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  1. So basic idea is I want a setup where I can move the monitors around and into different orientation quickly and easily. But I need a macro or something similar to switch the displays to the correct orientation after I move them without going into the settings.
  2. gpu z i have second monitor set up nvidia is on performance mode and other modes dont make a difference
  3. yes pugged into the card i7 8700k 750 watt psu asus prime z370 p 2070 super
  4. So I have a new gigabyte 2070 super and it's stuck in idle mode constantly was sent back but they found no issues can't find out what's wrong
  5. Gigabyte. Thanks for the help very apretiated
  6. So I found the igpu setting and they're disabled I also did a bios update and still nothing. Could it be that my card is just a dud and I should get a refund ? It's constantly idle. I've got no idea of any other options. I also just found an abnormal buzzing from gpu when put on benchmark
  7. 750 watt yes, i cant find the intergrated graphics settings after quick scan i just ran mordau and seems to be consistant still idleing
  8. still idleing even after ddu could it be that its not getting enough power from psu?
  9. It says idle. Then it had a peak or something on pwr
  10. So playing the cod beta and you usage at 10% and the game has been crashing I78700k 2070 super Is it just the game or what could other problems be Drivers up to date
  11. so i have a varmilo key bored and i want the lighting switched off. but the page up and down keys will always stay on. i have gone through the manual but i cant seem to fix the problem please help.
  12. so my pc started to restart itself at completely random times never when gaming though. so i replaced the power supply and that seemed to fix. but now its started to do it again. i have also checked the ram as that was the next recommended cause as per google. wondering what to look for next. heat temps are fine to
  13. 200 $ budget. but should i go for a schiits modi 3 dac and will my Logitech Z623 2.1 go through the dac so i can use headphones in the speaker out. or is there a better solution witha dac amp setup. headphones are akg k7xx