high you need TWO 1080s for ultra, unless constantly going between 35-60 fps is acceptable
  3. I7 6700k and gtx 1080 for 4k stable 60fps you need literally the BEST stuff currently available. On ultra settings to get a sable 60 fps you would need TWO 1080s What you have listed atm will probably not even run 1080p on ultra or high at a stable 60 fps, forget 1440p or 4k What you have listed is a 500$ computer gaming on 4k means about a 2000$-3000$ computer
  4. Bulky as in they look like a square instead of having a curvy designed look also i do believe the EVGA SC is white only led
  5. If we are going by looks i like the EVGA least anda the Srix the most. Evga has no lds and looks bulky. Strix has has neutral black and white colors and leds u can customize. While i like zotac design and it has 7 colors for leds, the backplate is yellow but my theme is green and black. The only thing that bothers me with strix is that everyone keep saying for some reason the asus strix 1080 cards suck
  6. 726€ but i read somewhere here before that asus is apperantly total crap choice for the 1080 series
  7. 1080 evga sc (694€) or 1080 zotac amp (707€) Not for 4k but for 1440p 144hz which is why i am not really looking at something liek zotac extreme that will be like 785€ for a tiny boost that you do not need for 1440p
  8. Are they both considered 2k? What is 2560x1080? It looks like something between 1920x 1080 and 2560x1440, Which side does it belong to?
  9. Basically for how many years you can play solid 60+ fps ultra settings on 2k using 1080, with out having to buy a new card.
  10. What is a fan controller? link me a good one
  11. Is it the motherboard or powersupply? Like you need to connect them to something. I understand the case needs to have enough holes for the fans which is a deciding factor too. I simply cant yet get the case i want, eventually i will get Corsair 780t. But i will get a new motherboard atm and i was wondering if i need to worry about it being able to support them all.
  12. Taping around the letters so it does not go inbetween sounds kinda difficult
  13. Taking them off was my plan. Not sure if anyone even looked at the picture of the motherboard but i actually want to pain very small pieces, is spray pain actually the way to go with that?
  14. Must be nice living next to a cheap country. Try europe where just being in the union nets you a EU +20% tax + shipping+ your own country tax too