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  1. Oh hey, you were a thing.

  2. why do people buy the most expensive phones

    @meme smurf I buy the cheapest phones I can. I know someone who bought the $600 iphone 6 I think it was on the $60/m plan and she never uses it.
  3. Its all for show, just 2cents hyping nothing for his own gain.
  4. How to spend $50 on Amazon?

    only if their eyesight is bad and they think its $80 card
  5. How to spend $50 on Amazon?

    Why not sell your gift card to a friend for $40
  6. Well people all the time file frivelous lawsuits for meaningless things. Also I wouldnt be suprised if they were sponsored, they want the money so theres that.
  7. random question

    Why dont you just say to him what you typed out there. I do not see what the problem is. Try one, try the other, try a third, try a fourth and fifth and see how it works for your company. You could even print out the features for him/her to read for each service. Now I know I know, this day in age who wants to talk to people face to face. Maybe just text him or email him this link.
  8. Help me i dont know what to do here!

    4 months grounded wow I wonder for what and no pc for 4 months wow!
  9. Steam paves way for dropping Win XP and Vista for 2019

    there are 100's of other distro's
  10. 8 core version of 8700k is coming this Fall!

    You are right, most people do not need what they buy. A used pc like a 4th gen intel is sufficient for most people. Which costs a couple hundred bucks. They do the same thing with vehicles.
  11. Whats your favorite LTT video

    I have non, but I used to like watching the UNBUILD video's where he'd open up the smallest of pc's and point shit out. Or open up a laptop and explain shit. But one can only do so many of those video's. That is why Linus is running out of video ideas to post, hence a vid "Why so and so left" when really its a personal matter.
  12. Washing machine - phone help

    Take it to a real professional cell phone repair company! Otherwise you'll need a CSI type to grab those images that you did not backup. Otherwise you are S.O.L. Sorry
  13. Youtuber smearing lawsuit?

    Its very easy to sue people. Anyone can sue anyone, its pretty simple. Anyone can sue based on meaningless, baseless accusations. Think about it, channels that put out video's to make a profit would indeed visit booths for money. Common sense really. Channels have said they are sellouts by putting up silly childish thumbnail videos to gain more viewers and more money. And the channels create drama by putting out drama videos. And channels put out "filler" video's. You guys do not have to look far at all! It is literally right in front of you, right now!
  14. Intel 8700K for the throughput capability!