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  1. So I woke up this morning turned my pc on and it started updating and then said it was repairing my drive and I don’t know what’s going on is there any major updates that came out for windows recently or should I be worried
  2. It can only Upgrade to el cap but im working on a ram upgrade idk if id be able to get an ssd they are quite pricey
  3. I recently obtained an Macbook Pro 2009 and was wondering what i could do with it other than upgrade the ram and update the OS to El capitan. i was planning on using it for some basic imovie editing. any other suggestions to what i could use it for would be great
  4. so i have two monitors that i use one with VGA the other with HDMI. the HDMI one (my secondary) looked very washed out so i thought it was just the monitor itself (the blacks weren't as black and colors not so vibrant) so i switched them and it was the hdmi cable itself and the vga still looks better. what could be causing this? The cable itself?
  5. well i have been charging it for about two hours on usb two and went to three to see if it would go faster but its still giving me an amber light.... i just changed the cable the one included is 2M
  6. How long does the Void Pro take to fully charge. mine has been charging for the last couple hours. i just plugged it in brand new
  7. So ive been noticing lately that my Beat Solo 3s have been gaining charge yet i have not been charging them. Any Ideas as to why? it would go from 77 to 85 and today it was at 99. i never charge them
  8. It's right next to the Sata port. No bending or sagging
  9. I mean after I installed the motherboard. I guess I missed it when I changed cases. But it's been fine since January so should I just leave it as is
  10. Is there a way to install a standoff after I installed it or should I leave it because it's been fine
  11. I think I'm going to get witcher 3 as most people here said that it was good. As for other suggestions I might try some eventually later on
  12. I am currently trying to find new games that are very plot driven and that really pull you in but i cannot find any on the steam store. any suggestions?
  13. Do you have a reference to use to see what it should be running at
  14. The card works idk how well though. Which benchmark would be the best to download to test it
  15. Is this back plate supposed to be bent like this or should I get it replaced
  16. ive tried everything and it still happens
  17. I've tried everything from uninstalling the game restarting my pc and logging in and out of steam and it still says VAC not verified and i tried verifying the game cache but it still says cannot verify VAC
  18. then you might wanna go with a more budget case then
  19. do you already have the case or do you need to buy it.
  20. I found this screen which would be the best option
  21. Is it the blue thinkvantage button?
  22. How would that work. I'm not good at this sorta thing
  23. Will this reformat the drive and out windows ten on it