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  1. The LED on my kraken x62 is stuck in a certain color like for example; red, cyan sometimes it goes to white but most of the time its not working. All I see its just black and no color or rgb I want. It's suppose to work without CAM software. After I installed CAM software and drivers, nofthing changed... I'm concerned that my kraken x62 is broken-ish, the pump, fans and water is flowing nofthing wrong with that. its just the LED that bothers me... Help would be appreciated alot! Thank you in advance.
  2. Ok im 100% sure it's my cpu cooler kraken x62. I have done everything possible I could...I still have warranty...i really think its just the LED not showing up yesterday they were kinda dying because the LED light did not spin just stuck there... water is pumping and everything else of the kraken is working
  3. I installed the CAM software, update the firmware of cam software. Checking in the box for the RGB to show lights. nofthing is working. I am currently going to update my BIOS version and what drivers.
  4. Specs: Asus rog maximus XI Hero Asus RTX 2070 2x8GB RAM of G.skill trident Z CPU i7 9700k I have this problem with my kraken x62 since yesterday. I haven't used my computer from June the 23rd to July the 21th. However I am using the Aura software for my lightings and never had problem with my kraken or whatsoever. its suppose to work without using CAM software from Nzxt. I tried to unplug all the cables, checking for problems and plugging back in again. Found no problems. (see attachments) Another minor thing, my motherboard is staying on static red light. (see attachments) All other RGB components work fine as intended. Anyone know what I need to do? I could send the cooler back for a new one if thats easier to fix it. Thank you in advance.
  5. @jstudrawa I replaced my RTX 2070 Asus, with my 3 year old GTX 960 from Gigabyte. I am so happy, that I know the GTX 960 is working well (ofc lower fps but it doesn't freeze the game or crashes) I am now 1000% sure my RTX 2070 is faulty one and should be send for RMA A.S.A.P i guess. Glad I had a spare part to test.
  6. I will surely do! Oh another thing, when I fill in the Serial Number of the gpu product on the Asus global website it works fine, but that's not where I belong on the US/Canadian version. I found eu/nl version of it, the Serial Number doesn't work it says: Incorrect SN..I filled it excatly 3 times or so...hmm really frustrating. I think calling the Dutch Asus is the way to go for me.
  7. Thank you so much for everything! I will do it tomorrow or saturday, since thats when I have time to call.
  8. Mabye dumb question but, my product manufacturer is:ASUStek COMPUTER INC (made in china) but I should be calling ASUS in my country or the the global one?
  9. I live in the Netherlands/Europe, the link you gave me I can use it? I though its for customers who bought it in Canada/America and the manufacturers itself aswell. I guess its okay for me
  10. Things you mention are good options, and let me respond to that accordingly, - No I haven't reinstalled the GPU drivers (how do I delete the gpu drivers? And then just install them from nvidia geforce experience?) - There is no new patch coming out at the moment for Total warhammer 1 and 2 and COD4 (issues on 3 of those games) I have not tried game like, heroes of the storm, dota yet. But the point is..it should be fine on all games, why those 3? - I have installed the newest windows update and drivers for my GPU. - Reseated the GPU a couple of times and reseated the RAM sticks, and also changing to different slots, nofthing helped. And put the RAM back into the recommended config. - I think I have reinstalled windows (when I set back to factory reset as last resort, and did not helped) - The screen doesn't looks like what's in the picture when I play Call of Duty 4, it just completely freeze everytime I start up after 1 min it happends. It also freezes and have bugged out graphics like in the picture on Total warhammer 1 and Total warhammer 2 (thats 2 games) and they both freezes. - My psu is an: Corsair RMx white series RM750x (750W) 80 plus gold 100-240V I honestly, getting really tired and don't know what else to, because I'm pretty sure it's an hardware problem, and the GPU is the faulty one... since I have isolated the problems and check most of the options I had..
  11. Okay thank you! But I'm no pc professional, do you think I have to RMA my gpu? I bought it on December the 26th 2018. And I have this graphical issue starting from yesterday...
  12. This is one of the example I have when I run this game: (when I close the game and start up it always go like this, and the game freezes only task manager responds, but not always fast enough) I feel like I have to RMA my GPU...how do I do this? I bought all pc parts togheter in one go, from a Dutch website, Azerty.nl Any help would be amazing. And the game is to look like this: Example B: A: B: I can't just play one of my favorite games anymore... My spec is: i7 9700k 3.6 GHz 8 cores, 8 threads NZXT kraken x62 cpu cooler G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 16GB (2x8gb) dual channel mode M.2 SSD samsung 970 evo (m.2 2280) WD black HDD 2TB (WD2003FZEX) Asus ROG STRIX RTX 2070-O8G-Gaming GDDR6 Nzxt H500 Corsair RMx white series RM750x power supply Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero (z390)
  13. the new bios version file looks like this, drag the file into an empty usb stick? I should put it somehow on a USB stick? and then restart and go into bios?
  14. I have a download the new file (my current old bios is version 0502) the new one is 0702, But it's a winrar file when I open it, I get this:
  15. I have been stressing about my BSOD over couple of days....so it does really fix all of my problems and probally for gaming too I guess..since Its crashing/freezing..I would look up how to properly update my bios, do u have any suggestions?
  16. There is actually no specific reason, I was wondering why I get blue screens of death, when I'm trying to run my computer with XMP turned off... I really wonder if I need to update my Bios/Motherboard I need some help...
  17. When I'm starting my pc and go into my bios settings, disabling XMP profile and reboot, my pc gives all kinds of different BSOD (Blue screen of death) errors, the commonly one is: - WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" - DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (I did system factory reset, run a virus scan program to check, checking the command prompt etc) Nofthing solve the issue so far... - I have an Asus ROG Maximus XI Z390 motherboard (at December, 2018) I haven't installed the BIOS 0602 for my current Bios/Mobo yet..mabye it will fix all my problems? And how do I install it? I'm afraid to ruin something else or system... ? Another note is, when I have XMP enabled, I get no BSOD or any problem whatsoever...do I have to update my Bios? I really don't know what else might be wrong in the normal settings... Need some help please Thank you in advance,
  18. Just did a complete system recovery and now we have to see it
  19. idk either but its minor sound not something loud and it doesnt last long.. but you have any solution for my freezing problem? And a screenshot of my game that really looks odd..?
  20. Just those 2 games....the game is suppose to look like this for Total warhammer II: (see link) And not in my previous post...oh also my HDD makes some noises yeh some grindy-ish/scratching sound..is it suppose to be like that? And my COD4 it just completely freezes after its done loading. I have to open my task manager everytime to shut it down and find a solution..but i'm clueless Why you upset about that motherboard?
  21. My specs: i7 9700k 3.6 GHz 8 cores, 8 threads NZXT kraken x62 cpu coolerG.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 16GB (2x8gb) dual channel modeM.2 SSD samsung 970 evo (m.2 2280)WD black HDD 2TB (WD2003FZEX)Asus ROG STRIX RTX 2070-O8G-Gaming GDDR6Nzxt H500Corsair RMx white series RM750x power supplyAsus ROG Maximus XI Hero (z390)When I'm playing the game, it just freezes or sometimes it just continue but most of the time its just freezes. Also when I am playing COD4 blackout games, my games completely freezes same as Total warhammer II. I just cannot play games normally...I know for sure my rig is powerfull enough for anything. What can I do? It's so frustrating Here is a screenshot of Total Warhammer II issue:https://imgur.com/a/8hhBwTCAnd for the COD4 game is just completely not responding, only taskmanager responds...
  22. Hmmmm though choices, I mostly play Moba games, Black Ops, Battlefield 4 and uhm WoW/Guild Wars 2 And some other MMO's and MMORPG's. I think 1440p and 60hz with G-Sync is nice but yet again I want to have the feel that having higher fps is an improvement for me. Something between 80-120 fps is perfectly fine for me so I don't have to go SLI. Or just wait for a single card.
  23. Will the 1070 and 1080 one single gpu enough for that? My i5 4460 is not enough? I could always upgrade those 2 but. I think I made a choice to go for 1440p 60hz, it looks much better than 1080p with 60hz anyways. Thanks
  24. Alright, im leaning more towards 144hz 1440p, or 60hz 1440p. Both looks so much nicer anyways from the monitor im using its gonna be a tough choice but thanks:D
  25. Nice! I didn't know I could get an 1070! But if I would get 1070 or 1080 gtx...does that mean...do I have to change CPU? And what else more? Thank you