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  1. Canada EH

    Gigabyte P106 6G Encoding Lock?

    https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1001560-chinese-hack-mining-gpu-and-turn-it-into-gaming-gpu/ NVIDIA P106, which is about the same spec as GTX 1060 6GB but without video output and DX support, and somehow get DX support back, then using integrated GPU to output video signal. As for result, this thing could run almost smooth as low-end GTX 1060 with only 1/4 of a regular 1060 price.
  2. Canada EH

    Your Faults that You Aren't Afraid to Admit?

    You need to drink Red Bull energy drinks! It gives you wing! Plus grab a day timer! Remember to eat healthy!
  3. Canada EH

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    I gotta laugh here, its like a bunch of kids in a school yard picking daisies and shooting the shit. LOL I believe No well I believe Hey now come on I believe One article!
  4. Canada EH

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    I doubt that will be paid anytime soon. Will take 10-20 yrs before its settled, even then they wouldnt bring out their wad and pay in full. If they were smart, just $100k every month. I've done that with traffic fines and such, $10/m for years.
  5. Canada EH

    Gigabyte P106 6G Encoding Lock?

    It is a mining card but its also an entry level gaming card, with crypto's becoming harder and harder to decode, the 1060 probably isnt the best selection to mine with. I doubt you could do anything else to modify it if thats what you want to do, other then cooling. https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/382257-gtx-1050-vs-1060-vs-1070-in-encoding http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3130497/gtx-1060-support-265-hardware-encoding-decoding.html https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-video-codec-sdk#SupportedGPUs I hope that helps, because I really have no clue otherwise.
  6. Canada EH

    Audio Nightmare

    Can I give you some hints to a better post which will result in better answers? If you could organize your thoughts into paragraphs you will get better quality responses. For instance Intro to the problem at hand Next paragraph what you did to fix it Next paragraph Next paragraph Next paragraph Next paragraph Otherwise no one will bother! Like I didnt even bother, and most people will do the same. http://www.isitebuild.com/article-writing-2.html
  7. Canada EH

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    Yeaup something like that, which way dont matter but I can atleast google it now. 2015 article, first paragraph https://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/anton-shilov/amd-x86-license-agreement-with-intel-cannot-block-our-merger-or-acquisition/
  8. Canada EH

    Can We Fix It? - Server Room Upgrade Part 2

    Something stinks as Linus' face looks like something stinks in the server room. So it could be a frayed wire or something. LOL Linus has got to make his cash while he can. My guess is, is that the video is a filler video.
  9. Canada EH

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    How did the story go with Intel and AMD a long long time ago. Did not Intel lease something to AMD like graphics or something and thats how AMD got its start.
  10. Canada EH

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    But that could happen in Kenya or Nigeria, goes to my point before.
  11. Canada EH

    Clickbait titles and thumbnails

    Yes you are right and for what? The almighty dollar aka more clicks on the video to figure out what exactly is the video talking about, so Linus knows a certain amount will click on it no matter what.
  12. Canada EH

    Your Faults that You Aren't Afraid to Admit?

    Please post this on your Facebook page, please! Seriously! Along with what you eat for breakfast and lunch and what your plans are for supper right now because everyone knows North America is all that matters BTW my one and only fault is, I pick my nose frequently, and yesterday I placed it in an elevator that was shiny and placed "it" where everyone could see it. LOL Mirrors are great arent they! Mirrored elevators are even greater!
  13. Canada EH

    TIA A+ Certification: A worthwhile endeavor?

    Yeah its good to get GOOD SOLID EXPERIENCE under your belt so you can get better jobs and make more money. Always have to think about your goals, and long term jobs help that, especially when young. Saying a year or more for longterm as a student, shows the employer you are loyal. Also if you step up from job to job, it shows the employer your a smart cat. Stepping up means you go from flipping burgers at McD's to being a waiter, to being a cook, to being a restaraunt manager, to getting schooling for IT and working in an office enviroment, to being an engineer making sick cash! Better then tripping pipe for your 12 hour shift in -800 weather. Nice to only worry about paper cuts and hang nails isnt it But its also nice to lease a vehicle every 2 or 3 yrs and buy Harley's, boats, quads, cottage, go on trips every year.
  14. Canada EH

    Most people what prefer 1080P or 1440P for gaming?

    I dont even know what my monitor is at now, probably 1080P not too sure how to even check it. Yup I am rocking 1080P in HDMI at 1920 x 1080 and 60Hz on a 27" which is huge for my desk, but its good because I could be your peoples grandfather, very likely so by the rate I was shagging decades ago.
  15. Canada EH

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    How would it work if both co's are multi-national companies. They could literally merge in Kenya since there are no laws there, yet still sell in USA/Can/Aus/Russia where if they were there they could not.