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  1. Hey! I decided to build these specs soon. And I also have gtx 1070. So what do you think about this? If it's okay, probably i will buy these specs and build them tomorrow or after tomorrow.
  2. Well i understand but if i buy 6700k i have to buy also extra fan too. But for now it is too much. But i understand you very well
  3. Well it is about my country man taxes etc.. But what about asus vs248hr? Actually it looks like i will give up it really made me crazy.
  4. Having bottleneck because of monitor? Really? So what's your suggest for monitor for 1080p. I cannot buy 1440p for now..
  5. Not just for gaming but also for rendering. I dont mean heavy loads by saying rendering. 6700 (non-k) has stock fan so is it changable? I heard that k series is unlocked so that's why you can easily change cooler. Im confused.
  6. Well i dont have ram yet. That means i can change them too. Well you know it will make me crazy at the end. I will have Asus Vp228te for monitor but Im not sure about that too
  7. Also i'd like to ask a question. i5 6600k? or i7 6700? Which one do you prefer?
  8. About case I was thinking of Corsair SPEC-02 650W 80 plus i7 6700 has stock fan so i think it's enough for it. If I understand correctly of course. Why do you think 240 gb ssd? it's about my budget btw
  9. Well actually I dont think I will change my computer for a long time. So i want to build a pc which is upgradable. For example 3 years later I may do sli or change into processor with k series. So is it logical if i buy z series mobo?
  10. Hey everyone. I'd like to get some advice related to mobo for my first build. These will be my specs: i7 6700 3.4 ghz corsair 16 (8x2) gb 3000 mhz Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 120 gb ssd 1 tb hdd But what about motherboard? I was thinking about Gigabyte z170x gaming 3 or Asus Z170 a but are they too much for my system? I will not have processor with K series? That's why I'm confused? Should I get z series mobos or not? Thanks for replies.