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  1. It's nto a surprise that Micr9osoft is also investing in Audio as Sony's original claim for the PS5 was 3D and advanced audio. People can say it's "not needed" but having surround sound in a living room and have it be more optimized and clear for the people with those set ups or headphones is a good idea none the less. It's likely not a full fledged piece like a PC soundcard but an additional part of the motherboard inside to process audio more effeciently.
  2. "Fox didnt agree on an extension so its on them" The issue with this logic is that it's entirely based upon a lie. Roku claimed it was a carriage dispute but Fox was more than ready to renew any actual extension of agreement and to let them host their app. The issue was Roku decided to demand more money from Fox. The term "strike a deal" is used and that in the industry implies Roku is wanting greater compensation for hosting Fox's apps or they're wanting more compensation than they have been given and Fox noticed their timing and likely raise of cost to be too coincidental. The announcement was too sudden, there had likely not been any actual long term negotiation behind the scenes until that point. Likely Roku sending in a demand for more money and Fox refusal, once the refusal hit instead of negotiating Roku pulled in the consumers as leverage against Fox. Roku decided to use the big game that will air in 4K HDR for the first time ever to try and extort Fox hoping they'd be desperate enough to get that content out there to make money that they'd accept a deal. Fox was smart and refused the extortion and will likely take its apps elsewhere. This is entirely on Roku for trying to exploit a MASSIVE upcoming event for profit at the cost of the consumers. I can tell you right now it isn't a mistake or coincidence that this happened before one of the biggest money makers for Fox. Thing is it would be a massive money maker for Roku too due to ad space but they likely wanted to try and squeeze more out of Fox because of it being "the first 4k HDR super bowl". Negotiations on a deadline happen more often than not weeks in advance or at maximum a week in advance if a company believes it'll go by quick. NO ONE would wait until *days* before to try and negotiate and when refused go public about it. The timing isn't coincidental, it'd be *insane* of Roku to decide to demand negotiation THIS CLOSE to super bowl sunday. Fox likely has some blame as I'm sure thew broadcast will cause Roku's servers to be used HEAVILY but Roku should also already have a way to profit in ad space for it anyways and if not then it's on them for that. It's Roku wanting more money on a surely justifiable reason at a glance but it's them trying to offset costs onto the app provider which is still scummy to do in any industry where you already have an agreed or fixed rate. It'd be as if Steam decided that it'd pull all of the batman games from its store unless the publisher or developers paid them extra money to keep it there outside of an actual copyright dispute that tends to only happen to copyrighted games made by dead studios. It's an extortion method thats scummy for business and scummy for the consumer when something like this happens on such short sudden notice. If it was say two weeks maybe a week in a half at the earliest of an announcement then I doubt it'd be suspicious but the timing is just too damn coincidental to be a coincidence.
  3. So does this mean they intentionally held back on releasing this vBIOS at launch? I wonder if Nvidia hadn't priced their 2060 down so much if AMD would have bothered with it and left us with a GPU that was not even being properly utilized to its full extent.
  4. Its very possible this generation can end up the same price or cheaper than the 20x0 series. As IF rumors are true and they moved on to Samsung they wont have a massive market of competition driving up their Dies like with TMSC who markets to a lot of companies and rivals. It also depends on if they are willing to try and be competitive and learn from the mistakes that they made with the 20x0 series launch. I'm just hopinh this new architecture and such yields good improvement as for now there's just been no reason to upgrade from a 1080 ti in any capacity. RT still in infancy, even as cool as it is, and the very minor performance bump aint worth what they decided to charge. If the performance bump of this Ampere generation is just another small hip bump to the side then i doubt they'll see any real improvement in sales despite them discontinuing the 1080 ti series.
  5. I'm using an Nivida card, a GTX 1080 ti
  6. So today a "dead pixel" appeared on my monitor. The thing is however it moves around if I update m ydrivers or do anything that would in theory remove it. Restarting fixes it but it re appears a little later. It also shows up i nscreen shots which dead pixels do not do. I assume it's a virus, graphic card, or software issue of some sort. I'm just not sure which or what could be causing it. it just kinda randomly started with no warning while watching youtube. Any suggestions?
  7. They'll likely keep the disc drive, Sony did help invent the blu ray player after all. The cartridges would likely purely be storage for games and such. Which would likely mean you'd have to keep track of which one has the games data on it that you want to play if thats the case.
  8. I think microsoft will do 1 TB as they do have an understanding of what people on the market want and expect, Sony on the other hand with that whole "cartridge" patent that they did I think Sony's going to try and go the route of "Smaller drives that you can swap out any time" route to save on costs but also get people to buy more proprietary hardware from them.
  9. The new controller is slightly smaller than the current one. The tower design is likely amazing for airflow and cooling and extremely cheap to build to help keep costs down most likely. Doing somethign fancy with the design would have increased a lot of manufacturign costs and they want to aim this likely at the $450-$500 range at most.
  10. As the title suggests I'm looking for a chair as my current one is worn down to the wood inside literally. There's no padding left. I', looking for a chair that isn't stupidly crazy expensive and would prefer one that stays around $100-$150 but I know thats pretty dang low/cheap for a chair so if there's a *really* good chair for more I'l ldefinitely consider the options as long as it doesn't kill my bank. I don't want a gaming chair, they aren't very comfortable and are over priced. A good office chair most likely though I'd like recommendations on ones with backs that go up to the head and possibly recline or have a locking tilt mechanism so I can lay back and lounge to watch TV or play on a console when I'm not on my computer. My space is fairly small so having two different chairs wont really work out.
  11. Surprised no one's talking about the new TCL TVs

  12. They have 2 MORE games to annoucne over the next 2 days AND they have MORE at E3. I am excited!!
  13. After a few hours I can tell why someone fidn them comfortable, the headband doesn't have much if any rela padding and the pressure takes time to adjust too but I find the ear cups a good size and I am loving the sound quality.
  14. the headphones have arrived! It even comes with a pouch which people said it stopped shipping with so this must have been older stock of it neat. Oh my imedietly the audio quality is so much better! I can *feel* subtle drum beats the beyerdynamics didn't even PROCESS where there. Voices are clear and bass is boomy, way boomier than the 770's which i believe were even focused more on bass. Everything is clearer, probably not as clear as the MSR7's which apparently detail like everything but it's clear enough that it blends together and does a really nice job of it. There's something about them that does make the music pop more, the vibrations the bass, etc that really do make them more fun to listen too than the 770's. The 770's blends it together but it falls flat there's no oomph to it, no subtle vibrations in there, weak bass, while clear other instruments blend too much. The cups are smaller than i thought but they fit perfectly around my ears even with my glasses on and feel very comfortable so far. The stock cable is garbage small so it's a bit of an awkward angle to have it connected to my computer. All in all I've only used them a bit but I am IMMEDIATELY impressed by them, I aint no headphone nerd or super knowledgeable about all the terms but I can say it's a good significant step up from the 770's which i already thought were amazing.
  15. I see, I also ordered the v moda audio only cable as people have said the cable that it comes with isn't great and a replacement is better, the vmoda one people said is a tight fight but it fits and works well without audio static from rubbing together like other cable suggestions I've seen.