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  1. so the audio technica mh20x or something and the 30x version are close in price. the 30x is 20 euro more. but is it worth the 20 euro? ill be livestreaming gaming video editting. and listeling to music and yeah i like bass
  2. hey. i did some more research. msi has got really van vrms. you shoulnd go for msi. their shit is crap on mobos
  3. used gpu. found a deal rx 480 for 220 euro
  4. you know that this is a CXM model? 450 watt. old cx's indeed sucked
  5. hmm they say it has its issues. reviews do. but its a good mobo too i guess
  6. the cx450m should be good enough. 80+ bronze, at least everyone tells me it is good enough. why would it not be good enough to power gaming rigs? my last rig has a i5 6500 and a rx 470 w the same psu and it worked gr8. thnx for you reply btw
  7. i'v compared those boards, the gigabyte i send has better/more good specs ports and other stuff. but the asrock is good enough
  8. https://tweakers.net/gallery/755741/wenslijst/?wish_id=1616849 click on the link and than click on "LTT" to see the build i am talking about. is that build good? as in do all the parts fit in and on each other? so there will be no misbuys
  9. for 150$ you can get a x370 mobo. https://www.amazon.com/GIGABYTE-GA-AX370-Gaming-FUSION-Type-C-Motherboard/dp/B06WLMWYMF/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1523438068&sr=8-2&keywords=ga-ax370-gaming+5
  10. damn, imma get them head cooling and overclock my brain so i can finally get straight A's outta school
  11. Ironi

    Keyboard clicks

    I wonder this myselve too. The only thing i know is use a noisegate, might help or Dont put ur mic close to the keyboard. Or if u wanna go hard, put studiofoam all over the place where Tour mic is, reduceren high noise frequencys as keyboard clicks.
  12. Try to explain what you want us to help you with. It aint clear what the question is for me
  13. Not everyone is able to build a custom watercooling. It takes much time, money And knowledge.