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    I7 4770K@4.1Ghz
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    Asus z87-pro
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    16GB corsair vengeance lp 2133Mhz
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    MSI GTX980 gaming
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    CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced USB3
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    Samsung 840pro 120GB to boot,Samsung 850evo 500GB apps and programs, 2TB WD black for games, 5TB WD black for recording and projects
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    Corsair AX860
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    Dell p2314H, Acer B296CL, Dell 2312HM
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    Scythe SCMG-3PCGH Mugen 3 Rev.B PCGH
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    logitech g910 orion spark
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    logitech g502
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    Senheizer HD600
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    windows7 pro
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    Somewhere in Belgium
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    gaming, music, technologie in general, cycling, watching people work on cars for some odd reason, learning new stuff.

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  1. So a series that was originaly known for its campaigns but then forgot how to create a decent story is going to ditch the campaign all together for a big FFA/multi team death match. Shame to see this happening but i wonder how they are going to do this with the BO3 movement system.
  2. Do I take the job?

    Good question, if i didn't have a job i would say atleast enough for rent/morgage , any returing bills, my hobby's to keep me happy and roughly 700-1000 to save each month after that and i would be looking for an other job that i enjoy after hours(so roughly 2800 netto each month). But in my current situation where i make less (than the above number) but still enough to pay the bills, can save a few hundred a month, do my hobby's on a regular basis and enjoy my job i would not go unless they offered me atleast 1000 netto extra each over my current possition. I truely believe that a job that you love and can live off comfortably (even if it is at a lower pay) is better than a job you are not intrested in but has a slightly better pay. just my 2 cents.
  3. Do I take the job?

    I would stay with the job i like more over a payraise of "a little more " but less enjoyment from the job.
  4. Ryzen Price Drops

    its one of the apu's.
  5. I'm getting a small SSD just for windows 10

    I recomend atleast 120 gig since (atleast where i live) the 60 gig ssd's cost maybe 5-10% , a 60-64 gig ssd should currently suffice if you justhave windows 10 on it though.
  6. RAM majorly underperforming

    glad that i could be of help.
  7. RAM majorly underperforming

    did you put the ram in the correct slots(slot a2 and b2) if not try that
  8. Do I need SQL Server?

    Sql isnt important for day to day regular windows use so you can safely delete it, or leave it just in case you ever need it again.
  9. BIOS update needed?

    the i7 4770 should work out of the box, the i7 4790 on the other hand would probably require a bios update
  10. the only reason i sometimes use bing is to find specific kinds of adult content faster without having to scroll anti adult content related websites.
  11. Ultrawide 1080p monitor

    I have an acer b296cl, it is a good monitor for non twitchy games in my experience and the collors on mine are realy good aswell(a rather good ips panel) , it is easely outmatched by any 1 ms latency monitor in twitch-shooters or latency depending games though. Also where i live(northern Belgium)they go for anything between 250 to 400 euros(way under your bugdet), and it has all the possible ergonomics and takes anything from dvi to display port to hdmi. In my opinion it is one of the best around if you want to stay under 400 (or even 300 if you look around for a bit) and collors are rather important to you but are able to afford the higher latency. Also just so you know my gtx 980 hasn't had any struggles with any games(exept fo4 but that is just the game) at very high or ultra settings and staying at or over 60 fps.
  12. WHY AND HOW do people drop there phones ? REALLY

    only time i dropped my phone by accident was when i bumped it of the table next to my bed, for the rest i don't realy care for my phone since it is just a classic mobile phone and i tend to trow it on tables and such when i want it out of my pockets
  13. Will the WAN show be on time?

    knowing their wonderfull trackrecord, (i only know them beeing on time once) i would make a good educated guesse and say no.
  14. i know, its a lot of storage for some of those movies and series but the quality is realy worth it imo.
  15. i know it sounds like a lot but in my defence i have a lot of uncompressed 1080p movies and series that i bought on dvd, blueray and vhs in the past , also i used to do a fair bit of youtube gameplayrecordings back then and decided to ''futureproof'' just in case. i ''only'' payed around 600 euro for all that storage in total if you want to know