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  1. Did you just make another account? https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1260771-which-motherboard-to-get-for-my-i7-9700k/?tab=comments#comment-14143080
  2. Why are you spreading lies? Gamers Nexus has proven that on the same oc of 5.1ghz 9900k is better in every game tested. In some games even 10%+. 10700k is basically the same as 9900k. My suggestion is if you can wait 2 weeks, check out the benchmarks of zen 3. If you already have a mobo and you are interested in OC, my speculation is that zen 3 will not be able to beat fully OC intel. In that case buy 9900k if you already have good mobo.
  3. If the price is right sell it, use 6700k and wait for the benchmarks of Rocket Lake vs zen 3.
  4. If you want average just buy what is the cheapest above 3000mhz with the biggest warranty. If you want awesome ram then only buy the one which you can find on this website https://benzhaomin.github.io/bdiefinder/ after OC the performance will be night and day.
  5. lol nonsense Name a ryzen that comes even close to fully OC 10600k in the cpu super demanding multiplayer games like pubg, Battlefield, Warzone, etc...
  6. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS ELITE Based on Gamers Nexus, Buildzoid and Hardware unboxing these two mobos in this order are the best in the world below 300$ for the intel8th and 9th gen. If you haven't bought the cpu yet then get the 10600k and z490.
  7. I have the same PSU. I am running OC 10600k and 2080 super with ease. Gamers Nexus did the testings and you could also run OC 9900k and 2080 ti.
  8. You have just bought the 5th best AMD mobo ever made. Congratulations. May it serve you well.
  9. Lol wtf is this? I have both Amp and gaming OC 2080 super and the difference is abnormal. JUst by looking at the gaming oc it has 50% bigger cooler. In heaven bench the amp max temp was 84 and the gaming oc was 69! cold as ice. It scored 5% more, both at stock. And most importantly it was much more silent than amp. The gaming oc shits on amp.
  10. Just like Fasauceome said. There is below 3% difference between i5 i7 and i9 when they are all over 5ghz.
  11. @lee32uk And what about intel? and what about the next 4 generations of cpus and gpus? Why are you only buying for tomorrow something that is meant to last decades... @GoldenLag My personal experience about degradation is the 9 year old seasonic 550W that was powering all kinds of gpus and then it was 1080 ti turn. It worked fine for a month and then the moderate afterburner OC was applied. During the high intensity games the system would start crushing. It was changed 10 days later after the continues crashes at the peak game intensity. After that everything worked normal with a new ss 500W PSU. So this was high quality PSU. My friends had tone of similar problems with no name 40$ PSUs only after few years of use, so if this is not degradation I don't know what is.
  12. It seems like you have a machine worth millions so don't waste money on F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC coz it looks like it is not samsung b die. Get the b die from the b die finder website and then overclock it to "whatever cl you want". Also 32 is useless for gaming, you will not get even 1%. Get the 2x8gb with over 4200mhz from the b die list and enjoy the max performance.
  13. @GoldenLag It is irrelevant for several years, after that is surely becomes relevant. Especially if we are talking 10+ years. I surely meant one of the Seasonics from the Tier A list. I named them because I know for a fact that almost all their high quality PSUs have 10+ years warranty. Regarding the issues with their older PSUs, that's where the warranty part comes in play... @Deli I too have hoped that the hardware would get more efficient and more powerful over the years as the technology advances, but unfortunately those two currently cannot work together. That's why it won't hurt getting stronger PSU for better future possibilities.
  14. Statistically, over time, everyone is upgrading towards more powerful machine. Eventually he will too. So why limit yourself with a miserable 500W PSU. It will degrade, lose power and have pathetic resell value. A good 800W+ PSUs like CM V series from 7 years ago, are still being sold used for 70% of their purchase value. It's all about making a good investment.