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  1. They have 2 MORE games to annoucne over the next 2 days AND they have MORE at E3. I am excited!!
  2. After a few hours I can tell why someone fidn them comfortable, the headband doesn't have much if any rela padding and the pressure takes time to adjust too but I find the ear cups a good size and I am loving the sound quality.
  3. the headphones have arrived! It even comes with a pouch which people said it stopped shipping with so this must have been older stock of it neat. Oh my imedietly the audio quality is so much better! I can *feel* subtle drum beats the beyerdynamics didn't even PROCESS where there. Voices are clear and bass is boomy, way boomier than the 770's which i believe were even focused more on bass. Everything is clearer, probably not as clear as the MSR7's which apparently detail like everything but it's clear enough that it blends together and does a really nice job of it. There's something about them that does make the music pop more, the vibrations the bass, etc that really do make them more fun to listen too than the 770's. The 770's blends it together but it falls flat there's no oomph to it, no subtle vibrations in there, weak bass, while clear other instruments blend too much. The cups are smaller than i thought but they fit perfectly around my ears even with my glasses on and feel very comfortable so far. The stock cable is garbage small so it's a bit of an awkward angle to have it connected to my computer. All in all I've only used them a bit but I am IMMEDIATELY impressed by them, I aint no headphone nerd or super knowledgeable about all the terms but I can say it's a good significant step up from the 770's which i already thought were amazing.
  4. I see, I also ordered the v moda audio only cable as people have said the cable that it comes with isn't great and a replacement is better, the vmoda one people said is a tight fight but it fits and works well without audio static from rubbing together like other cable suggestions I've seen.
  5. I do think burn in happens, my current pair however just kinda muddied with time they were much clearer when i first got them. And yeah Canada prices can be weird especially since the company doesn't directly sell them anymore in favour of their wireless brand.
  6. Well amazon got the H6's back in stock! I was looking around more and saw people recommended the MSR7's due to their clarity but since I listen to a wide range of muysic people seem to say the H6 is much better and more 'fun' for that over those that reveal all the little things that are better suited for classical or instramental mained musics. So I ordered the H6's and they will arrive tomorrow, people also say they get better once burned in some too so I can't wait to test them out!
  7. I have no idea what you mean by any of that. I still have time to think things over before I decide as Ican deal with the brokeness of what I have now but I do thank you for all this advice! It's weird how all the best reccomendations seem to the be the hardest to get headphones
  8. Unfortunately I'm not looking for wireless headphones. While I'm sure they're convenient I use the headphones so often that I just prefer a wire.
  9. I believe those ones are for the 1st generation not 2nd generation. Looks like the only ones I could buy are the AKG ones if I buy from a different storefront, it seems B&*O actually completely discontinued sale of their H6 line from any store front as I can't find them other than ebay and ebay mainly has 1st generations.
  10. True but it also seems like B&O has discontinued selling their H6 line so it's all third party seller along with AKG is backstocked until JULY for their akg k553 mk2 line so it's even worse third party listings on amazon. So I'm not sure if I can even buy them from amazon reliably! The B&O's are marked up to $350 from $300 there as well and the AKG's are just sold in listing with very few reviews which is disconcerting.
  11. Thank you both! I was heavily considering the v-modas because so many people seem to like the sound but if they sue the flaky fake leather and hurt like you say even wit hXL pads then while the design is great I'll drop those from my list. I think my options now are just between the AKG and the B&O's I've seen people say the AKG has better vocal clarity which is important to me over the B&O's but the B&O's have better everything else. So I'm not quite sure it seems to be a very even split of people liking one over the other.
  12. After asking about it earlier and getting suggestions and dong some of my own looking I've honestly narrowed it down and have been decisive on three headphones so I'd like to get some feedback or suggestions. I mainly use headphones for videos, gaming, and music of a variety of genres so I don't think I need one thats heavy focused on one or another. I like vocal clarity as well but also like being able to hear the instruments and make them out. I'm upgrading from my currently breaking BeyerDynamic DT 770 80 Ohm headphones. The three I've found that seem to all be highly reccomended for this range are: K553 MKII Monolith M1060C V-MODA M-100 there's also possibly the B&O h6 if I can find them for sub 300 in not the weird tan color. If anyone knows anything about these three or have better suggestions I'd love to know!
  13. For what's basically 4 small screws and some plastic bits it's more than you'd probably want to pay I'd understand like $10 ranges for it but $30 seems excessive for pieces that can break so easily.
  14. That is true, I do remember seeing that these headphones could have literally like any part of it replaced or fixed other than the drivers. But it still might do good to get new ones, it's been a few years with these and there's just a lot of options so it's hard to decide. EDIT: Oh wow it'd cost $30 just to buy the parts to repair it.
  15. I see! Yeah the part that broke on my 770's were the plastic shell where the little thing that adjusts the headphones rests in.