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  1. @Semper I ordered an 80mm and it's too fucking big. God I hate this bullshit.
  2. Weird how it's an "80mm" when it's closer to 70mm. But I guess 80mm is just the 'standard' right?
  3. I may have measured it wrong, if my continuing research is to be true. I measured along one side to the other. Getting conflicting info if you measure screw hole to hole, opposite corners etc.. I really just need to know what box I tick; 80mm or 70mm when looking for replacements.
  4. I measured it at 3 inches (76mm) sooooo I'm just assuming it's an "80mm" as far as specs are concerned and to just round it up? Googling the actual size myself is proving oddly difficult; I just pull up advertisements.
  5. Besides a fan controller, temp monitor, or usb hub, what all can I put in there? Anything else useful, neat, or just plain interesting.
  6. Oh I knew they were discontinued. Just never know if there's a few floating around in some obscure shops, possibly in another language even.
  7. Thanks but I'm trying to find that specific item.
  8. I can't find this scarf thing anywhere I look. I found 1 site that "had it in stock" but always error'd out during checkout for myself and my friend in another country who was gonna buy it. So we figured it was actually out of stock there too. If anybody can find any corner of the internet that has this I'd be incredibly grateful. I've wanted it for years but only now can I really get it.
  9. What I'm trying to do in the simplest terms is make 1920x800 videos into 1920x1080 and/or some kinda trickery to make the 1920x800 not be all stretched when played through a sub-par video player. To explain a bit, the TV my mom watches stuff is "Smart" but not that smart. So she can watch movies I find(No, there is no possibility of Smartcasting, Netflix, Hulu Kindle Roku Sticks, DvD player, game console, etc.. so don't ask) I put them on a USB stick and it plays them. But if the video isn't a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio(TV is 1920x1080p) regardless of resolution then it gets stretched vertically to fit the screen and looks like total ass. None of the Aspect Ratio settings make any appreciable difference. 'Wide' just pulls it horizontally a few pixels, 'Panoramic' literally just copies what 'Wide' does, 'Zoom' is pointless. I've found programs VSDC to manually add black bars on the top and bottom like what feels like a caveman would do, but it's achingly slow; often taking 2x-3x the length of the video to export. I'm much more familiar with Handbrake which is much faster, but nothing really jumps out at me except for the 'Anamorphic' options. Is what I'm looking for under one of those options? Is it even possible to do what I want in general without hardcore editing? Or is doing it the caveman way of adding bars literally my only option? The TV in question
  10. So helpful. Either contribute something useful or don't say anything at all.
  11. Don't overclock your memory obviously.