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    Ellijay, GA


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    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
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    16GB Kingston Hyper X DDR4 2400Mhz
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    Corsair RM750x
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    Corsair H100i V2

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  1. Daniel644

    Return or not ?

    just because it's not the "OC" model doesn't mean you can't OC it, it just means that ASUS's internal binning couldn't reach the standards they have for the OC variant of the card, you won't know the difference in the real world, at that point it's specs on a sheet of paper for which card left the factory with the higher preset OC.
  2. Daniel644

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    that shit is gorgeous, just wished they had a standard black heat spreader variant but with that RGB "crystal" Diffuser, I will one day own a kit of that for my gaming rig, provided next gen Ryzen comes out swinging strong enough to justify it later this year. Jay from Jayz2cents used it in a recent white and gold build.
  3. Daniel644

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    yeah I can do Airplane Mode then turn Wifi on but it's not the same, back then I could disable just the 4G and still have 3G which used less power while I was out walking around or driving or disable data (3G and 4G radios) completely because Voice was still operated off of the old 2G (1x on the Verizon phones) network that stayed functioning, if you flip on Airplane mode then enable wifi you are limited to wifi networks for still having a functioning phone (via the Wifi Calling support of modern phones, which by the way I LOVE, because cell service at the office is sh*t). I used to be the king of Battery Life, I've got an old Samsung Tab 2 7" (3113 something or the other model number) that I used to use to play music in my car (headphone jack out to aux in on car stereo, with the volume on the tablet maxxed out) and even using it everyday (with 5 days a week being like a 30 minute drive each way to work) and not using it for anything else my charging cycles where literally MONTHS apart, once I got on the final ROM I flashed on that thing I never went less then I think 34 days on a charge regularly averaging in the low 40's and even a few times hitting 46-47 days, I could look at the battery life percentage when I got home each night and it would never be more then 1% less the next day getting in the car to go to work and use either 1 or 2% battery during my day, the screen off time on that thing is insane, I retired it shortly after I got my S9+, upgraded the head unit in my truck and started streaming everything on Pandora, I wanna say my record on the Razr Maxx was 10 days between a charge, but that took disabling the 3G/4G radios and basically not touching the phone, the cool thing about being able to disable the radios was being able to get solid numbers on how much battery each used, I did a test once where I tested how many hours of streaming Netflix I could do on Wifi (with the 3G/4G disabled), then with Wifi off and on 4G then with 4G disabled and purely 3G, Wifi was somewhere around DOUBLE that of 4G and 3G was about half in the middle and at the end of that test I lost ALL desire to ever spend any real length of time holding a phone to watch video (like so many people do today) and so unless I'm just somewhere where I don't have my laptop i'm streaming on it over my phone.
  4. Daniel644

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    I used to get a Week out of my Original Motorola Razr Maxx, but to be fair I rarely used it, using it I could do like 10-14 hours Screen on Time streaming Netflix over wifi with the 4G radio DISABLED (remember back when you could actually shut off the 4G radio and not just toggle the access to Data on and off). I've been saying for years that smart phones are to thin and they should double up on the capacity of the battery and just make the phone a little thicker, but everybody be chasing that Apple to thin to fit a headphone jack shit.
  5. Daniel644

    Is my processor running too hot?

    no way the 120c can be CPU temp, it would be throttling out the ass if it was, not running at 3.6 Ghz. shrink the "Voltages" so we can see more of the HWMonitor info under both circumstances, if that is VRM temps like one person suggested you might consider a better motherboard, the A320 chipset is low end garbage that no one using anything more then an r3 1200 should even consider using, i'm frankly shocked there is even a heatsink on the VRM of that board and wouldn't be surprised to find out it's just plastic.
  6. Daniel644

    Ryzen- RAM not stable at rated speed

    I ran into this with my 1700, I just set the XMP and lowered the speed till it was stable, ended up running at 2800 Mhz, chalked it up to Ryzen being Ryzen and just not liking that memory kit, which I will note is NOT one of the kits specifically listed for Ryzen (that one cost $10 more and I didn't think it was worth it). first gen Ryzen has known issues with memory compatibility so I don't believe the other kit would be any better.
  7. actually the case had an exhaust fan in the other spot at the top (and maybe one in the rear, I've reconfigured this case a few times now) and positive pressure should only work to push the air out through any crevice available and my point was that I was dumping the heat from the rad into the case resulting in the same kinds of temps you would see from a traditional multi fan GPU that dumps it's heat into the case, so you are better off having the rad exhaust out because a sufficiently powerful GPU can dump a ton of heat into a case very quickly and being that the OP is specifically concerned about dumping the heat from an AIO cooled GPU into the tower my scenario is an example of the kind of heat build up that can occur as a result of that.
  8. Daniel644

    custom water cooling loop

    you basically are describing what i'm in the process of doing, an EKWB Fluid Gaming A240G kit ($240) with the 360mm Expansion Rad ($90), this is the absolute CHEAPEST option for a "kit" that has all the parts you would need and even then you are $30 over budget before taxes. But you aren't getting RGB or Hardline at that price your gonna have a hell of a time finding fittings to go from CPVC to the G1/4 threads on the blocks and pumps. You'll spend more in the long run then just using tubing meant for a water cooling loop. THIS right here is your best bet to meet your budget and should be plenty of cooling capacity for your hardware. I have an H100i V2 cooling a 1700 and a 120mm EVGA Hybrid kit cooling a Titan Xp and holding GREAT TEMPS, the R7 1700 is running 3.8 Ghz ALL CORE OC CPU mining Nerva on 14 threads at a load temp of 45-46c and the GPU is set to 80% Power Limit mining Grin and running at like 38c so given the power usage differences of a 1070 vs a Titan Xp a single 360 rad should be plenty unless you are just cramming a shit ton of voltage into the CPU to try to push the OC higher then it's worth going to (you didn't specify voltage or clock speed that you where running it at, frankly the 240 rad you have should be doing a better job).
  9. I have to disagree with this, long story short, I sold my 2 1080ti's and so I split my 2 Titan Xp's between my 2 systems (I converted the Titan's to Hybrids using the EVGA SC 1080ti Hybrid kit), when I pulled one of the Titans from my gaming PC to put in my Work PC I screwed up and had that rad sucking air into the case (mounted in the top) instead of exhausting out and the whole case was noticeably hotter (this was after a sustained mining load on the GPU for an hour or 2), the CPU was running 10c hotter and removing the sidepanel resulted in a wave of heat escaping the computer, maybe under general usage it wouldn't be to bad, but any kind of sustained loads is gonna dump a metric ton of heat into the case, configuring rads to blow out of the case is the best practice.
  10. Daniel644

    Meshify c and AiO

    I have an H100i V2 240mm rad in the top and the 120mm AIO portion of the EVGA Hybrid conversion kit in the rear and can still fit all 3 120mm fan locations up front with ML120's. I have have the regular Trident Z RGB ram and everything clears. there is an order in which you need to install the AIO's, but it will all fit.
  11. Daniel644

    Debating on Cable Color

    do you have any pictures of them installed in a case with a tinted side panel?
  12. Daniel644

    Debating on Cable Color

    thats one of the variants i'm considering, my biggest issue is i'm trying to see if the Red is to "bright" or if the blood red is to "muted" when viewed through the side panel, I want something you will notice when you look into the case, but not so bright that it pops out at you.
  13. Daniel644

    Question about 3000 and 3200 RAM

    correct, no point in mismatching speeds, save the 5-10 bucks and get a matching kit.
  14. Daniel644

    Question about 3000 and 3200 RAM

    my main point was you NEED to do something in the BIOS otherwise you just end up running at 2133 Mhz regardless of how much you pay for faster ram, personally I have to set the XMP then dial back the speed to 2800 Mhz to be stable on my first gen Ryzen system as it won't boot at 3,000 and only booted a handful of time at 2933 and is unstable at 2866. but at 2800 I can tighten the timings more.
  15. Daniel644

    Question about 3000 and 3200 RAM

    ALSO, you have to go into the BIOS and load the XMP Profile otherwise it will all run at 2133