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  1. The 8400 would be better. Although I would probably have opted for a r5 2600 myself as it is a much better deal.
  2. Brooksie359

    Rtx 2060 or gtx 1070 ti? oof

    I would go with the cheaper of the two. The they are both good cards and should provide similar performance.
  3. Brooksie359

    Rtx 2060 or gtx 1070 ti? oof

    I would get the 2060 for sure. It's faster and has more features. Its asynchronous compute is much better as well.
  4. Brooksie359

    Cooling for the i9 9900K?

    Make sure you also buy a good z390 motherboard to use that 9900k with because the chip draws alot of power and can be quite harsh on lower end boards VRM so much so that it can severely cripple the performance of the CPU.
  5. Brooksie359

    frame skipping on the acer xf250q

    Are you certain your GPU supports DP 1.4? Other than that I am unsure why this would happen. I would make sure all types of vsync are off as well.
  6. Brooksie359

    frame skipping on the acer xf250q

    I was just wondering because sometimes people use an older display port cable and it has limited bandwidth not capable of 240hz.
  7. Brooksie359

    i7-9700K vs i9-9900K - Which Is Better For My Build?

    If you are spending almost 2k on a setup like that you might as well pay the extra 80 bucks. It's like 5% more expensive for a significant boost.
  8. Brooksie359

    New build no display?

    Does the CPU fan turn on?
  9. Brooksie359

    frame skipping on the acer xf250q

    Are you using the display port cable the monitor came with?
  10. Brooksie359

    low CPU and GPU usage in alot of games

    Yeah I think people don't realize this often enough. You will rarely see 100% usage on a CPU bottleneck because very few games can hit all cores at 100% load. Most games hit one or two cores super hard and then the rest to a lesser degree.
  11. Brooksie359

    New build no display?

    Honestly knowing how PC building usually goes it's probably something as simple as the monitor being set to the wrong input.
  12. Brooksie359

    Tax time upgrades...

    As someone who has gone from a 1070 to a 1080ti in the past I would say it is definitely a big step up in performance.
  13. Brooksie359

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    Yeah I haven't played those. For me both BF1 and BFV have really incredible HDR. The newest assassins creed also looks amazing with HDR and I had heard the origins was good as well. I really like the implementation in farcry5 but I will say it's a bit too bright because it actually feels like you are looking at the sun when you look at the sun in game granted I have a 1000 nit monitor. I tried shadow of war and I thought it was a good deal better than it without but it wasn't as night and day as it was with the others. Destiny 2 was similar with it looking noticeably better but it wasn't night and day for me. Overall HDR has been great for me and I really do hope that others can experience true HDR without having to pay 2000 dollars on a monitor but idk how long that will be.
  14. Brooksie359

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    It looks good if you have the proper monitor so the technology itself doesn't look bad it's just that most monitors don't display it properly or don't support it.
  15. Brooksie359

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    I didn't even think about if metro had HDR or not. Rtx plus HDR will be interesting because maybe it will make a more noticeable difference between rtx on vs rtx off. I was on the fence about getting it but I guess I will get it today. I was planning on playing anthem tonight but I guess I might have to change my plans. The one thing that makes me think HDR doesn't have an issue with few monitors supporting it is because a surprising amount of games support HDR even if not many monitors support it yet.