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  1. The phanteks one was perfect for my build, thanks!
  2. I think that may be what I resort too... was just trying to save my old case 'just in case (excuse the pun).
  3. I don't think you realised what I meant... I'm building in a desk, not putting a tower in a desk.
  4. Hi, I'm building my pc into a desk and am trying but failing to find mounting brackets for 5.25" drive bays. Do such things exist!? If so, where can I buy in the UK? Thanks
  5. My Grandads laptop is reaching the end of its days and am looking for something to replace it. He pretty much only uses Skype nowadays so a tablet would be fine for him. Does anyone have a suggestions for a tablet that has a reasonable front camera, a large screen (10 inch +) and decent enough specs for a buttery smooth Skype call? Thanks
  6. Had a quick look at the website... doesn't look like what I need unfortunately. I should say this is aimed at uni students and is only to record attendance, no grades are needed and our events are free too. How do attendances get added and are students able to log in and see them?
  7. Hi all, I am looking for online software to track attendance for student society I help to run. It needs to be able to: 1. Allow students to log in and see their attendances, and to be able to print this (ideally in a custom, personalised, document) for personal portfolios. 2. Allow new events to be added easily 3. Have an easy way to add attendances and have them linked to the students own account 4. Allow for feedback forms to be created for each event I know this seems like some quite specific things, but it is what we have had in the past in the form of a custom created app (written in Ruby). This has stopped working and I do not have the time to learn how to fix it, and the original creator is no longer available. Any help/ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks
  8. I am hoping there is an app that exists that someone knows about which can do this. If not, I'll learn ruby to fix what we have, just trying to save me some time. If there are any pointers about learning ruby that would be great!
  9. So I am looking for some software to be able to give out certificates online. This is so I can give out certificates for attendance. I would like attendees to be able to log on with an ID number, fill in a feedback form and then be able to download a pdf certificate. It would need to have a way to add attendances for different events over time. I inherited control of a ruby based system which does this, which was fine until it crashed. I am faced with either learning ruby or finding something easier. Any help much appreciated!
  10. So my Lenovo laptop was dying, with boot times anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour. When the inevitable happened and it wouldn't turn on at all I decided I would attempt my first pc build. I have no previous experience but spent what I thought to be sufficient time researching and reading/watching tutorials (discovering LTT came after the build!). I used pc part picker to gather a list of parts which where: AMD FX9590 Arctic Freezer 7 Pro ASRock 990FX Extreme 9 ATX 4x Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8gb DDR3 MSI Radeon R9 390 EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 80+ Platinum Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme Mid Tower Samsung 850 Evo-series 250GB SSD Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD So, at the time I was aware of some poor choices: The power supply is much more powerful than I need, however I wanted to make it future proof. I now know this is probably more powerful than I will ever need but at least I won't be down on power! Did I say choices? That's about the only thing I thought was awry but since putting it all together and loving it I have become ever increasingly interested in building rather than just using! So, I now also know: The AMD FX9590 is not that good for gaming. The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro was not nearly enough to cool the CPU adequately. I have already addressed the cooling and switched out the cooler for a Corsair H80i V2 with massive improvements. A couple of pictures are below before and after the cooler swap. So, I want some input please! This is my 1st build. I want to learn. Let me know all about my stupid decisions and what I should do better in future. Pre cooler swap After cooler swap What I think to be some semi-reasonable cable management