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  1. Yes fail on both, Steam is also very slow.
  2. No, i put foot in ass of Gaben whenever i see him next.
  3. Your purchase has not been completed. The payment processor has reported a problem with the funding source associated with your account. Please select a different payment method or update your funding source with PayPal and try again. I have money in Steam wallet and Paypal to cover purchase, why you no works?
  4. Well thank you for your posts, i liked reading them. I will leave my thread now since some others don't like negative opinions about games, you are all welcome to post what you like.
  5. He was sniper class and 2 shot me with a pistol, i had a SMG and was like 3 foot away from him, i unloaded everything, there was almost no gap between hit markers.
  6. Opposite i try to jump over a curb sized object.. got completely stuck... dead. Put an entire ammo bag full in an enemy, kills me with 50HP remaining... Caps flags, team is sat in base sniping.
  7. Yeah, i gave my points then people can't handle it. Dice perfect, never make a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!! wow.
  8. If it works keep it, keep an eye on it's tmperatures, over 40c can be risky.
  9. Ok, you are entitled to your opinion, i'm a moron who saved 60 bucks.
  10. Lot's of people like bad games and that is ok.
  11. I used up to 14GB in a 10 match spree... that's laughable.
  12. People like you? There is term used for people like youself. Up their own ass.
  13. Regurgitate more and tell us all how amazing your PC is and quote the PCMR subreddit.
  14. I suspect similar fate to HL.
  15. Is ok this flop harder than no mans game will, so many people hate this game.
  16. Processors don't lose speed, they don't have a shelf life.. they are not food.
  17. http://atmedia.imgix.net/6a4262117caaca4eb18a5313c56934af5882e57a?w=1500&fit=clamp
  18. 14GB ram usage when i play 1440P.
  19. Yeah i had to Google what this mean now i know.
  20. Tell us all how amazing your computer is also please link us to PCMR.
  21. I not want realism i want functional game, something players these days not care about, weird fuckers.