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  1. good deal on used 1080ti?

    honestly he killed the value with that retarded paint job also the dude is talking out his ass claiming 1,000 dollars for a 1080ti, using inflated mining prices to justify the price he is asking for a ruined cooler is just so bad, I guess if you are looking to do a Hybrid Mod or full cover water block conversion it would be fine, sad thing is I actually bought mine NEW cheaper before the market went all crazy by stacking discounts and cashback offers.
  2. an Iphone 5 is not worth the cost of a battery or the hassle to replace it on a sealed device like an iphone
  3. but an Antminer S9 will pay for itself FASTER then any video card will and will produce so much more profit vs. electricity used that over the course of a year or 2 it will be far more profitable then mining with the GPU's and even if you can get above list price now for a GPU doesn't mean it will be the same in a year from now, let alone 2 years.
  4. Dec 8, 2017 - The WAN Show Document

    Inwin D-Frame black and gold, plus titan v plus one of those black and gold motherboards with a hardline watercooling with the tubes painted gold. DO IT, I DARE YOU.no better yet I DOUBLE DARE YOU.

    already posted in the NEWS section an hour ago
  6. Nvidia Announces Titan V (Volta!)

    so 4 more months till the main gaming cards come in March then I guess.
  7. even $7.75 is basically $40 over the 5 year minimum warranty of a quality high efficiency unit with most having a 7 to 10 year warranty, you have to look at the LONG TERM a PSU can go from one build to the next as you upgrade your computer so having a higher efficiency unit saves more money in the long term
  8. be quiet! Dark Base 700 (Pre-Roll Landing Page)

    you can always turn the light OFF
  9. Cooler twists when screwed on cpu?

    if that cooler mount is anything like the mount used by the hyper 212 series then YES.
  10. be quiet! Dark Base 700 (Pre-Roll Landing Page)

    it is actually quite nice looking, go watch some videos on the case. it's not like other Be Quiet cases that have accent colors painted on the case that can't be changed.
  11. be quiet! Dark Base 700 (Pre-Roll Landing Page)

    that "silver line" as you call it is an RGB LED light, you can change the color to whatever you want.
  12. BitCoin Hits $13,000

    it's hit 15k now
  13. if you pay it off in a year whats it matter how long past that year that it lasts? it's already paid for itself and you can use that extra money you've made between paying it off and when it dies to buy a better newer card. but start with Undervolting, DON'T OVERCLOCK when mining, it just ruins the profitability, I shaved 70 watts of power draw from the way by reducing the power limit to 72% with little to no loss in hashrate over 100% and if I overclocked the card to it's max i'd be another 130-140 watts above the 100% power limit power usage (nearly DOUBLE my whole system draw with the power limit at 72%.
  14. Looking for Help Underclocking

    YES, repasting is replacing the thermal paste on the CPU, they are usually pretty easy to access on ultrabooks, generally simply removing the bottom will expose the entire CPU cooler.
  15. because one site got hacked, hardly, it's not like they had all the bitcoin or something. Bitcoin continues to climb to record highs despite this hack. will see if my money is still there or not when back up and running, if is will transfer it elsewhere and make that a weekly thing to do.