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    Owosso, Michigan


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    AMD FX-8300 8 core 4.3ghz
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    ASRock ProM-7 Micro-Atx
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    8gb G.Skill Ares DDR3
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    Asus Stris RX-480 8GB
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    1x 240gb SSD, 3x 110gb HDD's (old rigs)
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    Corsair CX450M
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    Redragon Karura
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    Redragon mouse
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    Windows 7 64bit

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  1. So helpful. Either contribute something useful or don't say anything at all.
  2. Gravemind

    My PC Crashes

    Don't overclock your memory obviously.
  3. It doesn't do everything I want it to, like give a proper total(that isn't blatantly wrong in some cases) and displays in bytes-only which is frustrating. Running Win7 64bit.
  4. Gravemind

    4:3 or 16:9 or 16:10 or 21:9 for 1080p gaming?

    >Do all monitors have Freesync lord no >How 2 know? Well, it'll say if it has it. No mention = no free sink
  5. I'm looking for something like the built-in Resource Monitor with Windows but actually good. What I need is the ability to click on something like Steam, for example, in a list and see every single incoming/outgoing byte over my internet and every byte it reads/writes to on a disk. Something free with no other junk, and no limited trial crap.
  6. Gravemind

    Need help finding a decent tablet for a friend

    Link please?
  7. It needs to be Android with the Google Play store and all that without needing to be hacked onto it like a Kindle Fire or whatever. Other than that, the cheaper the better but I guess the upper budget limit he has is like $400~? But cheaper would be better, he just wants it to play games on. He won't be a super heavy user. Ideally from Amazon, Newegg, eBay, or even like Best Buy. If it's from a "big name" it won't make him nervous.
  8. Looking for the fastest way to make MKV's into MP4's. Handbrake does a good job and never fails, but takes longer to convert videos than the videos themselves.(even with higher priorities) VLC is a little quicker, but tends to make files that are corrupt or plain broken(yes I've used the right settings) and thus wasted that time. GotSent is a godsend, but it's a picky little bitch when it comes to reading anything outside of its' very narrow scope.(AAC errors, incompatible format etc. even though they're MKV) Is there anything better? If I lose a tiny bit of quality I don't care, I just need to convert as many as possible as fast as possible. Any program that doesn't restrict, watermark, or require a paid service would be greatly appreciated.
  9. These folders number in literally tens of thousands. Please tell me they're safe to delete if they haven't been created/accessed in over a month. Space on my SSD is at a premium and this folder is pretty massive.
  10. Gravemind

    LF Soundbar w/o independent volme control

    Are you gonna link anything? I know Bluetooth works that way, just saying before people ask "do u care about bluetooth" the answer being no.
  11. Looking for a soundbar that doesn't have its' own specific remote/settings for volume and will just go off of the volume coming from the tv. Something that just connects to a tv and I don't have to deal with my mother complaining over needing 2 remotes. $100 or less. I know not to expect masterful quality for that amount, but it's gotta be better than stock speakers. Bluetooth? Don't care. I'm not afraid of cords. Preferably Amazon links over Newegg or eBay.
  12. I'll just say I have a budget of $300~~ Post whatever and I can determine if it's worth it myself
  13. Looking for a TV to get by Christmas that meets these criteria without breaking the bank. Bigger is better but at least 32'' should be fine. I've done digging on Amazon, Newegg, etc., but it's not the easiest thing. Most features I want/don't want are impossible to determine via descriptions or reviews. 1. 1080p @ 60hz only 2. Can play videos (mp4/mkv/whatever) from a USB stick 3. Digital antenna spot 4. Netflix integration 5. Does normal broadcast television and play off USB without internet (I've seen TV's lockdown if your internet is down. For real.) 6. Must NOT have fancy-schmancy features without a 100% on/off toggle. (EX: Adaptive brightness, smoothing, audio leveling.) 7. Related to #6^, a TV that just plays things the same as their source. Doesn't fuck with the picture, doesn't ruin the audio. Just outputs the source video and audio without any mucking with it. 8. Can output audio to a soundbar via wires. Amazon or Newegg links are preferred but not required. Preferably $300 or less Ships to the US