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  1. Brooksie359

    Ryzen 1900X £383

    Seeing as the 2700x is cheaper I don't see the appeal unless you really need extra lanes and quad channel memory.
  2. Brooksie359

    PSU for 2080 ti

    Honestly I stopped trying to overclock the 2080ti because the thing is limited by it's max allowed power draw. Also don't do it because I already encountered issues at stock so until drivers are more mature and the initial issues are ironed out i am not going to mess with it. Also doesn't help that my first one was a dud so I am a bit worried about the stablity of these cards.
  3. Brooksie359

    RTX 2070 Reviews

    The hardware ocp article probably tricked them into thinking the embargo lift was then and not now. They thought it was late.
  4. Brooksie359

    why so many graphic card vendors

    Wait so did they fix the issue or not? Yeah having bad refurbished parts isn't the greatest but who knows what the cause was. Evga has a good reputation when it comes to customer support so it's surprising that this happens to you. That being said there are much worse horror stories of customer support from other companies.
  5. Brooksie359

    why so many graphic card vendors

    Probably just bad luck. Other companies it's hard to even get in contact with someone to get help if you get some help at all.
  6. Brooksie359

    why so many graphic card vendors

    Honestly evga is probably my personal favorite. They make some of the best quality cards and are known for having the best customer support.
  7. Brooksie359

    upgrade to ryzen, yay or nay?

    If you want an upgrade for the video card I would get a Vega 56 otherwise just keep your current gpu.
  8. Brooksie359

    upgrade to ryzen, yay or nay?

    Honestly I mostly play overwatch and the 2700x has served me well for that. Granted I do get bottlenecked around 240 fps but with better ran and overclocking past 4ghz I could probably fix that. Anyways it's a great cpu.
  9. Brooksie359

    BTC falls 5% and wipes out $13bn in a matter of minutes

    Yes but you also invest in good stocks in each respective industry. Also it was more a jab at cryptocurrency in general.
  10. Brooksie359

    What should i buy next?

    I have a computer at work that doesn't have an ssd. It is actually pretty fast once you get things going. For the most part once you get all the information needed into system memory the difference isn't as extreme as you think. Its not like the computer is slow it just diesnt feel that super fast you get from an ssd. I love having an ssd and do think it is basically a requirement when planning on a new build because of the benefits it has. That being said at least 8gb of ram would come first if budget was tight for a build. I mean if they had 8gb already instead of 4 then yeah I would get the ssd because you don't need 16 you just need more than 4.
  11. Brooksie359

    What should i buy next?

    He is having page filing issues even though he only plays csgo so yeah I keep bring it up. Being able to have more than one thing open at once is much more important that an ssd. I have family members who had laptops with 4gb of ram and even with have only one thing open it still used all 4gb so yeah I would say it's an issue even if they are just playing csgo. You are prioritising something that isn't all that important. It's nice to have in a build and would say if you had 8gb or ram then an ssd would be a better choice vs upgrading to 16 but that's not the case. Anyways the entire issue comes down to you trying to force the ssd idea to work when the ram upgrade simply makes sense from the start. They also said they want to play randbow 6 later as well and the sad won't do anything to help them do that. It's the last thing that they need as it is a nice thing to have but not nessisary. Having a certain amount of ram and a powerful enough gpu are nesisarry to run certain games. If they had a hierarchy of needs for computers, ram would be much higher in the list than an ssd. They need the ram.
  12. Brooksie359

    What should i buy next?

    An ssd doesn't do jack if you are page filing. Will it help a little bit? Yeah but not nearly as much as more ram would. It's the most important out of the 3 upgrades and ssd is the last thing to get as it only is a nice thing to have and not a need. After Windows is open and running the extra snappyness is a nice thing to have but not nessisary and it won't fix the page filing issue. The machine will feel much smoother when it isn't page filing and you can also use the thing without worrying about going over the 4gb threshold which honestly is almost a given even when only running one application at a time.
  13. Brooksie359


    For assassins creed Odyssey the gpu gets hammered really hard so the cpu won't likely bottleneck it since it already can't output that many frames.
  14. Brooksie359

    What should i buy next?

    Windows alone uses alot of ram 4 is just not enough. I mean not having to worry about having to page file is much more important that an ssd. An ssd is nice but that is exactly why it's the last on the list. It's nice to have but not really a necessity. Having more than 4gb of ram is necessity at this point as having Windows running with just chrome open and a couple of tabs would go over that amount. They complained that their hard drive was always at 100% usage which is likely because the damn thing is constantly page filing because it can't store all the information nessisary in the ram. He even said his ram is always at 100% usage right in the post as well. I am sorry but your advice is bad to put it nicely.