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  1. I'm honestly fine for anything. I'm not all that bothered about it not running it at full speed. It's more of it it freezes and crashes.
  2. About £500 I'm not really bothered about the weight or size and as long as the battery isn't like an open tap it should be ok.
  3. Yeah I'm fine with second hand but I'm UK so let's say around $500-$600
  4. I am a game design student and I'm interested in the idea of getting a cheap laptop that I can still work on for whenever I can't get to my pc. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Oni-Chan

    Wont Boot to ssd

    Ok so now it seems to have sorted its self out.
  6. Oni-Chan

    Wont Boot to ssd

    at first i did but hen i re formatted the hdd.
  7. Oni-Chan

    Not finding Corsair h115i fans

    Is there any way which i can find out which of those it is? Right now i have connected the radiator fans to the mother board to get control of them but that is not ideal.
  8. Oni-Chan

    Wont Boot to ssd

    No it wasn't pre installed. I have a Samsung evo 500gb ssd and a WD 1tb Hdd. They were not in a combo i used the windows tool to make a windows 10 install on a flash drive.
  9. Oni-Chan

    Wont Boot to ssd

    Yeah i have saved the settings, Yeah i have it installed because when i go through the bios and manually boot the ssd it boots up windows.
  10. Oni-Chan

    Wont Boot to ssd

    Hello I have just bought a new pc and after going through the bios and changed the boot device to the ssd i will turn the pc off and turn it back on and it will ask me to go through the bios again.
  11. Oni-Chan

    Not finding Corsair h115i fans

    I have it all connected in but the cooler its self isn't showing in link.
  12. Oni-Chan

    Not finding Corsair h115i fans

    No it doesn't.
  13. Oni-Chan

    Not finding Corsair h115i fans

    Yeah they are connected to the splitter that came with the cooler. and then the cooler is connected to cpu_fan
  14. Hello I have just built up my pc and am having a couple of issues with my cooler. The fans are spinning incredibally fast and going into ai suite i can not find them but i can find the other in the case that are not connected to the rad. I dont know what to do.