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  1. Canada EH

    Searching for a new hobby

    Two interesting angles to the jangle there. Is there a big market for propellers? I think the cnc machines are amazing, but also 3d printers are good now too. The 3D printer is where its at now, because you can make anything you want to.
  2. Canada EH

    Rasberry Smartphone

    Do not even bother. Just buy a used phone that is cheap. The learning curve ratio is too high, add in the programming angle to the jangle and that learning curve ratio just became a cliff.
  3. Canada EH

    Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

    There is always that question here on Lmans forum.
  4. Where does weight in stone fit in the imperial and metric?
  5. Canada EH

    Searching for a new hobby

    One has to think about many things Putting away money for retirement. Not wasting time. The amount of money you get for the effort put forth. The amount of money you get for the hassle you get. Dealing with the general public is dismal, too many drama queens/kings and too many snowflakes. Choose a good hobby that makes money while doing something you love.
  6. Canada EH

    Why doesn't Linus know about the Matebook X Pro?

    Yup I did read your comment. Blanket statements are like that. Completely unconfirmed, but completely agreeable. I don't like buying from Chinese companies for this reason (among others).
  7. Canada EH

    Get an iPhone as a side device?

    I know what you mean but tell that to airport customs
  8. yeah well when buying, the "smart" buyer needs buyer protection, so the buyer has to think where are the places that offer buyer protection, then seek those services out.
  9. Canada EH

    Motorized Heelys

    The battery and its location is the least of the implementation concerns. You'd need to be using a outrunner motor, place the esc or the battery to the lace area, and the other on the heel or side of the shoe. Motor mount would either be in a 1-2" sole, or at the back or front. On one foot put motor at the front, on the other the back. You could still walk, then do a "/\" with your legs to giverrrrrrrrr
  10. Canada EH

    Favorite kind of cheese?

    Cheese Muff https://www.almanac.com/recipe/cheese-muff Ingredients 3 slices stale bread 1/2 cup softened butter (1 stick) 1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese, cut into small pieces (4 ounces) 3 eggs 2 cups milk Salt and pepper to taste Instructions Preheat oven. to 350 degrees. Spread each slice of bread generously with butter; layer In a greased 1-½-quart baking dish, sprinkling cheese between the layers . Beat eggs and milk together, season with salt and pepper, and pour over bread . Bake for 45 minutes and serve immediately.
  11. Canada EH

    buying another ram stick

    Lots of myths out there in the web world. Its nice to buy the kits, but it really doesnt matter.
  12. Canada EH

    Your thoughts on Alienware.

    Yup like most consumer grade products, the corporations are relying on brand identification and brand building.
  13. Canada EH

    What the fuck is this mans thinking process

    Yes you are right, placing the right words in the right area of the ad is crucial. Even "professional" sellers suck at it. Like stealerships and their online classified ads. Or the multiple dwelling owner with an ad and at the bottom states something obvious. Condo's with 65+ rule, or whatever, no pets, no kids. Gotta be right at the top.
  14. https://www.vanillavisa.com/visaLandingPage.html https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/card-benefits.html/ Buying or selling? ebay and paypal are "buyer" friendly! Go to Alibaba/Aliexpress and its a different game.
  15. So a website you never heard of, paying in a less to nil secure payment method. Perhaps this episode will sway your decision on using paypal or any other form of a more secure payment method. Even a prepaid credit card from the corner store would have been sufficient IMHO