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  1. For those ordering, be warned that you have to specify which brand card you want, otherwise the seller can send you a random one (MSI, Gigabyte, Galaxy, Colourful, Gainward)
  2. Well just to update, I found a simple solution. Its Microsoft SyncToy, a freeware. Its rather old, of 2009, and a very simple interface. You would have to create your own file pair ( a destination folder ), then link it to the folder you want to sync via SyncToy. Can mirror both ways, mirror one way, or keep all data in the destination folder. Then run the softaware once in a while to back you your data.
  3. Hi guys, I am looking for ways to quickly mirror or back up my laptop's data to my external HDD. My laptop is my daily driver, and has about 1.2TB worth of data. Most methods I have tried would require about an hour or more to finish, and is inconvenient to have the HDD always attached to the laptop since i need to move around frequently. Also I do not have a reliable internet connect at my place, so cloud back up is slow and difficult. Currently I simply have a raw copy of all my data on an external HDD, and which I copy and replace about every month. While it does copy over in a reasonable amount of time, I am too scared to let it copy over while sleeping for fear of corrupt data. I am looking for a method that would allow me to 1) to back up my data to the external HDD about once a month 2) allow me to mirror key data (documents, power-point etc) to a smaller portable HDD, which i can quickly update at the end of the day So far I am looking into Crashplan (free) for the once a month backup, but haven't found any good file syncing software. Would love to hear your opinions about it. So can you guys give me any good recommendations? Thanks in advance!