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  1. why not just keep the GPU in the box it came in and put that box in the box the PC is being shipped in?
  2. Daniel644

    Rate this Ryzen 3000 build

    you can look up the specs for the PSU and see how many of each type of connection it has. this is a pretty standard list to be supplied on the product page.
  3. Daniel644

    Best virus protection that doesn’t hinder

    some good adblockers, plus windows Defender and updated browsers and you are pretty decently covered, just don't be an idiot.
  4. Daniel644

    AMD compatible RAM 3200+ ?

    Also, Man you are so lucky, I gotta wait a freaking WEEK for stuff to ship cross country and my state passed a law so we get sales tax on all internet purchases, you are 30 minutes from Will Call, I'm an hour or more from the nearest computer store (Microcenter or Fry's, not counting Best Buy for obvious reasons).
  5. Daniel644

    AMD compatible RAM 3200+ ?

    you will pay a price premium for it a 16GB 2x8 kit will run you at least $40 more then a CL16 3200 Mhz kit (the CL14 is what I bought in preparation for the upcoming switch to ryzen 3000 on my gaming rig).
  6. Daniel644

    AMD compatible RAM 3200+ ?

    in my experience the price difference can be enough that it's still worth paying tax on, plus you can get the ram at Will Call if you are that close and not have to wait on shipping. https://kb.newegg.com/knowledge-base/will-call-hours-and-locations/
  7. Daniel644

    AMD compatible RAM 3200+ ?

    the whole "designed for intel" just means it's certified to reach it's listed XMP profile in the configuration that it's sold in with Intel CPU's, the worst thing that will happen buying ram listed as being for Intel is that you might not be able to reach the speed and timings listed on the RAM, also don't waste your time on Amazon looking at RAM, you wanna go to NEWEGG, you will find much better pricing in my experience and you will much more easily find the ram certified for Ryzen, just remember unless this is for Ryzen 3000 you likely won't hit 3200 Mhz on any ram kit you buy, early Ryzen CPU's are crap for doing 3,000 Mhz or faster.
  8. Daniel644

    What case should I get?

    Meshify C is Nice (I've built 2 PC's using them) I would mention the clearances are TIGHT if you have large hands or plan a large GPU, Founders cards are OK but putting a triple fan cooler card like an ASUS Strix might require not populating one of the front fan slots. and if you get to big a PSU (like the RM750x, which is what I have) you are forced to ditch the 3.5" drive caddy as the PSU is to long to fit leaving you only having the 2.5" sleds on the back side. Definitely invest in a datavac or other electric duster though, that front filter gets dirty and nasty looking pretty easily, but is easily removed for cleaning (without even needing to shutdown the system).
  9. well i can tell you how I did Windows 8.1 on my Ryzen, that was to install Windows in an older machine and transfer the drive over. not sure that will work for 7 though.
  10. dual channel is damn near more important to ryzen then speed.
  11. Daniel644

    Looking For Compact ATX Case Recommendations

    depends on your definition of a "full sized graphics card", a Founders 1080ti is significantly smaller then say a ROG Strix 1080ti that is an Inch and a quarter longer front to back and like an inch wider (toward the outside of the case).
  12. Daniel644

    Which GPU with Ryzen 5 1500X?

    ultimately it depends on the resolution you game at (like what monitor do you have?), as you move up in resolution the CPU becomes less of a bottleneck.
  13. Daniel644

    Turning wired earbuds (IE80) into wireless

    thats what I do with the one I linked above
  14. Daniel644

    Turning wired earbuds (IE80) into wireless

    that one works in several ways, you set it to the RX position on the toggle switch plug your headphones into it and pair it to your phone and BAM your wired headphones are now bluetooth headphones. I've used this thing for nearly 2 years for exactly the purpose you described. those pictures are just some EXAMPLES of what it can do, it can function as a transmitter or a receiver as a receiver it does what you want, the power button doubles as a Play/Pause button, you LONG PRESS to turn volume up or down on those buttons and short press of those buttons functions as a track skip. I litterally used this exact device for 2 years to make my wired headphones bluetooth so I can pair them to the bluetooth of my phone or the bluetooth in my laptop.
  15. Daniel644

    Turning wired earbuds (IE80) into wireless

    YES, there are little devices called Bluetooth Receivers (some can even be switched into transmitters) like this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IV1H1ME/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 you simply plug your wired headphones into this device and BANG your headphones are now Bluetooth. I went this route when I got my laptop in late 2017 and the headphone jack was on the "wrong side" from where it needed to be with where my laptop sits while I work.
  16. Daniel644

    Aio pump not effective

    that area being like that wouldn't be the cause of the temps, more likely another symptom of the main issue
  17. Daniel644

    Where are the 9900k price drops ?

    Intel Price Drops https://images.app.goo.gl/vZWGiAuhcv6XBy55A also NOTHING will come with the Ryzen 4000 to justify upgrading from a 3000, there is barely a reason to upgrade from 1000 to 3000 unless you just need more cores and price to performance 1000 CPU's are insane, you can get an R5 1600 for $80 at Microcenter.
  18. it could be the headphone jack itself, I got one for one of my devices for like $8 on IFIXIT and replaced the jack in my Galaxy Tab 2 7".
  19. Daniel644

    Fixing a Broken Gaming Monitor for CHEAP - DIY

    I once retrofitted JUST the LCD Glass Panel on a laptop to another laptop, the screen sizes wheren't 100% the same so I had to disassemble the LCD/Diffuser/Backlight assembly and swap JUST the actual LCD panel, but it worked and got that laptop going again.
  20. it will work, but you will get better performance with faster RAM
  21. could be a loose connection in the jack (like if you've ever partially inserted a headphone before), there could be a left/right balance setting in the program you are using that got adjusted to far, you could have a left/right balance setting in the sound settings of the phone or it could be a failing circuit.
  22. Daniel644

    Height Difference in Aspect Ratio for Monitors

    the 21:9 27 inch will be shorter then the 24" 16:9 but a 29" 21:9 is taller then a 27 21:9 (same aspect ratio but larger size means taller and wider) here is a website where you can punch in the different sizes and aspect ratios and see a visual comparison http://www.displaywars.com/24-inch-16x9-vs-27-inch-21x9 a 34" ultrawide is the same height as a 27" 16:9 but is about 7.75" WIDER, these are the screen sizes I suggest if you can afford them. edit: REMEMBER screen sizes are measured DIAGONALLY (like bottom left to top right or top left to bottom right) so if a screen gets wider but has the same diagonal dimension then it MUST get shorter in height, just think about the triangle.
  23. EXACTLY they could have put a regular 2080 into the test (surely they have those numbers from their Super review) since the 2070 Super IS a 2080 with disabled cores. Also (general comment unrelated to the post I am replying to), COME ON GUYS, really, REALLY???? STOP with these "performance per dollar weighted graphs" they are meaningless bullshit, trying to level the performance of a card that is so fucking sporadic is just stupid, people need to actually look at what they actually will do with this GPU (or any GPU and compare it with the others) because the performance on these cards is all over the fucking map, in 1 game the 5700 is beating a 2070 Super, in another the 2060 Super is SMASHING the fuck out of the XT, this inconsistency from game to game should scare the shit out of anyone considering buying these GPU's, it has to specifically win in everything you do with it otherwise you have to weight it yourself based on how much you do each thing to determine if it's the better overall value, YOUR "weighting system" isn't the same as someone elses, you don't know where the random users important weight points are, so attempting to weight averages across all programs is worthless because how many people actually use EVERY program you used to create this base statistic? it's almost as pointless as that PCIE 4.0 Bandwidth test that AMD did. This is as meaningless as that time when Paul or Kyle (I honestly forget which one) did that video where they tested a bunch of different games (with several different GPU's along the product stack) at 1080p, 1440p and 4k then averaged the framerate of the 3 resolutions when the higher end cards in the comparison where hitting the game engine framerate caps at 1080p which resulted in lower averages then if they had just thrown out the 1080p results entirely.
  24. Daniel644

    1440p Sub $400 GPU

    well it's 2060 Super (launching later today) vs 5700 for NEW GPU's, check the video LTT just posted for the 5700/XT review to see how the 5700 compares to the 2060 Super. in the used market you might even find some 1080ti's selling at that price point depending on where you are.
  25. Daniel644

    RTX 2070 Super Sale Date/Time?

    sometime today, I would estimate around 9 AM EST as that is when stores begin to open up in the USA and the typical Embargo lift time most videos get posted, although Nvidia lifted the Embargo days early to get ahead of AMD this time.