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    It isn't called life if it doesn't suck.
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  1. My Toshiba DT01ACA100 is failing. I can see the root dir on the only exFat partition, connected via USB. Recuva stucks at 349 files, and chkdsk is completely stuck at 0. Whenever I open any folder, Windows explorer hangs and not responsive. Aswell as macOS. Can I recover everything without the $100 price tag?
  2. yeah im giving up and trying to watch videos on installing macos on vm and create one. thanks. btw tonymacx86 thread: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/hackintosh-dead.226285/
  3. I have tried multiple ones. Like -v or nv-disable or something. also i posted here because everytime i post in tonymacx86 i get replies in like a week or two... thanks btw
  4. Hi guys- Long story short. A year ago I've got my hands on a macbook and got sierra on a usb with clover, following by formatting the drive. But couple months back I installed HWMonitor, with HW Custom Kexts with Kext Utility and, ka-boom. My hackintosh is dead. Now since I dont have the macbook, I found someone who has uploaded a "Install macOS Sierra.iso". I restored it to my usb with ubuntu and boot with the exisiting clover on hackHD. But, the logo (/) a cross in a circle is shown and... Please help me if you have solutions to this. Thank you. -Jacky
  5. again thanks guys... finally i decided to go with these OS: CentOS Web: Apache SQL: MariaDB DNS: FreeDNS FTP: VSFTPD NAS: NFS Utils and Openstack Mail: Postfix and Cyrus with a public domain connected i guess? also sorry that i ignored some of posts... i actually didnt know what you meant... newbie here
  6. sorry wrong link http://www.servermom.org/complete-newbie-guide-to-build-centos-server-to-host-websites/
  7. thanks guys but umm i was just googling and found that centOS with apache with this guide may help, but is there anyways to access the nas from web cloud-like gui? again, thank you guys
  8. Hi guys- im wondering if i could actually build a server for almost EVERYTHING. a cloud, nas, and a web server. im not an expert. just a guy who loves tech. So, I'm trying to build a server which has couple HDDs and i wanted to use it for everthing. I want to run NAS, Web Server, FTP, Mail Sever and Cloud Server. Is it possible with the OSes available out there? Thanks- Jacky edit: sorry just forget the ftp thing
  9. yeah, but the skylake is "cool" and "fantastic" and to "show off" P.S. and the "1080" thing think with the way that linus speaks
  10. you'd either have THIS http://pcpartpicker.com/user/jacky19_tech/saved/#view=fpwP6h or http://pcpartpicker.com/user/jacky19_tech/saved/#view=kfzycf
  11. my mom asked if this of a porn because she saw the small thumbnail only......... by the way, the setup is SICK tho it is an ad. (or sponsored or whatever you'd say) well, i'm gonna have something like that too/ thanks, linus.
  12. Oh hey... Just a random guy here.... Just to be honest the Razer Blade 14", the "New" Razer Blade is better tho... Anyways, gaming on it or watching porn on it would be awesome...