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  1. he's in the UK, the IRS can't come a year later. Besides he is BUYING not selling, you don't get taxed on the coins you buy, it's when you sell that you are supposed to pay the taxes.
  2. you could use a debit card to buy on Coinbase but doing it that way say you bought $100 USD worth of BTC, well you would LOSE $3.84 to Coinbase Fees ($19 something in fees for $500 and so on) where if you follow the method described above you lose NOTHING to fees, it's all free.
  3. pretty much the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin with cash is Coinbase, but don't straight up buy on Coinbase, the fees are stupid high, what you want to do is use Coinbase to load cash from the bank account into the Coinbase wallet then from there you can "transfer" that cash to CoinbasePro (formerly GDAX) and set a Limit Order which completely avoids ALL fees so every last penny you transfer in goes to being BTC, also from CoinbasePro you can send out your BTC to any wallet address for free, your best bet is to create a Paper Wallet (which basically only allows deposits because if you ever withdraw from it you NEED to withdraw all of it) and put that paper wallet in a burn safe or safety deposit box or wherever your parents keep other important paperwork then forget about it for several years and come back when you are 30 and ready to buy a house (or later if you would like).
  4. AIO for overclocked Ryzen 3 1200

    THIS, SO MUCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! putting an AIO on a budget CPU is like buying a Pentium G4560 so you can have the budget for a 1080ti, it's a complete waste of money. a 120mm AIO is NEVER worth it, any CPU worth putting an AIO on will need way more then a 120mm AIO and will get SMASHED by similarly priced air coolers. do what the first guy said and take the money you would put into an AIO and get a better CPU and just rock the air cooler that comes with it, an R5 1600 is only like 20-30 bucks over a R3 1200 + 120mm AIO and it will blow the freaking doors off the 1200
  5. PC Smaller than an SSD - Zotac PI225

  6. YES but how much depends on what you are cooling, like a 1080ti dumps WAY WAY WAY more heat into a radiator then say something like a 6700k overclocked to 4.5Ghz, you can feel the heat coming off the rad cooling the 1080ti but not the heat coming off a rad cooling 6700k, now if you where cooling like a 1950x or some 20 core i9 monstrosity then you would heat a case way more then your average CPU.
  7. most places you can buy online require the use of either a bank account or a credit card and if you are in the USA then likely Identity Verification, meaning you need a Drivers License or other form of ID, something a 14 year old typically does not have.
  8. 1080ti FE vs Titan Xp board question?

    it is, specifically for the 1080ti FE cards and EVGA cards based on the reference PCB
  9. IPS? AMOLED??

    BIGGER is always better, especially on small screens. with the exception of a VR display, gotta be OLED on those.
  10. are the 1080ti and Titan Xp circuit boards and component layouts and sizes aside from the extra RAM module otherwise identical? wanting to slap a Hybrid Cooler for the 1080ti on the Titan's to cool them down.
  11. Newegg Credit Card?

    1. again NO ANNUAL FEE https://promotions.newegg.com/nepro/16-6891/index.html# 2. See #1 3. Well of course don't use this for day to day stuff that is to small an order to qualify for one of the financing options, that should go without saying, definitely use your regular credit card unless you are good with your finances and properly pay everything off every month so you don't get hit with interest rates, i've had my oldest credit card for almost 4 years now and have not paid a penny in interest on any card
  12. r7 2700x@4.2ghz 1.3vcore

    so lower the voltage, you don't have to OC to modify the voltage.
  13. Newegg Credit Card?

    you can go to the MySynchrony.com website but to apply for a card you have to chose which store you want a card for. they don't have a traditional credit card that can be used at all stores.
  14. Newegg Credit Card?

    Synchrony is the finance company that actually issues the card, if you get a Newegg card or a Discount Tire Direct or a Amazon Store Card Synchrony is the website you will go to to manage the card, make payments and all that kind of stuff. basically they are the "bank" providing the card with the Stores name on it.
  15. Newegg Credit Card?

    same company that does the Discount Tire Direct cards. the website can be flacky at times so I always made it a thing to pay like a week in advance and never had an issue, I think most people that complain about it are waiting till the due date to pay and then can't get in or some other issue that causes the transaction not to post in time.