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  1. Brooksie359

    £1500 New Build

    As someone who owns a 2700x I would have to disagree. It runs at a very reasonable temperature on the stock cooler. Also the 8700k doesn't even come with a stock cooler so yeah it would run hot without an after market cooler
  2. The quality if the imc does impact the maximum memory overclock but that isn't usually something that is binned for.
  3. Brooksie359

    Aorus GTX 1080ti and Nzxt g12 Troubleshooting

    No way you are pulling 850 watts not even close.
  4. Brooksie359

    GTX 960, 970, 1050Ti or 1060

    I would honestly get a rx 580 with how cheap they currently are. I would settle for anything less than a 1060/rx 580 performance or above if you have a 960. The 970 wouldn't be enough of an upgrade to warrant the cost tbh.
  5. Yeah that is always a problem with warranties. It's one of the reasons I usually buy stuff from microcenter and get a protection plan.
  6. None of them really had issues. There were just some cards that were faulty just like any other launch.
  7. Brooksie359

    Best budget SSD

    Used hard drives and ssds are generally not a great idea. Usually you do t save much and the diffrent issues you can have from buying used is just too many.
  8. Honestly they may just give you a 2080 if they can't find a 1080ti replacement.
  9. Brooksie359

    Best Budget AIO?

    Well that good to hear. I kinda figured the issue was something along those lines. The stock cooler is quite good on that cpu.
  10. Brooksie359

    Best Budget AIO?

    That sounds like a poorly installed cooler. Either the thermal paste is not doing it's job correctly for one reason or another or you don't have enough mount pressure.
  11. A trip to space or a fairly decent house. I think I would pick the house.
  12. Learn a programming language if you want to go into computer science. It will give you a good idea of you like it or not. Calculus and physics will give you a good idea of you are cut out for enginerring. Computer science requires mostly just math.
  13. Brooksie359

    1070 ti max overclock

    I would very much doubt that under load. If the gpu is only being partially utilized then I could see it. 59c is not reasonable at 100%.
  14. Brooksie359

    17in, 3lb, 19hr Laptop LG Gram

    Yeah the bars on the top and bottom never bothered me. It reminds me of watching widescreen movies.