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    windows vista 32 bit
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    Porter, Indiana
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    Old shit
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    CR England Driver


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    AMD Athlon 5350 2.05ghz
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    ECS Kam1-l
  • RAM
    2x4gb Kingston Hyperx Blu 1333mhz DDR3
  • GPU
    ASL 2gb GT 1030 Skynet
  • Case
    Rosewill FBM-01
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    500gb Crucial SSD
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    Thermaltake Smartpower 600w
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    Dell 1680x1050
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    Arctic Cooling Alpine M1
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    Sejin Electronics SPR8630
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    Fellowes Finger Mouse (I'm not joking)
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    Windows 7 SP1 64 bit

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  1. this is the pc i made for my mom

    its an i7 7700T

    the cpu is currently at 100% load, cooled by a dark rock pro 4


  2. Genwyn

    budget gaming computer build

    Works now. Pretty good build overall, id spring for a cheap SSD for the OS installation. 20 bucks for a 120gb SSD to slap windows 10 on would be worth it for the boot time and cache speed. But if you dont care much about that kind of stuff then an HDD on its own is fine.
  3. Genwyn

    budget gaming computer build

    its now giving me a page not found error
  4. Genwyn

    budget gaming computer build

    thats a private link
  5. Genwyn

    MacBook display weird glitch

    RIP gpu
  6. Genwyn

    Im completley new to building pcs need any help possible

    Right off the bat make sure its a fat optiplex and not a slim optiplex. I see a lot of people with this idea who order a slim one and dont know why nothing fits. Just gotta be sure. Basically you need one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Pocaton-Female-Socket-Connector-Cooling/dp/B073XJV5L9 Which is expensive for what it is, shop around for cheaper ones meant for the same purpose. Alternatively you can just power the cpu cooler fan off of molex or something but you lose the pwm capability, meaning the fan will run at max rpm at all times.
  7. My ex boss isn't really into PC stuff much but needed a decent system to host as a CNC controller with a real time rendered cad to cam display. So his system is an i7 2600 with 8gb of ram and 2 way 560ti SLi because he bought 2 cards in a lot and wanted to use both of them for some reason, I don't really question it much. 

    It's in a Fractal design define C, has some housefire tier antec psu from around the time 560ti SLi was relevant, but airflow had become an issue.

    Its hot as balls in a CNC shop, all the time, ambient above 100f for most of summer. So he asked about fans, I told him the case had some stock but he could add more or replace them with better fans if he wanted. Told him what fan configurations could be done and he said he'd call me again when he had the fans so I could come install them.

    I did not offer to install the fans but whatever.

    I show up and I'm thinking he just hit amazon for any 120mm fans he could find, as long as it gets more air into the system it's not a problem.

    Boy was I wrong, this dude didn't bother with any website, he called one of their general factory parts suppliers and ordered 6 sanyo SAN ace 120mm fans. 12v 8 amps each, with cast aluminum frames. These needed their own power supply and controller which the salesman managed to get him to buy as well.

    He didn't pay for any of it, he asked the boss boss if he could buy some fans for the controller host and was just given a company card number and told to get whatever.


    In the end theyre 120mm fans all the same, so I installed them, hooked them up to the included 300w power supply hub and duct taped it to the inside of the case wall, plugged that into an outlet, then turned the fans on. 

    The noise, I seriously am not sure if the Intel stock cooler on the i7 can actually spin anymore because the crosswinds are likely stopping the fan blades. Not that it matters, because there is now enough airflow to feel a breeze about 20 feet away from the pc. If you stick your hand to the intake venting on the case you can feel your hand get sucked to it. It sounds like a small jet turbine, I think the giant ass fans (actual brand name) above the shop floor are quieter.


    Upside, temp issues are fixed, the 560ti SLi now runs in furmark at 56c and the i7 2600 never sees anywhere above 50c.


    1. Genwyn


      When I see "industrial" Noctua fans now it's like seeing a "heavy haul" Toyota Prius.

  8. Significantly, the cooling issues on the mech are borderline unnaceptable. I would suggest going with a reference blower before suggesting the mech.
  9. It's not a bad cooler but compared to the nitro it is definitely a "lesser" cooler. It'll still get the job done.
  10. Do you actually need the performance or is having something light with a long battery life more important? There are more factors to consider than just benchmark scores.
  11. Well a more serious answer, Sapphire is the safe buy go-to. I don't think they've made a bad cooler since 2007. Might be worth waiting a few more weeks to see what the rest of the aibs bring in. Gigabyte has been historically a good choice all around, nothing special but that nice mix of well performing and usually cheaper than the rest. Asus is using the same strix cooler they've been using for a while now, which is a good performer but the aesthetics are getting kinda boring. Im not sure what powercolor's options are like, not many people are talking about them. If you can find one for a non stupid price, that yeston 5700xt is gigantic and is an amazing performer. But they're a Chinese AIB and don't usually sell in the US/EU so they can be really expensive.
  12. Yeston. I don't know why anyone would buy any other cooler when you can have one with a cat face on it.
  13. Genwyn

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    its a z61t, and it will, but theres no real point to doing that for this machines use case
  14. Genwyn

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    if you've ever wondered how powerful a laptop dual core from 2006 is, here ya go 110 cpu z multithreaded score even with optimal airflow to keep the cpu under 60c under full load
  15. Genwyn

    How? Just How?

    Find out what the motherboard is, go to the website the manufacturer has for the specific model and download the driver exe files from there.