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  1. Questions About LTX 2018? AMA.

    Bush wacking or jump the guard rail, either one works. Airfare is quite expensive. Greyhound is cheap but takes forever!
  2. Which GPU?

    depends on what your pc is
  3. Questions About LTX 2018? AMA.

    code for - cant cross the border easily or legally One big LTX in Vegas!
  4. Which GTX1060 laptop to buy?

    Buy this one Acer Predator G5-793-78NU (i7-6700HQ / 8 GB RAM DDR4 2100 / 256 GB SSD / GTX1060 6gb full stack) 17 inch
  5. New pc build need help on psu

    Tier one on the list of PSU tier list
  6. NCIX Website still online

    Maybe Linus has IP from NCIX who knows The other 2 would be pricing sheet, cost sheets. I remember accidentally finding a few online
  7. Company Creates cheap 3d printable house

    The cheapest method of building is seacans, where they build them out on a factory line, then transport them to the final location.
  8. Full size towers with vertical GPU mount

    no, why would it be? So I could say the American Pickers hosts are evil because they bought a swastika picture. His avitar is an eagle with a gear or something at the bottom.
  9. gtx 900 series overpriced in used market/rare?

    Have you heard or read about Cryptocurrency mining?
  10. Why do humans like Bread, Tomato and Cheese so much.

    Caffeine can curb the appetite very well.
  11. Questions About LTX 2018? AMA.

    Hmmmmmmm July July July Peak fishing season I havent planned nuffin yet LTX will be fun for a couple hours. A nice cross sectional population of Linus fans.
  12. Why do humans like Bread, Tomato and Cheese so much.

    Bread because its human evolution. Cheese because its fatty. tomato is a fruit