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  1. All downloading tools need to be updated to handle how YouTube now represents the information they need. Until then they simply won't work. I don't see how this is stealing someones work. In all likelihood any videos downloaded are only used when offline or when the original has been taken down. In that case the content creator won't miss out on any revenue.
  2. Profile picture does not check out. It sounds more like in needs a complete power down rather than just landing since even on the ground these nodes will be running.
  3. Are you using other peripherals? Storage devices in particular eat up quite a bit of the energy budget. Are you using good quality cables? Let's assume it is drawing 10W headless without any other devices attached. It therefore must disperse around 10W in the form of heat. 10W is close to the 15W of a U series chip in a laptop. A laptop will need a decently sized heatsink to keep it cool while the Pi will make do with one the size of a finger nail. Another comparison would be the Mate 9. It drew around 8W under full load but despite being mostly made out of metal could not sustain that power draw. Source Source
  4. Just because it is rated for that power draw doesn't mean it will always draw that much. Initial benchmarks show power usage around 2W higher than the 3B so ~33% more. The rest will be split up between external devices. For a more than two fold increase in performance this is a small price to pay, if you really need a lower power draw just lower the frequency. I do admit though that they are beginning to reach the end of the acceptable power draw range. Source
  5. I would say no. In the picture you can see two smaller hubs near the ports, a Pi 3 only has 1. Remember to buy a heatsink. Even just scanning libraries will push it into the 70C range.
  6. Get some phones Install Study Install app to simulate random interactions ??? Profit
  7. So all the criminals are just going to obfuscate their usage while everyone else is kicked off? Fantastic
  8. It's certainly better than a trashcan but it still seems a step back from the pre-2013 Mac Pro design.
  9. That is like saying that I've hidden all my money somewhere on earth but it isn't definitely under my house. Remember that a random password can produce every password, therefore an attacker cannot restrict the set of passwords to try in any way. If you want further evidence that declaring that the key is random have a look at practically any cryptographic algorithm. The keys randomly generated in order to prevent the attacker restricting the set of values he has to try. The password manager will require a password each time you open Firefox after completely closing it. While not being fantastic it's better than nothing and should improve once the replacement arrives.
  10. If an Ad provider would provide an implementation which simply embedded static images, no scripts, popups, autoplaying videos or animations, I would whitelist them in an instant. Saying your password is highly random does not pose a significant danger. The number of passwords generated from frequently used patterns and dictionaries is much smaller than the total number of passwords for a given length. Just enable a master password. Make sure the password is very strong as the password hashing function is only applied once (this is a known issue, they will be replacing it at some point)
  11. They have multiple projects for different situations. The YAL failed as to engage it's target, enemy ballistic missiles during the boost phase, it would have to be inside enemy territory. For small bombers or fighters this might not have been an issue to avoid interception but for a huge maneuverable 747 (the laser mass alone was above 3000kg) it would be game over. Some installations currently do. However the interceptors are expensive at $40,000 per unit while each shot of a laser is negligible compared to virtually anything else in the military. Lower power lasers such as the LaWS only cost around a dollar per shot. The lasers can also be used with surgical precision to take out low end targets such as small water craft or UAVs without harming the occupants of the former. With a naval shell you can at best hope the wreckage is still in the shape of a boat. When not being used as a laser it actually can be used to search for objects at "tactically significant ranges".
  12. "Can you just open the window?" "Yeah sure, you need some fresh air?" "Nah, I want to connect to the fast 5G" It's quite abysmal that it isn't even proper line of sight. Even WiFi would probably be a better choice, offering similar speeds with established and so cheaper products.
  13. The times are above the graphs. The graphs are there to show that the new algorithm can produce approximations of similar quality and is not cutting more corners somewhere. Beating a quantum computer with a FPGA seems a far greater achievement. FPGAs can be put on a USB, a quantum computer less so.
  14. The first mistake was entrusting Google with your data.
  15. Finally! Now make this the global standard. Was this on their own accord or were they forced to do this? The article and blog posts aren't clear about this.
  16. It was a runaway success. Further the base MacBook is a lower volume product and aims at users who mostly use web browsers and built in apps. This means for most of the users a swap to ARM would not be detrimental and should the concept fail it wouldn't devastate overall Mac sales.
  17. ARM's N1 and E1 platforms are approaching the performance of x86 systems. If this design launches in the next year or two there will not be time for x86 to leap forward in performance to maintain it's lead on ARM for long. Source