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  1. My Excel sheet did not save despite me manually saving it regularly as I filled it. I closed Excel, opened it back up to check whether everything was OK and none of my changes saved. There's nothing on the automatic recovery and nothing in the "Unsaved sheets" button. Any ideas?
  2. I have an Acer Aspire 1 A111-31 series, model number N16Q6. I managed to spill a little bit of beer on the keyboard thus roughly the center part of it wasn't working, the rest of it was fine though. I took it apart to clean it with some distilled water and isopropyl alcohol and found that nothing got on the motherboard, just the keyboard. There is sort of a cover from the metal sheet that seems to have prevented it from getting to it. It was working before I disassembled it, just the keyboard was a problem, now I reassembled after cleaning and drying for around 3 days (the top case part where the keyboard and touchpad is) I plugged it in, the charging light came on and I pushed the power button. It started up, started the boot to windows and then went dead right away. No charging light, no power button reaction, nothing. I do have to point out that there is no fan to spin. I tried reseating the connectors multiple times and cleaning them too. I tried disconnecting the battery and unplugging it from the adapter and leaving it like that overnight. No help. I also tried removing the CMOS battery while everything was unplugged to see if that would change something. It didn't. Now I am actually quite puzzled about what could possibly have happened. The power button and the indicator lights are a part of the top case connected through a single ribbon cable so maybe there is a problem in there, although I am not sure why it would turn off right after. I think I should've just lived with it and got a USB keyboard but I guess I can't do that now. Anything you can think of? I am out of ideas. Thank you!
  3. FSP Hexa is tier 7? What are you talking about? I have the 500W version in my gaming PC, never had any problems, overclocking was a breeze, it is quiet enough, efficiency good enough, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT? It's been there for 5 years, used almost daily for a long time! It doesn't overheat, it doesn't crackle, it doesn't spike voltages, NOTHING! But I do have a question here. What about Eurocase power supplies? They're pretty common in cheap PCs, where would you rate them?
  4. Seems like the best solution really, thank you! Good point, so far the best Price/GB ratio seems to be on 4TB drives with 3TB being very close to em. Yeah, used ones are a bit of a gamble. This isn't really a mission critical computer and the drives would be in RAID 5, so if one goes, I have time to react. More or less... I won't if another one goes. Since you provide your location as Kentucky, I think you might be a bit far from Slovakia... thanks for the offer though! Dayum. That's a bargain, but I've never heard of Alternate in Slovakia... will check it though. Do you think these drives could be suitable for RAID? I know that WD Green and Seagate equivalent are not recommended to be used in RAID because of a lack of one function. Cant remember the name, but something about error checking. Also, why is it that those drives are so much cheaper inside of the enclosure? Those are High-end drives too! Yeah, only if I could buy it from there... and you searched that just to answer my question thank you! Slovakia is far away from pretty much everything and I live in Eastern Slovakia, where there's even less than nothing around. But I managed somehow to this day, I sure will manage this time!
  5. I have a NAS server set up with the drives it came in (2 500GB Hitatchi drives in RAID 1) on which I store my VMs (there's more going on with it than just NAS things) and use the rest of the space for data. I need more space for it, since as we all know, 500GB is not enough. Firstly, how would you go about this? Secondly, do you have any tips on how to buy some harddrives on the cheap? It's a home NAS and archives will be dealt with differently (either I'll screw around with some LTO tapes or disc media, we'll see) so the harddrives, while I want to put them in RAID 5, they won't have to be "mission critical level of reliable". (Unless you have a different idea, if so then tell me) How much data will I need? Well, 3TB to start with, maybe a bit more and some room for expansion. I want to back up my personal computer (which has a 500GB HDD + 120GB OS SSD, that's how I know 500GB is nowhere near enough), another laptop with 500GB HDD, another one with a 1TB HDD and 2 other laptops with 200GB drives combined. The 500GB HDDs are considered to be full and the 1TB one to be 750GB full (for now) Then there are lots of VHS tapes that I will digitize and store on the harddrives and in the archive, photos and videos made by our family and so on so forth, pretty common cases. Any help you can provide is appreciated and any questions will be answered! Thank you!
  6. Would be cool tho! If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to post them here!
  7. So about a year ago I watched this video: This got me thinking. What and how can we use the satellites that are constantly above us for? Here are some things I know about: Internet connection - K, how do I get it in the middle of nowhere? What do I need for it? GPS tracking - Duh Sattelite phones - These even a thing anymore? That weather image downloading blew my mind, it's awesome! What can you think of and how would it be achievable?
  8. Alright, after a long while I booted the server up again to test if everything is working and to update everything. Seems fine for now, but there is still an issue with mounting the network attatched storage both to Linux clients on the server and my Windows PC. The Windows PC problem seems to be an authentication problem. When I configure the network drive and connect as the "storage" user with the proper password, everything works fine, no problems. But when I restart, I have to authenticate again due to some error during authentication. Nothing changes, just that I have to put the password in again and it works fine. I might have missed something in Samba, any ideas? Second, when I followed this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently The part "Mount password protected network folders" I need to run the command "mount -a" every time I boot. How would I go about making that automatic? I am using that for my Turnkey mediaserver with Emby. Which otherwise works fine. Third problem I have is that my brother wants me to make a Metasploitable2 VM to run on the server. I downloaded the VM, which contained the .vmdk file and a few other vm files. Now here is the problem. I don't know where to put it. I went to the proxmox web UI, created a VM on the newest Linux kernel, with 1 GB RAM, a 30 GB harddrive, nothing special. But I don't know where it is located. I followed your video guide when I was setting the server up and my VMs are on this path "/main/vm/" which is on the mirrored ZFS configuration. I can see there are my container's harddrives and I can access them no problem, but I cannot see the Windows XP VM that I installed for testing. When I went to the path specified here: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/how-to-upload-vmdk-file-to-proxmox-in-gui.21070/ I found an empty folder. Even when typing "ls -al" it's empty. No sign of the KVM files. I searched everywhere I know of and have no idea where to go now.
  9. Thinkpads FTW! If I asked you how different are thinkpads and let's say Dell Latitudes, what would you say?
  10. Well again, if you get a Wired Xbox One controller, you just plug it into the tablet and if it doesn't work you look around the internet for advice, just like now. If it's a wireless one, you just have to buy an additional USB wireless dongle and connect that to the OTG cable. Playstation 4 controllers use bluetooth so you don't need a dongle with them, but I think a wired Xbox controller is the easiest and cheapest to set up. Just go for it.
  11. Wow, guys I just found this video: What the hell are you doing Dell? You found 1 weakness and promote your laptop this way?
  12. Alright then. Let's talk bigger boys: The Latitude e6540 and e6440. The differences from what I know are that the e6440 has a 14" screen, less powerful dedicated GPU and... that's it from what I can tell. The e6540 is bigger, has a 15" screen, a pretty powerful dedicated GPU and more rigid display construction (the e6440 can flex a lot). Both are pretty big by themselves, however I am still thinking that I would have them in my backpack and use them on a table in a class, not on my lap really. My father still uses a e6540 which he got from work and from what I can see it is a very beautiful machine. It is pretty chunky though, but the 6440 is only a bit smaller, not thinner. Both have swappable batteries, they both have the swappable CD-ROM tray that can be swapped out with a 2.5" HDD enclosure, another 45Wh battery or with 2 USB 3.0 ports.
  13. Well it is a 12" laptop, I wouldn't think it would be that bad. Other option would be a Latitude e6440 which can have a HD+ or Full HD screen, a proper CPU with a quad core option, an extended battery, an awesome wi-fi antenna behind the display that might catch some wifi networks on the friggin moon (again, exaggerating, but it really is so good).