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  1. I am fairly sure I can get it to work with a single monitor, I'm just not sure if Windows 10 would throw a fit if there were 2 monitors plugged into the GTX card or if one monitor plugged into each card. I've already had windows throw a fit about smaller things so I'm not sure i would like a tantrum like this involving hardware that may or may not play nice.
  2. The I'm pretty sure Quadro would be used for CAD and the 10-series card would be used for gaming.
  3. I have looked around and I haven't gotten a satisfactory answer before I shell out the cash for a Quadro p2000. My dilema is that I have 2 monitors and would like to keep using 2 monitors, but from what I've read i would need a display hooked up to the card i would like to use as my primary graphics adapter though. This is the article that has been the most help to me, even as far as steps on how to set this up: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-PCs-Workstations-and-Point-of-Sale-Systems/SOLVED-Quadro-P2000-GTX-1080TI-CAD-AND-GAMING-on-a-HP-Z620/td-p/6114848 If anyone has a solution or answer that would be much appreciated as I would like to have one system instead of 2. Some more details of what I would be doing would be CAD/3D modelling with the Quadro and gaming with my GTX 1070. Thanks again to anyone that can help!
  4. ok, just msg me on steam, http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198178469515/, you might have to add me first
  5. I am looking for friends to play with because I am lonely. I have all the dlc's too except for the hammerman's hunts ones. I will be back on at 6pm today US Central time.
  6. i dont think that either is more reliable than the other but they are both from great brands. if one has a better efficency rating or one is more modular than the other one get that one. other than that you should be fine
  7. you might want to upgrade your cpu to am i3 6100 and your gpu to an rx 480. although upgrading your cpu will require you to upgrade your mobo and ram
  8. this should most likely do the job. hope this helps. you could also replace the graphics card with a 1070 or the cpu with a 6700k. I am assuming that you might be overclocking it. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kNfNYr
  9. For the ups i was planning on using a type of super glue or some sort of super double sided tape to attach the ups to the case. Also mounting the monitor would help in going to LAN parties.
  10. that would not be a bad idea to have a way to adjust the monitor without having to move the case, and that link was very helpful in planing the build
  11. yeah i was only going to include 2 fans, a single ssd, an rx 480 or 460, and i might wait for AMD's zen cpus to come out
  12. The reason i want to include a ups system is because somtimes the breaker is tripped in our rv while on our vacation and i want to avoid the issue of the pc having a random shutoff in the middle of a gaming session. but you do have a point of the weight, although i am not going to carry it around like a laptop, more like a semi portable pc.
  13. i am planning to bring it on our vacations in our rv for late nights when i have nothing to do, so i can just carry it in a padded section in our rv.
  14. Im pretty hand but i just am wanting ot get my main pc and whole setup build first then this will most definitely be my second project because I dont want to buy a laptop with a gpu that costs my left foot, right arm, an eye, my firstborn, the heart of a giant, and the head of a vampire. sooo yeah lol
  15. How practical/cool would it be to have a 6 core system and a rx480 in a micro atx form factor with a 1080p monitor and a ups system mounted to the case? I had been unable to find a video or anything about someone actually doing it and seeing exactally how good that setup would actually be for vacations. I just added the parts list that i am thinking of http://pcpartpicker.com/user/BladeRunner531/saved/FZKJ7P