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    Ellijay, GA


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    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
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    16GB Kingston Hyper X DDR4 2400Mhz
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    Corsair RM750x
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    Corsair H100i V2

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  1. Daniel644

    Was Windows Vista THAT Bad?

    i've been saying since Windows 7 launched that Windows 7 is what Vista should have been.
  2. Daniel644

    Model difference between 1080 ti:s

    OK but still unless that Gigabyte is like an "Turbo" model (a blower cooler design) thats gonna perform withing 1-3% of the Asus Strix so that guy is still insane on his pricing compared to others.
  3. Daniel644

    Model difference between 1080 ti:s

    the price difference is the asshole selling the Strix asking TO MUCH MONEY because the 1080ti production has ceased and you can't buy them new anywhere anymore at there regular price (which was actually LESS then $830), you can buy a brand new WARRANTIED 2080 at that price, get the same performance and support for Ray Tracing, that guy is just insane, if I had a way to safely ship it i'd sell you one of my founders based 1080ti's that I installed an EVGA Hybrid cooler onto for the price of the Gigabyte and would still be ripping you off compared to what i've seen them listed for lately, last week most used air cooled 1080ti's where selling for $600 or under on Ebay and Facebook Marketplace.
  4. Daniel644

    Should I activate windows 10?

    do you want to get rid of the watermark, do you want the settings menu's that are grey out to work? if not NO if you do YES. if you don't care the source of a key you can get one for like 4-5 bucks, some people have issue with these "grey market" keys, but the shit works. I ran unactivated for a year and still got updates. I would say it's pure speculation, possibly fueled by how broken the update system can be sometimes, I've have fully activated (factory installed on the laptop or upgraded from 8.1 during the free upgrade period) copies have troubles getting the larger major updates at times and have to do them manually with a flash drive.
  5. Daniel644

    November 16 2018 - WAN Show Document

    #RTXOnFire also SCREW APPLE, you gotta spend MILLIONS per year to become an Authorized reseller.
  6. Daniel644

    THE RX 590 IS HERE!!!!!!!!

    480 was the start of the Polaris architecture, so while performance may be similar, they aren't the same architecture (which is a requirement for a "rebrand").
  7. Daniel644

    THE RX 590 IS HERE!!!!!!!!

    just what I always wanted, yet another rebrand of the RX480.
  8. Daniel644

    gaming pc price

    gotta say I'm with this person, we aren't in the middle of a Crypto Boom making the GPU worth it's weight in gold and it's not about what that computer costs if you put it together on PCPartpicker it's about what you can buy a BETTER computer for today a 7600k is a relatively "outdated" processor in that you can buy a an i3 8350k and actually have a slightly FASTER processor with the same number of cores for $80 CHEAPER and be BRAND NEW, the value on 10 series GPU's are in the crapper, I can build an equivalent machine today for about 1k to 1.1k using the 8350k and thats NEW, I'd say 700-800 at the top end unless OP can list exact part numbers of everything in it, sounds like a mess of low end used parts you gathered together, SP doesn't appear to make M.2 drives only regular 2.5" sata SSD's so things aren't adding up quite right. OP honestly you might make more parting it out, get around $350-400 for the GPU, another 40-50 for the RAM (current gen ram retains value pretty well due to warranty policies of most ram manufactures), but at best i'd say double the value of the GPU is the most you should get when factoring in what you can build it new for using the newer CPU options. Also kinda hard to sell Intel over AMD right now, Microcenter has a $130 R5 1600 (while supply lasts) and thats another 40 bucks cheaper then the 8350k with 50% more cores AND SMT (so arguably a far superior CPU if not as fast a core speed) which comes with a cooler so you don't HAVE to buy a aftermarket one if you don't want, further driving the cost down, making your used parts even less attractive to buyers as swapping out to that CPU and a supporting motherboard brings the cost of a NEW machine in under a grand, especially if you swap the 1080 for a 1070ti (because they are effectively the same around 5-6% of the same performance) you can even buy those NEW for under $400 right now. anyone saying that machine is worth over a grand hasn't priced a more powerful (or matching performance) machine built with current gen parts (old stock parts tend to get overpriced and stay over priced if they don't get cleared out quickly). your machine doesn't really have anything going for it over building a new machine with new parts at anywhere close to that pricepoint of 1k so definitely gotta be lower then that enough to entice someone to buy your used parts over new (which general commands a 20% discount compared to new, hence the cap around 800).
  9. Daniel644

    Problem with my watercooling?

    non-conductive fluid BECOMES CONDUCTIVE over time as it "picks up" ions from the metals it runs along as it's flowing through the loop and dripping is dripping, it's either gonna run low on fluid and burn up the pump, CPU or GPU or it's gonna get a bigger drip and fry something. TURN IT OFF, DO NOT RUN A LEAKING SYSTEM!
  10. Daniel644

    Problem with my watercooling?

    for starters TURN IT OFF AND UNPLUG IT NOW! you don't need it dripping while running the components, thats how you destroy shit, paper towels are meant to catch leaks during the build process not to allow you to keep running a leaking loop.
  11. Daniel644

    What should I watch my videos on?

    which one looks better to your eyes? go with that one.
  12. Daniel644

    remote volume control for a monitor?

    the volume on the new remote is most likely going to control the TV volume via the use of HDMI-CEC commands, which are highly unlikely to be supported by a computer monitor as this is a more modern standard focused at trying to allow a single remote to control everything in your home entertainment system. you could try researching your monitors nd see if they support HMDI-CEC, if they do then that volume control might work.
  13. Daniel644

    Are SSD's Necessary For Just Gaming?

    SSD's don't do much of anything for gaming, but they are 100% a requirement for a boot drive on Windows 10, Windows 10 is dog shit on an HDD, I started my Windows 10 install on an overclocked 6700k running at 4.5 Ghz and that thing was hammering the boot HDD with at or very near 100% disk utilization in the task manager rendering the 6700k slower then a damn AMD FX6300 running windows 7 on an HDD.
  14. Daniel644

    Is there a difference?

    M.2 is actually slower for boot times compared to 2.5" SSD's in my experience, they are faster for data transfer and make for cleaner installs. other then prices coming down, not sure what would drive sudden adoption of NVMe, you'll never notice a speed difference in day to day stuff outside of the boot times for the average user.
  15. Daniel644

    Ghetto Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

    or go to Microcenter and buy a Ryzen 5 1600 for $130 USD and spank the living fuck out of this CPU.