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  1. It's 150cm wide, but it would be good do have the possibility to shoot products that tall if that were to be needed in the future. Would you mind linking an example of a light with consistant color temperature?
  2. Hi, I'm part of a smaller company that distributes guitars, amps and other instruments in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and now we are creating our own line of guitar and keyboard cases. Because of this, we need to be able to shoot our own product shots for our website, but none of us has much knowledge about what sort of lights we should use among other things. Therefore I wanted to get some input or recommendations from some people who know more about this than we do. The general guidelines are that we need to be able to take pictures of products up to 150cm wide, we would like a white backdrop (ideas on how this should be done are appreciated), we also need appropriate lighting sources. I would also like to know if there is a simple way to have the photos you've taken be sent directly to a computer without having to deal with SD cards. The camera we have is a Canon EOS 550D, do let me know if this won't do the job well enough. On top of this, we are not looking to spend a fortune on this and we are located in Europe, meaning that amazon.com isn't very useful. Thank you!
  3. Hi, as the title states, my computer starts up but doesn't load windows. I've never done any tinkering with the BIOS or anything like that ever, so i have no idea how to work with it. What happens is that when i click the power button, everything starts up, the "gigabyte" message is displayed on the screen. After that the windows logo shows but then the screen goes black. I'm positive that my monitor works properly, and suspect the bios may be out of date. Don't know what bios version im using, or how to update/find which version i have. I have restarted the computer fully several times and get the same result. Also my computer has been refusing to turn on sometimes lately, which i solved by unplugging and replugging the power supply to the pc. Specs are as follows: CPU: intel i5 6500 GPU: amd rx470 xfx triple x MOBO: gigabyte z170 gaming K3 RAM: 2x4gb ballisitix sport PSU: EVGA 750W 80+ Bronze Also a 240gb ssd and a 1tb hdd Answers appreciated!
  4. I'm writing a text for school with the motive to encourage people to trust autonomous cars. I thought i'd post here and see if we can get a bit of a disussion going about weather you should trust autonomous cars or not, and why?
  5. That's what i would suggest too. If you don't think you will need the 480gb ssd, go with a 240 or 256 and eigher just save the money or maybe spend it on an nzxt s340 elite, just because it looks incredible with the kind of lighting you have. getting an led strip honestly does all the difference in looks if you place it right.
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/NdmxFT/msi-motherboard-b150pcmate Here is a cheap mobo for skylake. atx size. no oc.
  7. It really depends if you think its worth to spend that money to get snappier performance overall for half a year.
  8. Then it could be viable to buy the 2600k, to breathe a last breath of life into your pc before you buy a completely new one.
  9. That's cheap, but a platform upgrade is probably more worth it in the long run.
  10. Well, if you can get one of those processors cheap it could be good. But i think it wouldnt help too much because of your video card. I would suggest something like a i3-6300 or i5-6400 (of course that means buying a 1151 socket mobo). (Not acctually sure if cpu upgrade is needed). something like an rx 460 4gb or rx 470 4gb would probably be good as a video card upgrade. OC on that Mobo i am not sure about.
  11. You can not seriously suggest 3gb vram for a triple monitor setup. Even playing on 1440p singlemonitor would be problematic.
  12. Sorry for not checking my thread, but i solved it a while ago. Reinstalled windows and it started working agan. And i was able to play on other pc's in the network so an internal error was probably the cause
  13. So as the title says, i cant connect to services like teamspeak or mumble, neigher can i connect to game servers on steam. However, my internet is working fine and i can watch youtube with no problems. I don't really have a clue of what the problem might be, but from what i found on other forums, it is probable that it has to do with my router. The problem occured suddenly, out of nowhere. I was in a mumble server, playing some team fortress 2 with friends, when suddenly my game froze and i got disconnected from the mumble server. Wierd i thought, i checked my download speeds at that time to make sure it wasnt the network speed that caused the issue, i restarted my pc and router several times, but no luck. Any ideas would be helpful, Thanks.
  14. Thanks, I'll wait for black friday and get the cheapest card in that case, since i really don't need much graphical horsepower.
  15. My motherboard has hdmi, but no dp. However i dont seem to find what standard of hdmi it has. gigabyte ga z170 gaming k3 socket 1151 Edit: Nevermind, found that it was 1.4
  16. What about hdmi then? i heard 1.3 and higher can give 144hz
  17. Resulution is 1080p, and i dont have the option for 120hz eigher. http://www.144hzmonitors.com/knowledge-base/144hz-1080p-which-cable-do-i-need/ Edit: this site also says hdmi 1.3 and higher can support 144hz on 1080p
  18. For everyone: My monitor: http://pcpartpicker.com/product/ZBZ2FT/aoc-monitor-g2460pf
  19. It's dvi-d dual link, which is digital. I have heard this should work.
  20. skylake i5 6500, so the 530 graphics. And I know that the games i want to play can run stable at over 160fps
  21. Is it even possible to achive? I connected the screen to my motherboard's dvi connector with dvi-d duallink, and i'm not getting 144hz, it's stuck at 60.
  22. That's probably correct, will check this.