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  1. @Falcon1986 1. its on mounted on the exterior wall of the house, so i know moving more towards the middle will help with coverage but my main complaint is the speed while im looking right at it down the hall unobstructed. 2. there is a linksys ac1900 that i use as the main router for my ethernet and wifi in the other side of the house. No they are all separated because they wouldnt play well together when on the same ssid, and devices would only connect to the 2.4 band 3. about 500gpbs, yes they are. 4. I have changed the power to high, widened the channels, turned off the wireless uplink 5. I had the ap run the scan and picked the empty channels
  2. and if i wanted to upgrade the ram while im in here how would i do that it has a 4gb and a 1gb? can i just swap out the 1gb for another 4gb cause i think 8gb is the max
  3. I have an old HP G7-1312nr that i want to upgrade can i put in a ssd is a laptop from 2011 able to utilize it? it uses a normal sata connection but the old drive is only 3Gb/s
  4. samsung s8 those are measured speeds on the phone from ookla.
  5. Hey everyone, I recently added at Ubiquiti AC Lite to my network trying to fix the wifi coverage at the other end of my house. ive tried all the things i can find and that have been suggested by the community but its still not getting me anywhere near what it should be in terms of speed or range. I know my house isnt designed to be friendly to wifi signals, but my 2.4g is only getting 50 mbps when I am in direct sight of it and it drops to 10 when i go around a corner and the 5g won even connect and even drops off as an available network. the wifi experience seems to jump around now from 70 to 90's I have done the following: Ran the scan and picked the clearest channels changed transmit power to high changed channel width to 40 and 80 turned off meshing and uplink reserved its ip address is there anything else i can do to help improve both speed and coverage?
  6. yes they are set to auto. the channel seems clear and they are set to 20 and 40
  7. so i have it up and running and he range seems alright for the 2.4g but my s8 cant pick up the 5g just down the hall from it. Speeds arnt very impressive either with 30 and 60 for the two bands. is there a setting that i need to change or something i should be doing to improve this. Ill admit it is better than what i was getting from my powerline adapters but not by enough to make it worth it.
  8. can I set that up with the 2.4 and 5 bands since my linksys seperates the 2? (same name one just has a _5ghz after it)
  9. Hi everyone, Im trying to fix the poor wifi coverage in my house and bought a Ubiquity AC AP Lite to add to my existing network. I want to know if there is a way to set it up so it would just be part of my same network. The one side of my house and outside even out into the garage is handled nicely by my linksys ac1900. So is there a way to configure the new WAP so that everything is just one network as we move through the house?
  10. slow speeds are being experienced going to that switch, and therefore everything else downline of it. The powerlines in the house arnt great of it i already know that thats why i plan on just getting a wap but I dont think it will help much if the switch that it will be attached too isnt getting speeds from the router. But i changed ports and cables, and length of cables and its not getting the same speed that it used to.
  11. Sorry yes its a Netgear switch the tplink is the powerline adapter. The Netgear is less than a month old. the speed connect to the switch has it at 5-20 mbps but it remains at that speed even when i just plug a laptop in to router without using the switch. but the other PC plugged into the router gets 300+. Like I said a week ago speeds were fine its just the wifi that sucked but putting in a new AP isnt going to help that is its only getting like 6 mbps. I even thought about using the prioritization feature built into the router to see if that could help but the powerline adapters dont show up on the network map and i dont know if that would be the same issue for the new AP or not.
  12. any recommendations on a good one?
  13. Im paying for 300 down but i know thats in a perfect world. The computer in the office still gets 200+ its the one farther away that all of a sudden dropped out. The cables arnt running along any electric cables they are running along the baseboard. it is cat6 cable Arris surfboard sb6190 modem tplink GS605 switch Ive restarted the router changed the ports and used another shorter cable its just like the router doesnt care to send it to devices down there.
  14. So i know the wifi in half of my house is awful, so i was thinking about getting an ubiquiti ap. Then this week I noticed that my wired internet going to that half of the house is taken a turn as well. Last week i was getting about 200 down and this week it is performing worse than the wifi in that end of the house at like 8 but i still get 30+ up. Nothing has changed and I check for an update the driver in the computer, which there was one, but that didnt help any. The network: 1. Arris surfboard 2. Linksys 1900 AC router a. Household computer b. PS4 c. tplink switch C1. nintendo switch C2. old computer d. tplink switch D1. PC D2. PS4 D3. poweline adapter so the main computer still gets 200+ but when I used an old laptop to check the speeds at the far switch (d) it was getting low speeds so i have to try and figure this out before upgrading any help is appreciated.
  15. I have a HP Pavilion g7 that has Windows 7 on it and with with windows 7 being killed off, would I be able to put an ssd and maybe some more ram, because I tried to do the upgrade already and it was really painful to use. it has DDR3l-1600. Is it worth a shot or is it pretty much done for? I dont have much of a use for it so its not worth me buying a new laptop, but if I can get it running decent my mother or brother can use it.