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  1. I think you simply don't understand the concrete facts about how reactions work. At 240hz every frame displayed will be more up to date than if the refreshrate was 144hz so even if you can't see every frame it still is 100% fact that what you will have the advantage of seeing things faster than you would have otherwise allowing you to react faster. Now the real question is how much of a difference does it make? Well statistically speaking about 3ms faster so not a huge difference but still can be all the difference in those really important moments in game. Also as someone who has used a 144hz monitor and a 240hz monitor it really does make a difference in smoothness in really quick movements like playing tracer in overwatch. Much easier to do on a 240hz vs a 144hz because you are making alot of drastic movements and timing is so critical to be the difference between blinking at the right time to dodge things and recall at the right time when your health is low. On a 144hz monitor it feels like you are moving to fast to see properly where you are going with the type of movements I do on tracer while on a 240 I can see where I am going much easier. Granted this is going from 240hz to 144hz. When I orginally played on a 144hz I didn't play tracer as fast as I do now because I had to blink slower to actually see where I was going. I should also note that if you aren't moving around alot the difference is much harder to tell.
  2. As long as it does freesync over displayport nvidia cards should have no problem with using adaptive sync on freesync monitors.
  3. 1080p 144hz would be my choice for the 2060.
  4. Half upset I guess. On the one hand i would be out a bunch of money because my build cost about 2.5k total when I built it but I guess some prices have gone down. I live near a microcenter so I would just go a buy new parts and build a new desktop but I would probably opt for a cheaper graphics card as I don't play that many demanding games as of late and I could easily get away with less than a 2080ti especially seeing as the new line of nvidia cards will likely release some time this year.
  5. Honestly don't worry about it.
  6. Just looked at the price of the pc and I think that is fairly good for a prebuilt. You get a 1tb ssd which probably cost about 100 the CPU cost like 300 the gpu is around 500 the motherboard probably another 100 the case probably another 100 and the psu probably around 100 the windows license another 100. Some you can probably find for cheaper but this is a rough estimate and in the end you end up with the price they are selling it for so not bad to be in the ball park of what a custom build would be.
  7. No way I would go for the 9700k for 150 bucks more. Personally would take the 3700x over the 9700k even if they were priced the same if they want to do productivity. Also I don't the 9700k is going to age all that well due to its lack in hyperthreading. Anyways long story short I would definitely go for the 3700x.
  8. I wish I knew that building my first pc in my underwear to minimize electrostatic shock damage was a bit overkill.
  9. As long as it isn't extreme I wouldn't worry about it. Most of the time you are going to have some GPU sag and it's normal.
  10. Nobody buys the switch for its graphics. They buy it for the games and a nice portable device. The 32 GB is kinda crapy but you just have to buy more memory and considering its price I dont find it too unreasonable.
  11. Why not just get a second router at that point?
  12. If you can grab the regular 2060 for 300 ish that is what I would get as it has the special codec that does good quality streaming using gpu encoding and it is solid for 1080p gaming.
  13. B die is known to hit its rated speed on 1000 series cpus and 2000 series cpus but honestly if you are buying 3000 series I wouldn't bother trying to find a b die kit as memory issues aren't much of a thing for 3000 series ryzen.
  14. It's more than 20 dollars less if you buy a motherboard with it.
  15. QVL just means they have tested to validate it works together at advertised speeds and timings. Chances are that gskill tested the b450 motherboard and found that it worked but msi didn't test the ram on their motherboard. I would say you are going to be fine and don't worry about it too much. Worse case scenario it doesn't run at the exact speeds advertised and you have to run it a little slower but at that point it would likely be your cpus IMC that is holding you back in which case it doesn't matter what 3200mhz kit you get all of them will struggle to run at their rated speed. I would say that ryzen 3000 series have good IMCs in general and will generally run at rated ram speeds. Ryzen 1000 series have IMC issues and struggled hitting rates frequencies with most ram kits. Ryzen 2000 series were fairly good but still not as good as ryzen 3000 series.
  16. Literally always 180 at the local microcenter and today its actually selling for 170. Granted they sellout as well because of that and the motherboard bundle deals.
  17. Why do you not like running all 3 off the 5700xt? It's not like it will negatively impact performance in any noticeable way. Just a plain waste to buy an extra GPU to run 3 monitors. If you ran out of ports on a GPU because you were running like 5 to 6 monitors then I could understand but 3 is such a tiny amount.
  18. True but not everyone wants to go through that hassle and that still does not address the ram clearness issue.
  19. I would try to get a 240hz monitor at that budget if you are going for tn partially because they are of better quality than your cheap 144hz tn monitor.
  20. Probably ram clearance and I doubt they have a mounting bracket for their D15 that is compatible with AM4.
  21. Gta V is notorious for having horrible stuttering issues with cpus that lack hyperthreading so the cause if your issues is probably your i5.
  22. Driver issues can be fixed but when you are building your first pc I am unsure if trying to find out how to make your graphics card function correctly is what people are going to want to do. I mean if driver issues cause your graphics card to perform worse then what is the point of the 5700 being faster on paper when driver issues prevent you from getting that performance? This is just coming from someone who has dealt with the painful process of trying to get a card to work correctly after spending a long time building a new pc. It's honestly demoralizing and if you can't figure it out a way to fix it you're kinda screwed. I would say that while the 5700 might be faster I would still take 2060 over it simply because I know it will work out of the box.
  23. Honestly with all the driver issues with the rx 5700 and rx 5700 xt I wouldn't recommend it for new pc builders. Just way to much of a hassle go fix.
  24. PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor £197.98 @ Aria PC CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition 42 CFM CPU Cooler £29.99 @ Amazon UK Motherboard Asus PRIME Z390-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard £140.05 @ Amazon UK Memory Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory £68.98 @ Laptops Direct Storage Western Digital Blue 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive £88.98 @ Ebuyer Video Card MSI GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB GAMING Z Video Card £317.97 @ Amazon UK Case Corsair 200R ATX Mid Tower Case £54.99 @ Currys PC World Business Power Supply Corsair TXM Gold 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply £64.31 @ More Computers Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total £963.25 Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-01-23 20:23 GMT+0000