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  1. VincentWhalley

    Ups wants?

    Hi all and merry Christmas, I have go a 100ah telecom backup battery that I have acquired from someone from work. And I was wondering if I could get a module to put on it to use as a ups for my pc I hope you can help, Vincent
  2. It seams that all the cases I own have these on them. So what are they?
  3. VincentWhalley

    Will I be able to fit my RAM?

    don't bother mate just go to this website http://downloadmoreram.com/
  4. VincentWhalley

    Best Network Switch

    thanks mate
  5. VincentWhalley

    Best Network Switch

    anything over 8 ports and a gigabit
  6. VincentWhalley

    Best Network Switch

    unmanaged is what i was looking for sorry
  7. VincentWhalley

    Buying a pc from craglist, seems to good to be true?

    Cragslist? do you want to be stabbed
  8. VincentWhalley

    Best Network Switch

    Hi There, Does any of you have any good ideas on a budget network switch. when i mean cheap i mean cheap. under £50 or $50 (£ is better) It has to be rack mounted otherwise i hope i here from you. thanks, vincent
  9. VincentWhalley

    Adsl modem diy router

    Hi all, I want to make my one router and I have just got a free old pc and I am turning it in to a router. But what modem shell I buy between the Adsl in to the house to ether net in to the pc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Vincent
  10. VincentWhalley

    Music for edits

    school skiing trip
  11. VincentWhalley

    Portable hard drive

    Hi all I have a ski trip coming up and I need a portable hard drive. I would like a 1tb one and it costs less than £50 or something similar to that. Thanks, Vincent
  12. VincentWhalley

    apple watch

    i will do you a favour. DONT BUY ONE the 1st one was bad and i dont know how they could make it any worse. save your money and buy somthing that does not have a apple on. also linus wears moto gear i think
  13. VincentWhalley

    Local PC building business - where do I start?

    where you from, if UK have a look at overclockers. they are based in stoke-on-trent but they ship all across the uk at good prices.
  14. VincentWhalley

    Music for edits

    sorry also the video is about 6-10 mins long songs i may use. anything simerler is good Closer-lemaitre tonight-Magic Man gold - ft. eight4 fly instromental anything like that would be good
  15. VincentWhalley

    Music for edits

    to be honest any really but anything that is remix high bass electro music is a no no and it has to be cleen as it is for school. thanks, vincent