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  1. so im building a new pc and i wanna know if i buy 2x4gb ram, will that be a total of 8gb dual channel?
  2. hey guys, so i just updated my gpu's drivers and now i'm getting frame dips and getting aroud 30-35 fps in fortnite. before i updated the drivers fortnite had no issues what so ever and i would play the game at 60 fps. this is only happening in fortnite , i played other games and they were completely fine. please help. specs: gtx 750ti 8gb ram amd fx 4300 @ 3.8ghz
  3. well my win is on C drive and i'm currently moving all my stuff to D and F. and i'm gonna format only C. Will that work? i don't really know, i miss the old win 7 i guess. and i also keep getting the blue screen crash
  4. like an external hard drive? cause i don't have one
  5. Hello, how can i switch from win 10 back to win 7 without losing my origin games, epic games, pictures, programs, folders, etc...?
  6. oh the hyper 212 evo is very good cpu cooler too if you're looking to upgrade
  7. haha lol man the stock cooler is very bad
  8. ok i'll try that but m a bit worried cause i dont wanna go near the tj temp
  9. well if its my cpu holding it back it should use at least 40% of its usage so im not sure.
  10. Hello, so when i'm playing bf1 conquest i'll e getting 35-60 fps but after 15 min my gpu usage goes down from 60-80 to 15-30 also i know that this game is a bit overkill for my cpu which goes upto 100% usage at 60C and tj temp is 70C so please help me solve this. Oh, also when im playing bo2 my gpu still doesn't go more than 30%usage i tried maxing out the settings to give more work for my gpu to do but it changed nothing so please help. Specs: FX 4300 @3.8GHZ GTX 750TI ASrock 960GM-VGS 3 350w power supply from delta elec.
  11. hi guys, when im playing a game my fps is 60 then drops to the 20s and stays there please help. specs: FX 4300@3.8ghz GTX 750TI 8GB RAM ASROCK 960GM-VGS3
  12. i tried to run titanfall 2 and bf1 and m getting very low framerate because sometimes i play for 2h and get 35-60 fps