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  1. They said this is supposed to be a titan replacement and in the past the titan has been about 10% faster than the ti for about double the price but with more vram so this would be in line with that. Honestly I would just buy a 3080 and call it a day because the 3090 is looking like it is not worth the extra money unless you are a prosumer who needs the extra vram and or nvlink capabilities.
  2. I disagree with that. Microsoft has been releasing some of their games on steam and has said they plan to do so more in the future. I think they know they will make more money if they allow you to buy on either platform.
  3. Maybe not if you do ray tracing and high refreshrate depending on the game.
  4. They were according to Wikipedia. It was a joint venture between Apple and two other companies in 1990.
  5. I mean Australia generally has stuff more expensive but you also have to factor in tax in the US vs other countries that have tax included in the retail price.
  6. Vega 2 was a rebranded professional card and they didn't even make money off of it. That was the problem with vega was that they didn't make money off the cards because they were so expensive to produce.
  7. While that maybe true rdna was for gaming and not those applications. They have a professional line of graphics cards for a reason.
  8. You mean you can't justify the price. If the 3080 can run at 4k 144hz no problem even in games like cyberpunk 2077 then sure the 3090 probably isn't worth it to me but if it requires a 3090 to run at 4k 144hz then yeah I will pick it up and the cost is justified because it allows me to play at the resolution and framerates I desire.
  9. Honestly if you bought the 2080ti when it first came out you had top of the line performance for a whole two years. Is it the best value ever? No but if you care about value you aren't a flagship card buyer anyways and probably don't have a monitor that would require the 2080ti over a more reasonably priced gpu. I bought the 2080ti for my 4k 144hz monitor and it did its job beautifully and will likely be replaced by the 3090.
  10. I made it to masters in overwatch on 40 ms so the latency is just fine for gaming. I think the higher pings on the speed tests results might be a problem but if you can get 60 or below that is perfectly fine for gaming.
  11. I wouldn't do that. You would have crazy heating and cooling bills.
  12. And that is why English is know pretty much anywhere. Because it's such a fun language.
  13. I mean it's not really random. They are just doing a game bundle deal like most other companies have been doing for a long time including amd and nvidia.
  14. This makes no sense. If it was a logo that was similar to it I could understand but they look nothing alike. You don't lose the rights just because someone has another fruit based logo. That would be ridiculous.
  15. To be fair AMD has done promotional deals with free games with both their gpus and cpus alot longer than Intel and I am sure that for some people it will entice them if they were already planning on buying the game. Also for those who were already planning on buying the CPU it is also a nice bonus. I personally don't mind either company adding free games to products that I was planning on buying anyways.