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  1. This is the coolest projector I've ever seen! The styling of it looks simple yet shows it's a high quality product. Could have so many uses for this in my new planned media room! Would love the chance to win one! Good luck to everyone and hope to win
  2. It's either that or a PowerMac G5 Was just wondering because I picked up a Mac Pro and a Powermac G5, but the motherboard in one of them is definitely not standard sized. I'm just wondering if he was able to get the front panel hooked up and working because that's the only thing that stopped me from trying it
  3. @bomerr How did you get it to fit in a Mac Pro/G5 case? What mods did you have to do? Does the front panel work?
  4. Assetto Corsa is a great game! I've not played it too much but I've had fun with it when I have. I picked up a Logitech G27 on sale and it's definitely fun, even if just to experience a fast car on a drag strip.
  5. This for sure. If you can find a retro games store, you can probably find a copy of Madden or a similar sports game for <$5. Probably even $0.99 if they have a huge stock of them.
  6. It was doing it with games that I didn't even optimize which is why I was confused. I found it! It's under "Manage 3D settings > Global Settings" and then there was a DSR dropdown menu that was set to "4x native resolution" so I unchecked it and now the option to load in 4k is gone! THANK YOU SO MUCH It was getting really annoying lol
  7. So the gtx 970 (and 980 only i think) have features where you can choose to render your games in 4k on a 1080p monitor. I tried this with one game and now it's been doing it with all of my games. I would like to disable it permanently so I do not have them rendering in 4K constantly, as I don't really need to. It messes up my steam community size, etc. Thank you
  8. This looks like it might be too big, not sure. I looked and they don't look too slim. It basically needs to be no bigger than a few mm or something out from the actual 3.5 jack Yeah it's just I needed to find a really slim one. Turns out I don't actually need one for my car though, didn't realize I could play audio over bluetooth on this one.
  9. Hi guys, I have an iPhone 6 and I put a lifeproof case on it. The lifeproof case is designed to obviously be water-resistant/proof so it's got very small plug holes. Due to this, only the official apple charging cables (or cables built to the same width) and official apple 3.5mm headphones (like the ones that come with your phone, or a cable built to the same width) will fit into the ports. They do make a headphone extender for the lifeproof case where you can use any size cord but I am not good at keeping things like that secure so I would not be able to use it efficiently. I'm looking for a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male so I can use my phone to hook up to car radios and stuff. I tried googling it but I cannot seem to find one that is good quality (as in won't break in 2 days) and is slim enough. Does anyone know of a cable I could buy or have a recommendation? So far, I've tried finding one online (briefly I'll admit) and went to Best Buy asking for a cable that was slim, their slimmest cable would not fit (it was still pretty large) Thank you Edit: This is the only cable I've found but it appears that it's build quality isn't the best for the price: http://www.amazon.com/ConnectOne-Auxiliary-LifeProof-Compatible-iPhone/dp/B00GG5EYUU/ref=pd_sxp_f_pt Edit 2: Found out that I could play sound via bluetooth through my radio instead of just using that for a hands-free device. Thanks for all of your help
  10. I really liked this video as it's "different" since it's showing something I don't see too many people doing. I currently use the "Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat" (http://www.amazon.com/Glorious-Extended-White-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B00NOCZB78/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1428393361&sr=8-4&keywords=glorious+pc+gaming+race but mine is black) since it was on sale. It replaced my Corsair Vengeance Extended MM200. The only thing I can complain about it so far is that part of it hangs off the usable surface of my desk as I have a very weirdly proportioned desk. I play CS:GO a lot with it and am able to stop when I want, so that's really nice
  11. Yeah I was just thinking I'm not entirely sure if it would even show up properly on the video. Basically, I didn't see a difference between the 2 running CS:GO at max settings with no motion blur on in the game menu. If anything, I'd probably recommend using G-Sync over ULMB.
  12. Sorry for the quality, I can never really get it right. These 2 clips are filmed with Shadowplay and same settings used in movie maker, you could probably slow it down if you wanted via youtube settings. I don't really see any difference, but I do play CS:GO without any motion blur.
  13. If you really only want to play Minecraft and CSGO then the 650 TI might be able to hold out, you'd might have to lower settings a bit on CSGO to play at 144hz 1440p. If you want to upgrade your GPU, I'd probably recommend something like a 770 or 970, 960 maybe. I'm not too sure on those GPU's performance on 1440p for minecraft/CSGO.
  14. I don't think it really matters for ULMB but to be honest I've never really used it. I'll turn it on and run some tests, see if it's different and good/better. But I never saw a need to use it. With your 650 TI, I wouldn't recommend the 1440p monitor as you'll definitely have to make quite a few graphics compromises to even get the game running at that. You *could* get it and maybe run at 1080p but i'm unsure if that's ideal for something like this (or at all). Personally, I wouldn't recommend going 1440p on a 650 TI unless you really only plan on running low demanding games. I'd try to upgrade if you can, even if it is a used GPU.
  15. I have a BenQ XL2430T 144hz 1ms 1920x1080p TN panel monitor. I do not play with blur reduction and the 144hz is ridiculously smooth. The smoothness of the monitor I feel definitely comes from the refresh rate, as once I started playing CS:GO at 144hz, anything below that just looked weird since I was so used to the smoothness of 144. I'm considering getting rid of the BenQ or moving it aside for the Acer one even though I don't really need G-Sync (or don't think I do, who knows.) The monitor is 1440p so you will need a bit more power to drive demanding games, but with CS:GO, you should be able to hit 144hz. Minecraft, no idea honestly as I haven't really tested it but I'd assume you could get an advantage.