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  1. I am looking to build a NAS using Unraid to run Plex and a Windows 10 VM for Steam Link/In-home-streaming. I have a main gaming PC but my family wants to play games on their laptops/phones occasionally. Setting up a gaming VM seems like a good solution and/or fun project. The 2.5 drive cage will be added later on, once I need additional drive space. I have left storage drives left off the list because I plan to shuck external drives as they go on sale over time. My main questions are related to the LSI raid card. I have done a bit of research and it seems that this plays well with Unraid but I am new to this kind of hardware. Will the NH-U12 be enough cooling for the Ryzen 7 effectively? Also, is there a better value GPU besides the GT710? It will only be needed for the Unraid GUI so it doesn't need to be super powerful. PCPartPicker link https://pcpartpicker.com/user/blgraves94/saved/KQyK8d Ryzen 7 2700 16GB DDR4 (more to be added as needed) NH-U12S AM4 XRX RX480 (left over from upgrading my gaming PC) GT 710 (for the Unraid GUI) 650W Semi-Modular PSU Samsung 860 PRO SSD (for cache) LSI 9211-8I HBA/RAID Card Mini SAS to SATA cables CS380B Case
  2. Thanks, I didn't think of it. That'd shave off $30ish plus it'd be a new project learning Linux.
  3. I was planning on transferring new episodes our (mostly HER) favorite shows to her place with a flash drive or my laptop. I am sadly not, 8 months away.
  4. My cap is 1TB with Comcast, without streaming from my server I use close to 750GB. Unlimited is extra $50/month (I think). I don't really feel like upgrading that much because a small server should payoff after year. Plus local playback should generally be higher quality.
  5. Hello, I am looking at building a low-cost, small plex server to cheap at my girlfriend's place, streaming from my server is eating through my data cap. The mini-stx systems look like they might fill my needs. I was wondering if anyone had experience with these compared to Intel NUCs. I can see the STX being better because I can upgrade the CPU and cooling if need further down the road. As well as using a hybrid drive, Firecuda 2TB 2.5" as the only drive. I know SSD/HHD combo will give the greatest performance, however, the system will be accessed over wifi so the extra cost ($50 for a small SSD) doesn't seem to offer much benefit. Would the 8GB of NAND in thee FIrecuda be enough to run PMS and the OS at a reasonable speed? Parts list is linked below, Note: I pick a low-cost Pentium because this server will do very little to none transcoding. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/blgraves94/saved/xbbLD3
  6. None take. I posted this to get all your ideas on this topic. You were correct, they did seem to use census data for the study. As many of you have pointed out, it seems to be a decrease in employment leads to an increase in gaming. Here is a link to the actual paper. At the time of OP I couldn't find the study not behind a paywall. http://eml.berkeley.edu//~webfac/card/draftberkeleyhurst.pdf
  7. I really like your conclusion. Do you think this study will de-legitimize the video game industry and gaming in general?
  8. The Economist posted a story about a study linking Male Unemployment and Video Games. What do you guys think of this? Do you think it paints gamers with a broad brush? It seems to ignore the rise of jobs created by video gaming, from YouTubers like LTT to Pro Gamers. https://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2017/03/economist-explains-24 https://www.1843magazine.com/features/escape-to-another-world
  9. I got it fixed. I searched for issues with my card at the exact framerate I was getting and found a Reddit post saying to change the Display Adapter Properties to 60Hz instead of 75Hz. After doing that, I am hitting 60FPS on Ultra with low on Godrays. It will drop to 40s in busy scenes but that beats the 38 MAX I was having.
  10. I reinstalled, turned off Godrays, forced tessellation off in Wattman. Still, no changed. Even dropping to 800x450, still 38FPS.
  11. Is it worth it to reinstall the game and start with a clean slate?
  12. I understand that, however, I noticed only 5FPS difference between low and ultra settings.
  13. All my drivers are the latest. No mods, no add-ons, just "stock"
  14. I am having REALLY bad performance issues with Fallout 4 and I don't understand why. I get 38 FPS no matter what my settings are at 1080p, low or ultra doesn't make a difference. I do not have the high texture pack installed. My monitor is an LG Ultrawide with Freesync at 75hz max. Everything is up to date. I have an I5-6600K at 4.4Ghz and an RX 480 8gb with 16GB ram running the game off my SSD. Is there some issue that I am missing?
  15. 4 clients, 5 max. I also convert and optimise my media on a regular basis to download to my tablet or phone so I don't have to stream when outside my network. (my upload speeds are AWFUL)