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  1. I have got these 70% isopropyl alcohol tissues, these are the best i could get. Would these be enough for cleaning off old thermal paste or should I use something else? And any other tips for someone installing a cpu heatsink for the first time?
  2. Link I wanted to ask is this cooler better than the cm hyper 212 evo? This looks the same as 212 evo but this has two fans. I wanna know if this one will perform better than the 212 evo or not?
  3. Hi, i have an i5-4690 (non k) cpu. I use the intel stock cooler but when i play cpu heavy games like gta v or battlefield 1, it reaches high temps like 81-85c max. I want to get a budget aftermarket cooler, so I searched and found the m9i. It seems like it would be good for me. Some people recommended me hyper 212 evo too but i read that cryorig m9i is a bit cheaper than 212 and m9i performs marginally better than the 212. Im going to be installing an air cooler first time so I'd like something thats easy to install. What do you people recommend?
  4. but if the sensor's busted wouldnt it send the wrong data to hwmonitor too?
  5. u see afterburner and gpu-z show 16% all the time whether im playing a game or its idling only hwmonitor shows the correct gpu load
  6. No, hwmonitor shows 0% and other two show 16%.
  7. All the programs are showing wrong gpu load except hwmonitor. I've even tried using DDU to uninstall drivers and reinstall the latest ones.
  8. So I got my new rx 580 8gb about 2 weeks ago. I just uninstalled nvidia's drivers and installed the amd driver (didnt use DDU). So after 3 days of installing the gpu, i got pink artifacts all over the screen for half a second and they disappeared and everything kept working like normal. Few days after that I got pink artifacts on my screen while browsing reddit, same thing happened appeared for half a second and then disappeared. And 2 days ago, I got artifacts again while doing, cant remember what. So I wanted to ask if this a driver issue or should I return the gpu? Cause I ran several benchmarks and artifacts didnt appear in those. Temps are fine too, gpu core remains avg 75c under load and 78c max
  9. okay, ill plug it into the cpu_fan header. The pwm and dc mode settings are in bios or do i have to download the AI Suite from asus's website to change them?
  10. what difference does the cpu fan and cpu opt fan header make?
  11. Nopedy nopedy no
  12. Its plugged into CPU OPT header Looks like its 4 pin
  13. if its a 4 pin pwm fan, it wouldnt fit in a 3 pin header, right?
  14. how do i see if its a 4pin or 3 pin?