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  • CPU
    I7 3770k
  • Motherboard
    Asrock z77 Extreme 3
  • RAM
    16gb Patriot Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition 2133 (4x4)
  • GPU
    GTX Titan
  • Case
    Corsair 900D
  • Storage
    3TB, 2TB, 2TB, 500GB HDDs, 2x 120GB SSDs
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    3x Asus VN247H-P 24" thin bezel TN in surround
  • Cooling
    Antec kuhler 950
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow 2013
  • Mouse
    Logitech G600 White
  • Sound
    Sennheiser HD650s hooked to an Asus Xonar Essence STX
  • Operating System
    Win 7
  1. Started it over the weekend, ended up putting in about 50 hours over saturday, sunday, and monday, made it to mission 19 i think. This game is stupid amounts of fun. The options you have and the way everything unfolds differently every time, side missions or even free roam have yet to get old to me because i still have a million new ways i could go at it, and it's different every time. I've been going full nuclear mode for a while now and thats a lot of fun. Getting no alerts with nothing but explosives is a fun way to do missions.
  2. My google-fu has failed me on this one, and I don't really have any experience with touch screen machines Not my computer but apparently what happened is shortly after upgrading to windows 10 her touch screen on the laptop stopped acting like it normally would in browsers, with swipe scrolling and pinch zooming and such, instead just mimicking a mouse cursor. Tried it out and indeed it just puts a mouse cursor wherever you touch and none of the normal features seem to function. Is this a windows 10 issue or did she just accidentally disable something somewhere? Does anyone know of any features in the options that could disable or enable this?
  3. Persona 4 golden on the PS Vita, without a doubt. If we're talking pc titles only then dark age of camelot.
  4. Hoping someone on here has experience with this thing because I'm at a dead end here >_< My father picked up a bunch of new tech and I'm trying to get it set up as a surround system in his living room. Here's what we have. Samsung 65" LED TV. Not sure of model number, but brand new, super smart with all the bells and whistles. Samsung HW-H750 soundbar with wireless subwoofer. 2x Samsung M7 speakers. I'm trying to set them up as a surround system and i know its possible. The multiroom function on the TV has an option for surround as well as soundbar+surround. I have been able to connect all 3 speakers in a group on the multiroom mobile app, and they play music via wifi no problem, but grouping them and pushing something via aux or HDMI with the soundbar causes the M7s to lag behind about 200ms, so that's a no go. I'd like to do it through the TV functions and it seems like i should be able to, but here's my problem. The TV refuses to recognize my soundbar in the multiroom window. It has another option called TV soundconnect and it connects automatically to the soundbar no problem, plays fine just through that. But I can't seem to get it to show up in the multiroom window as an available device. Both of the M7s show up there and i can put them in a 2 speaker surround configuration via the TV. Even when i delete the soundbar from the soundconnect menu and tell it not to use the device i cant get it to show up. I'm hoping there's something I'm missing here and someone can point me in the right direction. One final note. I know theres some sort of hub you can get but i was hoping i wouldnt need it. Has anyone worked with it and do you think it would fix my problem quite simply?
  5. If we're talking about a soundtrack that fits the show, Madoka Magica movie 3 Rebellion takes it hands down. Have not heard anything that more perfectly fit every moment. As far as awesome standalone soundtracks go, my favorite would probably be Kill La Kill.
  6. I have a burning need to share this. For any Index/Railgun fans
  7. Consider it then I was told transformers was complete trash from multiple friends so i didnt bother to see it, cant really comment on it first hand. Apes was okay... GotG blows everything else out of the water. Best marvel movie I've seen so far. And thats saying something coming off movies like avengers and winter soldier.
  8. Have you considered Guardians of the galaxy? >_>
  9. Gotta go with maou-sama on this one. Surprisingly great. Was working on a sadao cosplay for anime north but didnt finish it in time Perhaps next year.
  10. When I'm researching/tweaking new d&d builds I usually end up with 30-40 tabs across 3 screens. People who have that many on a normal basis are probably insane though. My most recent character is a recreation of a character from the anime Symphogear in pathfinder. I'm quite happy with how it turned out
  11. NGNL was definitely my favorite from the spring lineup. Surprised how many people here hadn't seen it yet. REALLY hoping for a season 2.
  12. Not so much a purchase but I won an antec khuler 950 in a raffle at the end of a lan party this weekend. Replaced the stock cooler on my 3770. Finally happy with where my rig is for now. Although maybe 1 more hard drive to get above 10tb http://i.imgur.com/W9ALtGK.jpg
  13. Saw the first episode of argevollen. It's not bad it just felt... really generic. Watched it with a friend and the whole time i was sitting there saying "called it" "saw that coming" "oh look, i was right" I'll probably watch it throug but I wouldn't go calling it anything special yet. Edit - Also I'd like to get opinions from anyone whos watching it on the censoring in Tokyo Ghoul. Honestly after that second episode it's just too excessive for me. I'm putting it on hold until bluray releases roll around and fix it.
  14. Having recently finished joshiraku and absolutely loving it, along with my past enjoyment of things like k-on, lucky star and the like, I've come to the realization that im a big fan of the cute girls doing cute things genre. Anyone have any recommendations? Note im more looking for comedy that SoL
  15. Oh god. Decided to check out symphogear on a whim... It's so stupid but... I can't stop watching!