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  1. the REALLY OLD versions like 2.2.1 and earlier is still pretty popular.
  2. Blew my Laptop up

    the entry level gaming laptops with like 1050's maybe a 1050ti should be in that price range, I know we got one for a client off Newegg at that priceoint. it had the SSD and everything this guy plus another 8GB of RAM would get you there depending on the amount of ssd storage you need https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=9SIA57X6HG7319
  3. How much would you pay for this case?

    NOTHING, that shit is ugly, has crap airflow and extremely limited radiator support.
  4. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    per what I mentioned already, Gamers Nexus has done some testing, the difference between single stick and 2 stick of the same RAM is HUGE, like nearly DOUBLE the FPS
  5. TN VS IPS

    coming from an Asus ROG with a TN panel to my HP Spectre x360 with a IPS panel there is NO COMPARISON, the TN looks like crap and some are worse then others, like the TN panels use by MSI on there current 15" gaming laptops where they claim colors like an IPS panel in the advertising looks like hammered dog shit next to the shitty TN panel in my old Asus gaming laptop, like the one guy above said, once you make the switch you won't ever want to willingly go back, anyone that can't tell a difference between TN and IPS is either color blind or flat out blind.
  6. the question is how far back does this go? after a certain build it stopped getting supported due to security issues (per the sites opinion) so they required using the older "safe" versions if you used that client, wonder if this has to do with the changes that came from those later versions.
  7. How can I get my GPU temps lower?

    56c is crazy low for an air cooled card under load, you don't need to do anything. heck you could reduce the fan speeds and let it get a little warmer.
  8. How can I get my GPU temps lower?

    nothing wrong with a 30c idle GPU temp, remember computer parts run above room temperature as a rule, unless you crank up the fans on the GPU it's gonna run hotter then room temperature, what are your LOAD temperatures? you can increase the fan speed of the GPU fans, increase airflow in the case by adding exhaust fans and crank up there speed (at the cost of a lot of noise) or convert the card over to being watercooled (if you need it quiet), you could also lower the power limit, much like lowering voltage on teh CPU reduces the temps lower the power limit reduces temps (it will also reduce clock speed at some point).
  9. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    but Ryzen APU to 1050ti isn't enough of a bump in performance to justify that cost.
  10. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    and SFX is gonna cost you MORE money, by decent I mean an 8GB RX580 or a 1070, if you want GOOD gaming thats the range you wanna be in once prices return to normal. and still I rather spend 5-10 bucks more on a 80+ Bronze 450 watt then a unknown brand 300 watt or less that may explode, you don't skimp on your PSU, if it goes it can take out EVERYTHING else in the computer. yes, it's a Ryzen and APU thing Paul even gives an Asterisk in his build video to mention it
  11. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    it's called room for adding a decent GPU later and you are hard pressed to find a decent quality PSU under a certain wattage anyway.
  12. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    normally yes, but with the APU's you are better benefited by having 2 sticks instead of one so you have more memory bandwidth (or something like that).
  13. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    and a NEVER activated copy of Windows 10 from the Windows Media Creation Tool. But be prepared to wait days for shit to boot, because HDD's on Windows 10 SUCK for Boot drives, SSD or GO HOME.
  14. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    you can't get ANYTHING under 300 bucks not even in the prebuilt world, not NEW anyway, lets look at some BARE MINIMUMS a Ryzen 3 2200G is a 100 bucks by itself, then you need a motherboard which on the cheap end is like 60 bucks then a PSU which for a cheap POS one is around 30-40 then you NEED a MINIMUM of a 2x4GB ram kit which is damn near a 100 bucks right now, so your budget is used up and you don't even have a hard drive/ssd or a case, not to mention keyboard, mouse and Monitor. you can barely maybe able a functioning computer with new parts for 300 bucks, but you WON'T be gaming on it because it will be a Celeron with an iGPU.
  15. Tips for better GPU cooling?

    well I can tell you what happened to me personally, I have 2 Galactic Empire Titan Xp's they where running in the hollow shell (stripped down frame) of my first computer tower from 16ish years ago, I moved the computer into a Meshify C case with 3 Corsair ML120 fans in the front and my CPU AIO in the top, I dropped 10c off my GPU core temps at the same GPU fan speed I used for my mining profile (note this was at like 70%ish power limit and 60-70% fan speed on the GPU), so blasting a couple hundred CFM a minute at them helps bring temps down.