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  1. 300$ Upgrade Help

    at what timings?, the higher clocked stuff will give tighter timings which is super important for Ryzen, better off dropping to 8GB until ram prices come down and picking up a second 8GB later down the road. this would get him into budget. and he can sell his old stuff and use that money on an SSD.
  2. 300$ Upgrade Help

    really, trying to save 20 bucks by going with cheap crap 2400 Mhz ram, some things shouldn't be cheaped out on, you are looking $155 sales price for higher speed same latency ram even then 50 bucks (or should be 70) is still 16% over budget. he'd be better off dropping to 8GB until ram prices come down.
  3. 300$ Upgrade Help

    except the CPU and RAM is already got you at 300 and leaves no money for the MOBO.
  4. 300$ Upgrade Help

    300 is tight, maybe you can find a used Ryzen 1600 or 1700, will make a world of difference to CPU bound editing, my 1700 completed a CPU based render animation is HALF the time the 6300 at work was estimating it would take, but you need CPU, RAM and MOBO which you can't get NEW in that price point. an SSD boot drive would help a good bit with boot times at a bare minimum and be well within your budget, but won't make any difference in FPS in games.
  5. are the fans spinning up?
  6. Will two 240GB SSD be enough?

    depends on how many games total you got to fit
  7. Are unoriginal windows 10 safe?

    unoriginal like the computer came with an older version and was updated to 10 or it's a pirated version (which is POINTLESS) since Microsoft doesn't even require Windows 10 to be activated?
  8. What is an Oem i7 8700k

    and they come with less of a warranty (typically) and in plain boxes instead of retail boxes.
  9. Giveaway info

    email saying you won or email confirming your entry?
  10. Giveaway info

    if you didn't get an email you didn't win, thats all you need to know.
  11. the Sata3 interface is technically a faster interface, but not by much (about 20% faster then USB 3.0) but either are well beyond the average SSD so that part isn't to much a concern, the issue comes in configuring a "portable" version of Windows that can be installed and booted off of USB, which is doable, i've done it before with a HDD and having to constantly use up a USB port whenever you want to use the computer #DongleLifeForever honestly if nothing has failed in the first year it becomes exponentially less likely for something to go wrong in the second year, outside of the HDD (which the OP would be replacing) every other part in the modern laptop is a purely electronic part those either fail right at the beginning or years later (see the "bathtub curve").
  12. the MSI units have a sticker, but it's more to tell them someone opened it, it doesn't say "warranty void" it's more of a "factory seal" to tell them it's been opened before. came across this on a new laptop we got for a customer where it was cheaper to buy the laptop then do some upgrades then to buy the upgraded model, I swapped the 1TB HDD for a 500GB SSD and added a second 8GB stick of ram, MSI should rethink there designs, no reason should exist to have to split the shell in 2 pieces AROUND the ports to do basic upgrades, just put an access panel for the harddrive and ram areas like everyone else.
  13. Is My System Boot-Time Normal?

    it depends, whats your definition of "booting", are you talking to the login or to all your stuff to be loaded in down by the clock? also is this a 2.5" or M.2? M.2's take a little longer to boot and can easily be in that load time range, M.2 booting adds 5-10 seconds to the boot time unless you go in and fix a setting in the bios that I read someone posted about somewhere but I never tried.
  14. in the USA it's illegal to void a warranty over someone doing what you describe just do it and don't worry about it, sounds like making a warranty claim would be more expensive then just making any repairs yourself if you gotta travel cross country to get repairs done.
  15. Pc to monitor and usb wirelessly?

    I found this thing https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Convert-Adapter-USB2BT-Japan/dp/B00PI7ZDOI/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=Q1K6TESTTKF9S241F1WM that would convert USB devices to bluetooth so if you had a bluetooth receiver in the computer you could then be wireless, but the monitor still needs to be wired, wireless display tech is VERY hard to do due to the amount of data that needs to be transmitted.